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RequestMay I request a bts reaction to their crush sitting on their lap jokingly and they get triggered?

Namjoon: You guys both liked each other very much so he didn’t mind that you sat on his lap. He actually enjoys it. 

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Yoongi/Suga: You sat on his lap unintentionally. You guys were going somewhere and there wasn’t enough room in the car so Suga’s lap was the only “seat” left. 

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Jin: He did get a little uncomfortable at first, but didn’t mind. He did mind but then he didn’t because you were his crush. 

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Jhope/Hoseok: You guys had strong feelings for each other, so you never had to ask to sit on his lap. His hands would be on your waist and he’d always sit you down. 

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Jimin: “Ahh~ jagi!” He pouted out loud. He had major feelings for you and when you sat on his lap, he eventually got a boner and the boys started to tease him.

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Taehyung/V: He started teasing you and kept telling you he didn’t want you to get off his lap because he actually enjoyed it. “C’mon, Y/N, you know you like it.” Tae joked.

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Jungkook: He liked you, but, he didn’t know if you liked him back. When you sat on his lap, Jungkook got a little nervous.

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Shu Headcanon (Wish hard Edition)

(Just some thoughts I’m currently thinking personally 0_o)

You lay on the bed sighing, baby in her cot asleep and doggy downstairs sleepy too.
Your boyfriend? At work…as usual.
Looking around the room you had tidied twice already today you lock your eyes upon the unused collar and leash you had bought for Valentine’s Day.
‘I bet Shu would’ve used it lots by now…’
You start to imagine him hovering over you giving teasing kisses to your neck and chest. He calls you dirty things and 'kitty’.
Damn… you’re really in a struggle now.
You look inside your chest draw, finding your bullet.
Ah! Ohh.. no batteries.
You didn’t have anything else to help you other than old DIY.
You lay back down even more frustrated than before.
Close your eyes… I wish I had Shu. I wish I had Shu! I wish I had Shu!!
'Oi..lewd woman. What do you think your doing?’
Huh? Your eyes flick open and stare into beautiful blue ones.
'Ehhhh?!’ You panic.
’..bothersome.. stay still..’ He sighs and suddenly your hands are above your head on the pillow.
Shu smirks. 'Better..’
'How..how?’ You stutter.
'Be quiet… we won’t have long…’ He kisses along your neck and chest like you imagined him to.
'I said quiet…’ He complains and holds your wrists tighter.
His tongue is wet on your skin and it send tremors through your body.
You finally just accepted it. Maybe you were asleep. Just enjoy him.
After relaxing and moaning he bites gently along your collarbone.
'Hum..now kitty wants to play right?’ He reaches for the collar and leash.
You lift your head for him as he puts the collar on you, leaving you free from the leash for now.
'You’re a dirty kitty.. look at your desperate expressions already…’
Shu rips open your nightdress and plays with the front opening of your bra.
'Hum..big breasts kitty…’ he teases and sucks on a nipple. 'Oi…be still.’
You groan, it had been so long since you had done anything like this.
His hand slipped inside your damp panties and a finger felt just how wet and ready you were.
Shu smirks, 'Lewd kitty.. you want to fuck already? Of course you do…’ His finger enters and you groan. 'Just talk dirty back to me…and I’ll do what you want. What does kitty want?’
His voice was so low and thick with lust it sent tingles to your wetness.
'I- I want you Shu.’
'Is that all? You won’t get much with that…’
You groan and wriggle.
'Please… I need you in me.. I need you to fuck me shu!’
'Heh…that’s more like it.. you dirty slutty kitty…’ He groans in your ear as he grinds on you.
His clothes now pulled off and your panties removed; he rolls you over.
Leash is put on and he bends over you.
'Now kitty…you better behave for me…and don’t be too loud.. you don’t want to get us in trouble right?’
You nod, not really listening just trying to feel him behind you.
Finally his hardness enters you, a gasp escapes you.
He picks up a nice pace. Finally! Shu is fucking you!
'Harder..’ you suddenly say, surprising yourself.
Shu moans in your ear and moves faster, you both hear the sound of skin slapping together.
You pant loudly and clutch the pillow hard.
'Ah…kitty is so tight.’ He says huskily. 'So wet…you really needed this huh?’
You nod, really needed it!!
He came faster and harder and pulled on the leash.
His cock was hard and big inside you, it filled every inch.
'Damn Shu! More!!’
'More?’ He groans and flips you back over.
He positioned your legs high, your knees over his shoulders, fuck, this was going to be deep….
He slipped back inside and you gasp sharply.
You were right. It was deep.
Just what you needed.
'Heh..you look so pleased naughty kitty..but let’s see what you can deal with..’
You didn’t care. You just wanted him deep inside and his cum covering every inch of your insides.
'Shu!’ You desperately whine.
He smirks and starts moving again. Each thrust so deep you thought it was moving even higher in your body.
You throw your head back in pants and gasps of pleasure.
You feel every inch of him, every movement nearing you closer to your orgasam.
'Hum..’ you hear him moan and look up to see his glare. 'Look at me…’
You try to concentrate on him but every deep thrust throws your head back.
'Oi!’ He growls and pulls the lead. You are forced to look at him, he keeps it tight and fucks your harder.
'Ah! Shu!’ You body is moved so hard on the bed, it starts to creak with every thrust.
You feel it, you finally feel that edge, his deep fast thrusts push you over and you gasp at feeling your body shatter in pieces. You feel a warm liquid escape you as he pulls out. He watched in amusement as you squirt on him.
'Dirty woman..’ He groans and enters you again, obviously turned on by this. He fucks you again until he reaches his edge and cums deep inside you.
You look up at the heavily breathing Shu as he moves off you.
'Eh?! No! Don’t leave!!’ You whine.
'Ah..I have to..its time.’ He dresses and smirks.
'Oh..’ That empty feeling suddenly rushes back to you.
It was just sex..what did you expect?!
'You’re not going to say goodbye?’ You huff and pout.
'Ahh.. I will..I need to kiss my daughter first.’ He leaves the room and you hear your baby suddenly squeal happily and giggle.
Eh? His daughter?!
You grab your dressing gown, take off the collar and head to the nursery.
Shu kisses the baby’s head and stroked her cheek. She yawns and is back asleep .
He leaves and meets you in the doorway.
'Well goodbye..’ He kisses your head.
'Eh? Wait?! Daughter?’ You point to her room.
He shrugs. 'Yes. Your 'dreams’ remember?’
Your mouth falls open.
This isn’t a dream……
'So…if we are your family….w-why are you going away again?’ You stutter, following him down the stairs.
’..bothersome..,’ He sighs and turns to you, 'I wouldn’t have you living there…and I still have things to do…’
'Ohh..’ you frown, 'but what about 'him’ don’t you mind?’
'He’s looking after you right? I don’t mind for now…’ Shu shrugs. 'And I know where your heart lies…’ He smirks.
You give a small one back.
He senses your discomfort with this, his hand pushes back your hair and he kisses your forehead, nose and mouth.
You take in this moment, and how blue his eyes are.
You realise you mean much more to him then you ever knew.
'You best tidy up…Goodbye…’ He kisses you again before leaving.
You are left staring at the empty space. Stunned.
The front door opens and your boyfriend walks in sighing.
'Eh? You ok?’ He frowns, 'Oh..have you been …doing something..’ He gestures to your nakedness and wiggles his eyebrows.
You just stay there still shocked.
'Looks like you had fun without me!’ He grins, 'uhh..wait is that cum dripping down your leg?’


