ahh anon this is gorgeous

anonymous asked:

I really like you Mer!stuck AU and I was wondering if you have another account for just Mer!stuck.

thank you! ;v; but no I’m keeping just an account, I think somebody mentioned creating separate acocunts for fanarts or rps tho? but I’m not sure if they did in the end ahh

Anon: Your art is gorgeous! (i especially love your merstuck, winkwonk) I can’t wait to see more! QuQ

thanks a lot!  I’m going on with it when I can eheh uvu

Anon: you planning to do any johnxroxy merstuck?
Anon: more Dirkjake merstuck!

hhh maybee? but I don’t know whe n

Anon: Would Strideer or Flashlight girl be in merstuck?

for now I just want to figure out how to put together the backstories I have in mind for the main characters, but I’m not sure I’ll feel like expanding the au too much characters-wise so probably nott

Anon: your merstuck is the best thing ever because i just love all merstuck AUs but yours ITS JUST SO PERF OMG CAN YOU STOP BEING SO PERF