actual children😂😂

oli: “I got stickers! oh no it’s one of those shit things”
joe: “Ooo I got a car!” oli: “aww you got a car and I got a shit plane”

oli: “I got a motorbike! we can be twins!” joe“we can race!”
joe: “it’s a bloody tractor!” oli: “aww I love tractors”

oli: “a dodgy alien!!” joe: “you got an alien ahh god’s sake” *mumble pout*


[Jimin Fluff]~ “My Butterfly”

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    (I tweaked the request slightly but still has the same overall idea, enjoy~)

            Today was the final day that our sunbaes, the boys of BTS, were going to help us with our idol training. I’m glad that our training is coming to an end, but I’m also sad that this means saying goodbye to our oppas for now… or at least until our debut. All of them have provided us with a lot of support and I appreciate all the hard work they have put in to help us. Whether it was J-hope and Jungkook helping with our dancing, Rap Monster and Suga helping with rapping parts of our debut song, or Jin, V, and Jimin helping us rehearse our singing. We’ve learned a lot and I appreciate every second of it.

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Dating Seventeen: Vernon ver.
  • he would always be asking you for your opinion after writing and recording his raps
  • “y/n can you listen to this and tell me if its good” while he tugs your hair behind your ear to put in the earpiece for you *dies on the inside*
  • vernon would be the kind that likes sharing the same earpiece so he can be closer to you 
  • “hansol why you always write strange lyrics?” pull up on your wacks with your mac fully loaded ah
  • he pouts and you end up letting him write whatever he wants
  • after waiting for vernon to finish writing his lyrics you always end up falling asleep on the sofa 
  • he would only realise after he’s done and would crouch in front of your face and smile before patting your head and poking your cheek

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BTS as older brothers


There will definitely be a part II of this in the future because I want to use the same theme again for my “Protective/Possessive BTS” series, so look forward to that! ^^ Also, we can do “BTS as younger brothers” if you want~ 

Al eonni sends lots and lots of love to A.R.M.Y. and BTS! <3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Jin: *never leaves you alone, is mesmerized by all your cute little actions, and super proud that you grew up well

Him:“Omo, my baby dongsaeng is so pretty! But you should put on your hoodie like this kekeke~ There we go, so pretty!”

You: “Oppa, I swear….[pouting]”

Him: “Ahh, this cute dongsaeng~ *-*”

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Suga: *is always concerned about your well-being while you are apart, calling you whenever he can to check on you*

Him: “_______-ah, are you alright? Did your exam turn out well? And what about that girl that gave you a tough time at judo?”

You: “It’s okay, oppa, I’m fine. School and judo are okay at the moment. But what about you? Did you get enough sleep? And did you eat well? Are the other members okay as well?”

Him: “Ya, don’t worry about me, I’m fine~ We’re all fine. Call me if something bad happens, okay? I can’t bear to see you suffer. Please rely on me, even if we’re far apart.”

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Rap Monster: *You can always use aegyo on him if need be*

You: “Oppa, I spilled soy sauce all over the kitchen counter and Mom’s coming home soon, can you tell her it was you if she finds out? She always lets you go because you’re not home that often-”

Him: “Do I look easy to you?”

You: “[aegyo attack] Please!!”

Him: “[at a loss for words] Yay, stop being so … cute!! And clean up now, I don’t want to tell a lie to Mom if it can be avoided~”

You: “You’re seriously the best!!!”

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J-Hope: a first taste of possessive/protective BTS *is the touchy-feely kind older brother. He wants to hold you, carry you, or hit you playfully all the time since he feels so close to you”

You: “Oppa, seriously, I can’t get a boyfriend if you always cling to me like that. Wherever we go, people think that you’re either my lover or that I’m a total tomboy. Let’s just do it at the house but not in public, alright?”

Him: “[pouting jokingly] Okay, if that’s what my dear little dongsaeng wants, I’ll respect it~”

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Jimin: *is the ‘best friend’ type of brother. You can always talk to him, joke with him, and if you weren’t siblings, then you’d definitely be best friends somehow*

You: “[whispering in his ear] Oppa, can you do me a favour?”

Him: “[whispering back] Sure, what’s it?”

You: “Can you please introduce me to Taehyung oppa? He’s so cute, don’t you think we’d make a nice couple?”

Him: “[see gif] Ya!! What is this dongsaeng thinking about?”

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V: another taste of possessive/protective BTS  *the older brother who sees your selcas online and questions you about it afterwards*

Him: “_______, I saw your latest selcas on instagram, don’t you think it’s a bit over the top? And the comments…guys my age commented that you look sexy, that’s-”

You: “That’s what? Really, Tae, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. When you suck on a lollipop and make all nunas swoon, then that’s alright, but if I post a pretty selca and get nice comments for it, then that’s indecent?”

Him: “Ya, you punk! But I do see your point. Just make sure the comments don’t get creepy, okay?”

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Jungkook: *the older brother who gets shy and cringes when you and your Mom discuss girl issues*

You: “Mom, when you and Kookie go to the grocery store later, can you please bring pads and tampons? I just used the last ones we had”

Him: “Oh god [cringes]”

You: “Seriously, why do you still cringe like this it has been years”

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Luhan // 2am

Prompt: Your neighbors with Luhan and its 2am and he hears you scream and comes running into to your apartment only to eventually find out you had just been watching a drama

Words: 846

You were sat on your couch at two am in a oversized sweater and fuzzy shorts binge watching a drama you had started. Leaning forward you were nearly positive about what was going to happen next but so far the show had made it clear it liked to sometimes liked to go in the complete opposite direction that you thought it would. Your jaw hung slack as the scene passed and you couldn’t help letting out a loud scream as the unbelievable had just happened. Getting ready to go angrily make yourself a cup of tea you let out another scream when yet another unbelievable event happened, Luhan your neighbor came crashing through your door in sweats, a tank top, and hair a mess on top his head holding a baseball bat.

“Why did you scream?!” he asked worriedly approaching you.

“I-I-” you were dying of embarrassment you did not want to tell him that is was because of a drama, your mouth couldn’t even seem to form the words.

Luhan grabbed your wrist gently making sure he had your full attention “are you okay?” you nodded your head eagerly.

“Want some tea?” you blurted out without thinking, at this point you were sure your face was bright red with embarrassment.

“what? what?” luhan asked confused why you were avoiding his question “sure?” his eyebrows were furrowed watching you intently making you uncomfortable.

You nodded and made a mad dash for the kitchen quickly starting the tea and cursing at yourself for being so stupid. In the other room you heard the front door close and then the quiet sound of luhan’s footsteps approaching. In all honesty you felt like crying for bothering him at such a hour, not to mention you were not good around boys and it didn’t help that luhan was undeniably extremely attractive. Letting out a deep sigh you bit your lip blinking a few times trying to get yourself together. jumping you felt a hand on your shoulder looking over to see luhan looking at you concerned.

“hey you sure you’re okay?” he asked with a small smile on his face, he tilted his head trying to see your face better.

“yes! Yeah!” you said quickly stepping away. I reached inside a cabinet and pulled down a couple mugs.

luhan let out a short chuckle catching my attention “cute shorts” he smirked making my face red all over again.

You prepared the tea ignoring luhan’s remark and brought them to the bar stools next to the counter and sat down luhan joining you.

“so are you going to tell me why you were screaming?” he asked again

“No, i’m sorry were you sleeping?” you asked quietly.

“no” I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my head, but refused to look at him “we should see eachother more often” he spoke softly laying his hand over your own.

“what do you mean, why?” my eyes instantly found his

He gave a shy smile “you really don’t know?” hesitantly you shook my head no and he came to his feet stepping away from the stool and came towards you. A short gasp left your lips when luhan pulled you to your feet looking at you intensely. He leaned forward, his face extremely close to yours and placed a hand on your cheek holding your head where he wanted it. “you’re very pretty Y/N” he whispered gently dragging his thumb across your cheek. His head leaned closer and even though you thought you should move away Your feet didn’t move a millimeter. luhans mouth was now touching the side of your ear making your heart beat faster “can I kiss you?” shyly you nodded “do you want me to, Y/N?” you bit your lip nodding again “okay, all you gotta do is” luhan paused and i could feel him smiling making me even more uncomfortable “tell me why you were screaming”

“hey!” you yelled pushing him away he was laughing while you were crossing your arms angrily “you can’t just do that to people you-you jerk!” you pouted

“ahh Y/N you are truly unaware of everything that happens around you, aren’t you?” he laughed, you didn’t even have time to speak before luhan was in front of you. Looking up at him he held my face in his hands and pressed his lips against mine, surprised you immediately kissed back hands reaching out to grasp his shirt as he deepened the kiss. Unfortunately, much too soon for your liking he pulled away leaving you slightly breathless and longing for another kiss.

“I screamed because I was watching a drama, I’m sorry”

Luhan smirked again placing a quick kiss to you nose “I know I saw it on when I came in, from now on lock your doors so i’m not paranoid okay?” he kissed you on the lips for a short second and then picked up his bat locking your door and leaving you still stunned in your apartment alone grinning and questioning if that had been real.

Letters For Christmas | Seven

Secret Santa Posts

Ahh we’ve come to the end! I hope you’ve enjoyed your fic-gift @akb723! I loved this little world. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And may you have wonderful days ahead! -WTT

25th December 1969

My Wonderful Wife,

Merry Christmas!

Today has been beyond words. Our first grandchild is snug on your breast, her peaceful face reflecting that of her mother and grandmother…happiness. She’s pure joy and I’m so thankful to have her, but Sassenach, are we really old enough to have grandchildren? When did this happen? How did the years go by so fast?

It feels like only yesterday we were kissing under the mistletoe for the first time, and only a second ago was Faith this small and curled up sleeping on you beneath the Christmas lights. I consider myself a lucky man beyond measure. I have lived a life filled with so much joy I am bursting on the inside, and I have only lived half my lifetime.

For forty of my fifty years alive, you have been by my side, and each year feels as though no more than a second gone by. I have loved you from that first day, and you I believe have loved me from the first week. This love has grown and expanded into four children and now one grandchild. Soon two of our four children will be married.

Brianna’s Roger seems like a fine young man, and it warmed my heart that he wanted to join in on our traditions. He asked my permission to propose on Christmas; he knew this holiday was special to our family and he also knew it was our anniversary. He did not wish to take away from our day, and I laughed at the idea. If anything, his proposal will only enhance our day, I told him, and it did. Seeing Brianna so happy with young Roger MacKenzie made the day even more special to me. All of my children are happy and healthy, and together.

I do wonder if Bree will do as she always said, and get married the same day we did. So far, she’s off to a good start. Proposal on Christmas Day was the first step, but I don’t know if our daughter will wait a full year to be married. I would not be surprised if by July they were married and by next May we have a new grandchild to spoil.

I would love to see Brianna in white, surrounded by the garland and snow. I can see her as a red-headed version of you walking down the aisle.

Christ, what I wouldn’t give to go back and relive our marriage over and over again. You were so beautiful that day, and more importantly you were all mine. I was not nervous asking you to marry me (any of the times I asked). I wasn’t scared when you dated a boy that wasn’t me when we were teens, I knew you’d come back to me. However, I was shaking in my boots when you walked down the aisle to me. You were a vision out of a fantasy, and I didn’t feel worthy to be yours. You eased my fears when you got to the altar and grabbed my hand, whispering ‘I love you.’

The rest of the day was a blur filled with presents, love, laughter, and family. Regular Christmas celebrations and wedding day festivities had you falling asleep on my shoulder as I carried you to our bedroom. That night. That most blissful night will be one of the most special moments of my life. We came together as one, before the church and God, our families and friends, and then finally in the intimacy of our bedroom.

That started my insatiable need for you at all hours of the day. Before I thought I would die from frustration of not knowing your skin on mine in that way, but afterwards I knew I would die if I could not experience that coming together for the rest of my days. I will never get enough of you, my Claire. There’ll never be enough hours in the day or days in a year for me get my fill of your body and your love.

You have shown me what it means to truly love someone without any reservations, boundaries, or doubts. You are my one true love and each second of every day, I count my blessings, because you are near.

Merry Christmas Mo Nighean Donn and Happy Anniversary.

Love, Your Husband of 30 years,

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Claire smiled down at her namesake, Elizabeth Claire Moore, her first of hopefully many grandchildren. Faith sat beside her leaning her head against Rabbie Moore, her best friend and husband of two years.

The peace and joy she saw in her face made Claire’s eyes prick with tears. So much love and happiness was surrounding her. Brianna cuddled on Roger’s lap, William blushing furiously with Rabbie’s sister Jane, and Fergus flying a superhero around the tree, protecting it from the evil villain that tried to take it over.

Jamie made his way over and sat on the arm of the chair, gazing down at his granddaughter.

“Do you think we’ll have more?” Claire asked him. Her eyes hopeful.

“If yer asking me if we’re to have any more bairns the answer is, God I hope not. We’re no so young anymore.”

“I’m only 51 and you’re 50. It’s not as though we’re that old.”

“I ken the wean has given ye, what have ye called it? ‘Baby fever?’”

Claire nodded with a pout. “I suppose you’re right. But I just love them when they’re this little. I love holding them, and feeling their unconditional love.”

“Aye, but do ye remember what else comes with a bairn, Sassenach? The dirty diapers, the scream-filled nights and the sleepless days?” Jamie bent down and kissed the top of her head reassuringly. “Let’s wait for the children to bring us many grandchildren we can spoil then give back, or babysit as often as possible, aye?”

Claire smiled and leaned against his side. “That sounds wonderful.”

“Da!” Fergus squealed, launching himself onto his father. “Can Ian and I go out to the barn to play? Please?”

Wide, whisky-colored eyes, and dark brown curls framed his youngest son’s pleading face. Fergus took after Claire the most of all the children, and because of that he held a special place in Jamie’s heart.

“No.” Claire said to Fergus, breaking Jamie’s thoughts just before he nodded yes.

“Ahh! Mam!!!”

“Don’t you pout at me Fergus James Beauchamp Fraser! You haven’t cleaned your room and I know you want to go out there to rile old Donas up. I will not be resetting bones on Christmas nor will I be taking anyone to the hospital. It’s too icy for riding and I’ll not have it.”

Fergus groaned and stomped back to the tree to tell Ian the verdict. Jamie laughed. “See, do ye really want another bairn to go through this stage again?”

Claire groaned. “I guess you’re right.”

Switching subjects, Claire coyly looked up at her husband, “So, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?”

Jamie smiled and kissed Claire. “Aye, I did. What about you, mo ghradh?”

“I didn’t,” Claire sighed dramatically. “Every year my husband writes me the most beautiful letter and this Christmas season I haven’t gotten one.”

“Oh, no?” Jamie gasped in mock horror. Claire smacked his arm.

“No, is there a reason for that Mr. Fraser?”

Chuckling Jamie handed Claire his yearly letter. “The reason, Sassenach, was because I hadn’t finished it yet.” He kissed her lips once, twice, then pulled back.

“Happy Anniversary, Jamie.” She sighed.

“Merry Christmas, mo chridhe.”

'Milk And Honey'

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They Love Me More!

Characters: Mark Tuan & OC ft. his family

Word Count: 2187 words

Summary:   Mark decides to pay a surprise visit his family and you’re his niece’s new baby sitter.  He stops by his sister’s home and finds you playing with his nieces.  You both have no idea who the other is and it leads to a little misunderstanding….

“Kylie!! Leila!!  ___ is here to watch you while I’m at work okay?” The two young girls came over to the door with their mom and you smiled brightly at them.  “Hi Kylie.  Hi Leila.  I’m ____.” You introduced yourself to the two girls.  “Hi!” Kylie welcomed you warmly and you pat her head softly.  Leila smiled as she looked at you and you smiled back.  “Thank goodness they like you.  The other two babysitters… Let’s just say the girls weren’t very fond of them.” Tammy said.  

“My sister Grace couldn’t make it today, so I’m sorry I called you so suddenly this morning.  You weren’t supposed to start until next week…” She said as she looked around for her keys around the doorway.  “Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t doing anything today anyways so it all worked out well.” You said.  “Thank you so much again!  Ah here they are.” She said, picking a large keychain out and sliding them in her pocket.  “Okay well I’ll be off, I should be back home around 4?” She said.  “Sounds good.” You said, looking at the clock.

*6 hours…* You noted in your mind.  “Kylie, Leila be good girls for ____ okay?” She said, kissing their cheeks.  “Okay!” They chorused back.  Tammy left and you held each of their hands as you all stood in the entrance and they waved.  After she drove off, you brought them both back inside, locking the door behind you.  “Okay girls, what do you want to do?” You asked them.  Holding Leila up in your arms, Kylie ran around and headed over to the pile of toys that were already sprawled out on the living room floor.  

“Let’s have a tea party!” Kylie said.  “We should dress up too!” She said, getting back up from the floor and hurrying to her room.  You followed her around with Leila in your arms.  The three of you played around with their toys and they made you laugh and smile quite a bit.  Hours passed and it was around 4 that afternoon.  You were waiting for Tammy to come back.  Leila was taking a nap on the couch and Kylie was watching a show on the TV at a low volume.  You sat in between them and you were starting to nod off.  

Suddenly the door opened and you were brought back to your senses at the sudden noises.  You got up and you walked over to the entrance.  Ready to welcome Tammy back, you looked in the entrance and were caught by surprise.  “Um… who are you?” You asked.  It was a guy.  He wore all black and had a beanie with sunglasses on.  You were starting to feel anxious and confused.  “I should be the one asking you that…” He said, sliding his sunglasses off.  “Excuse me?” You asked.  

A random guy had somehow gotten into the house and he looked beyond suspicious, especially the way he was dressed.  Kylie and Leila were still asleep in the living room with the TV on and you started to get worried.  “What are you doing here?” He asked, looking at you seriously.  His round and big eyes contrasted with his narrow and shapely face.  His skin was slightly pale and it looked even lighter because he was wearing all black.  “I think you should be the one to answer that before me.” You said, your stubborn nature starting to show.  

“Okay well technically I’m not supposed to be here.  I’m supposed to be in Korea…” He mumbled to himself.  “What?” You couldn’t hear him.  “Whatever.” He said.  He started to walk in but you quickly stopped him and pushed him back.  “Yah!” He said.  “I don’t know who you are or how you got in here, but I’m not letting you go in.” You said, doing your best to push him back towards the door.  

“Do you really not know who I am?” He asked, confused.  He caught your wrists and stopped your pushing.  Suddenly the door opened again and you both looked at the figure who walked inside.  “Tammy!” “Sis!” You both said at the same time.  “Sis?” You asked, eyes wide, looking back at him.  “Mark!  Whoa what’s going on here?” She said, surprised and confused at the same time.  “You know him?” You asked.  

Tammy started laughing.  “Yes I know him, he’s my younger brother.” She said.  “Excuse me?” You asked, your mind not quite realizing the situation yet.  “Yes I’m her younger brother and I was trying to surprise her before she got to work, but…” He said as he looked at you.  You didn’t know what to say as Tammy continued to laugh.  “Uncle Mark!!!” Kylie had walked into the entrance and saw Mark.  

You realized he was still holding onto you and you pulled away.  He bent down and caught Kylie in his arms.  “Hey kiddo!” He said, hugging her.  “I feel really stupid right now…” You said, laughing at yourself.  “I thought you said Grace was going to be here today.” Mark said, picking Kylie up.  The four of you walked into the living room where Leila was still sleeping and you picked her up as Tammy set down her belongings.  “She was supposed to be, but she couldn’t make it.” She explained.  

“So I’m guessing you guys had a little misunderstanding…  But anyways, Mark this is ______.  She’s their new babysitter and she’s supposed to start next week.” Tammy said.  “______ this is Mark, my younger brother.  He’s a singer in Korea.” She said.  “A what?” You were slightly confused.  “I’m part of this K-Pop group called Got7.” He said.  “Ahhhh…. Wait really?” You asked, recognizing the name of the group slightly.  You weren’t a big fan of K-POP but you listened to some of the old stuff.

“Yeah..” He said.  Leila was awake now and hurried over to her uncle.  “Ah well I guess I should get going now.” You said, looking at the clock.  “Don’t leave ______!  We still haven’t finished our tea party!” Kylie said, clinging to your arm.  Tammy laughed and you smiled.  “Awww honey, ______’s been here all day, you’ll get to see her next week.” Tammy said.  “But…” Kylie pouted.  You looked at her and she looked back at you.  “Eyyyy… That doesn’t work on me.” You said.  

“Don’t you want to play with Uncle Mark?” Tammy asked Kylie.  “No….  I want to play with ______ because she’s a girl.” Kylie pouted and crossed her arms.  You started laughing and Mark’s face was full of hurt.  You got up and walked with Tammy to the entrance again.  “If you aren’t doing anything today, you’re welcome to stay.” Tammy said, laughing.  “Are you sure it’s okay?  I’m sure they’ll have fun without me.” You said, not wanting to intrude, especially since her brother had come back to surprise them.  

“Yeah I still have some work to do … And I think Mark’s a little in shock.” She said, laughing.  “If you’re sure it’s okay, then I can stay a little longer.” You said.  “That would be great.” She said, taking your hand and bringing you back into the living room.  “Guess who’ll be staying for dinner today?” Tammy said.  They saw you again and ran from Mark to you.  “I’m so hurt right now…” He said, sitting on the couch looking at you and the two girls.  

Tammy laughed and went to go get the meal ready while you and Mark went with the two girls into Kylie’s room.  “I don’t like you.” Mark said.  “I’m sorry they got attached…” You said, surprised by his sudden comment.  You saw him sit on Kylie’s bed and he continuously frowned at you while you stood in the entrance of the room.  He shed his jacket and laid down on her bed.  You noticed he was really thin.  “Are you hungry?” You asked him, sitting on Leila’s bed across from him.  

“No.” He said.  But on cue, his stomach growled loudly and you tried to hold in your laughter.  “I’ll be right back.” You said.  He sat up and watched you walk out the door.  When you were out of earshot, he looked back at the two girls who were playing together on the floor.  “What’s so good about her?  Didn’t you guys miss me?” He whined to the girls.  “We did.” Kylie said.  “But we won’t see ____ until next week.  You’ll be here tomorrow.” She said.  He sighed.  

You walked back in the room with a sliced apple and some oranges.  “Eat up.” You said, handing him the plate after taking an apple slice for yourself.  You were looking at your phone and Mark was eating, but suddenly Leila started to cry.  “Ohh Leila… What’s wrong?” You asked, dropping your phone and immediately attending to the little girl’s needs.  You held her in your arms and Kylie pouted.  “Kylie, it’s not nice to take things away from people.” You scolded slightly.  “But…” Kylie started to pout.  “Ah ah ah… No crying.” You said, looking at her.  

She held her breath a little and held in the tears.  “Now Kylie, I want you to say sorry to Leila okay?” You said.  “Sorry Leila….” She mumbled.  “What was that?” You asked.  “Sorry Leila.” She said, patting the younger girl’s head.  The younger girl stopped crying and you smiled.  

Mark, watched in awe as you dissolved the problem quickly and fairly.  You set Leila back down, but she pulled at your shirt, revealing a little of you bra.  Mark’s eyes widened a little as he blushed and looked away, but lucky for him you didn’t notice that he’d seen anything.  He coughed a little to himself.  You pushed your hair back behind your ear and sat down.  They continued to play together and you played with them.  

“Uncle Mark play with us!” Kylie said, pulling at his arm.  “But…” He said.  “See!  He doesn’t like tea parties.” Kylie said pouting.  “Ahh no wonder you guys wanted me to stay.” You teased.  He frowned.  “I’ll play.” He said, not wanting to lose.  “Yay!!” Leila said,  You laughed at his odd competitive nature and watched as Kylie handed him a tea cup and saucer.  

He sat awkwardly and played with them, continuously making you laugh.  “Dinner’s ready!” Tammy said from the kitchen.  The girls hurried out to the dining room and you stayed behind to clean a little.  Mark watched you from the doorway.  “Can I help you?” You asked, grabbing your phone as you were going to exit the room.  “I don’t like you.” He said.  “I think we went over this already…” You said, not understanding him.  “I wasn’t finished.” He said.  You looked at him, raising an eyebrow.  “I don’t like you.  But I don’t dislike you either.” He said.  

Then he walked away immediately, leaving before you you could say anything.  “………What?” You mumbled to yourself.  But for some reason, your heart skipped a beat and you smiled.  “Well that’s a relief.” You said to yourself, letting out a deep breath.  You walked over to the dining room and you continued to bicker with Mark over the two girls, making Tammy laugh and enjoy her meal.  

Later that evening, you were still over at their house.  Tammy was working on some stuff and the girls were sleeping.  “I’m going to leave now.” You said, poking your head into her room.  “Okay, thanks so much for today, I’ll add it to you paycheck.” She said.  You nodded and headed back to the living room.  Mark sat on the couch watching TV.  “Leaving?” He asked, hearing your footsteps.  

“Yeah..” You said.  “How long are you planning on being their babysitter?” He asked, turning to look at you from his comfortable position on the couch.  “Uh… I don’t know yet…” You said.  “Well, you should give me your number so I can make sure you’re doing a good job taking care of them.” He said.  You raised an eyebrow at his odd request.  You unlocked your phone and tossed it to him.  

He caught it and put his number in.  Then he tossed it back to you.  “See you around.” You said, waving as you headed to the doorway.  “See ya.” He said, turning back to pay attention to the TV once again.  You walked out and locked the door behind you.  

As you were walking home, your phone vibrated.  You took it out of your pocket and looked at the screen in the dark.  You immediately laughed at the caller ID.  “Really?  KYLIE&LEILA LOVE ME MORE…?” You rolled your eyes and answered the call.  “Did you laugh?” He asked, laughing himself.  “Yes I did, Mr. Kylie&Leila Love Me More.” You said while walking down the street.  

“We’ll see how long that lasts.” You said.  You could practically see him frowning and you laughed.  “They’ll always love me more…” He said stubbornly.  “I’m hanging up.” You said.  “Whatever….” He said, you could still see the frown on his face.  “Frowning gives you wrinkles.” You teased, hanging up.  You laughed a little to yourself and headed home.

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Thinking of making this into a series, please read part 2 linked below!!
No! They Love Me More! (pt.1)

Chapter 18: Done Trying To Please You.


“Cupcake, Chris is here!” My mom yelled from downstairs. I know Chris laughed at that kiddy ass nickname my mom always calls me. I kind of didn’t care, I just wanted to go to the doctor or something. I felt horrible. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I had a major headache. I took some medicene so I should be going to sleep at anytime now.

Hearing Chris’ heavy footsteps behind my door, I put my blanket over my head so that he wouldn’t see me. My eyes were all puffy from crying because I didn’t feel good. I bet I looked so ugly. I didn’t want him to see me.

“Ay bae, what’s wrong?” Chris asked as he shut and locked the door. I could already smell his scent. No lie, he smells soooo good all the time. Ignoring him, I felt the bed shift a little. Alright, he’s gonna get sick being all in my personal space. He probably doesn’t even care, he always says he wants to get sick so he can stay at home.

“Come on Lele..” He said, calling me by my childhood nickname that I hated. I don’t know why people thought it was so cute. It was so ugly and basic. Everyone named Alisha has that nickname.

After waiting for awhile, he started to dry hump my butt causing me to smirk. “Chrissssss..” I groaned, trying to make him get off of me. I really wasn’t in the mood to be playing.

“I knew that shit would work. What’s wrong though?” He asked, chuckling.

“For starters, your fat ass is on me and I can’t breathe,” I started off as he rolled off of me. Laying beside me, he got under the blanket. This blanket was not big enough for the both of us. Chris is too damn long.

“Second, I don’t know I just don’t feel too good. Everything hurts.” Pulling me close to his chest, he wrapped his arms around my waist while his head was in the crook of my neck.

“You think you’re pregnant again?” He asked, and I scrunched up my face. I knew I wasn’t pregnant.

“No, I’m still on the pill. That’s definitely not it.” I admitted, as I felt him nod. I been on the pill since Chris and I first started having sex. We’ve never used a condom, and I’ve never gotten pregnant so I don’t know why he would ask me that. Well I did, but..

“I was just asking cause this is like deja vu..” He said, bringing me into a deep thought. This does bring back memories.  I’ve always wanted a baby. I wanted like 100 children. Nah, I’m kidding but I do want a lot of kids. Even Chris did, we love children. But we knew neither of our moms would approve so I just started using the pill.

“Don’t tell me you cut—” I quickly cut him off, because I didn’t want to talk about that. I hated when he brought that up. I’m clean.

“Chris! I been stopped, why would you say something like that?” I whispered/ yelled cause I didn’t want my mom to hear us.

“I’m sorry, aight? Look, maybe you just got a fever or something. You do need to rest though, you been doin’ a lot lately.” Nodding, I cut the tv off and it became pitch black in my room.

“We used to be like this every night.” Chris mumbled in my ear. I smiled as I started having mini flashbacks of when we were together. Most of the times we had were good. 

“Whatchu thinkin’ bout lil ugly?” He chuckled, playing with one of my braids. Smacking his hand away, I turned around so that my back could be facing him.

“Go to sleep butthead.” I mumbled into the pillow, lightly elbowing him in his stomach. I didn’t do it hard cause we were gonna start play fighting and I’m too lazy for that right now.

His light snores soon filled the room, breaking me from my thoughts. Climbing on top of him, I laid down flat on him like he was the mattress. Chuckling, I saw how I looked in my full body length mirror, and I looked like a big ass baby.

A couple of minutes later, I drifted off into a deep slumber that I’ve been waiting all day for.


“Wake yo’ bitch ass up lucky charms! I like my fish wet n’ squirmy.” Chris yelled, pouring a big ass bucket of water on me. I was now soaked and so was my damn bed.

“I’m gonna beat your ass, Chris.” I warned, stripping out of my clothes in front of my mirror. I couldn’t be mad though. I told him whenever I wouldn’t wake up, he could pour a bucket of water on me. I could sleep through anything.

Standing behind me, he looked at my stomach through the mirror causing me to roll my eyes. Once he noticed what I did, he laughed.

“Go put some clothes on..” He smirked, smacking my butt. Flicking him off, I picked up my wet clothes and sheets before putting them in the hamper. I had just changed my sheets terser day, too. Then they were the comfy silk ones? Hell yea, I’m getting revenge.

Picking a maxi dress out of my dresser, I slipped it on forgetting to grab some panties. Once I reached for some, Chris smacked my hand way. “Nah don’t put none on, that ass lookin’ like jello right now.” He said,making me chuckle.

“I’m coming back up to shower anyways, after I eat.”

I shrugged as I felt myself being lifted off of the ground. Squealing, I tried to get down but I couldn’t cause Chris had a good grip on me.

“I just wanted to see if I could carry your tall ass.” He said, chuckling. I wasn’t even that tall. I was taller than most girls he talked to but shorter than him.

“Shutup, I’m telling my mom not to feed you.” I said as he licked his lips, putting me down.

“You know yo mama loves me.” He said, as I ignored him. Following me in the kitchen, I sighed once I saw what my mom was wearing. She was wearing a little purple night gown with some fuzzy UGG slippers. She needed to take that damn gown off cause first of all, she already looks like she’s in her twenties and second of all, I knew chris was gonna say something.

“Heyyy baaaaby..” Chris smirked as he went over to hug my mom and kissed her on the cheek. He was always flirting with her and she never noticed it.

“Oh hi, Chris.” She said, standing on her tippy toes to give him one back. Putting his hand over her shoulder as he watched her cook, I rolled my eyes as they started having a full blown conversation.

I was gonna slap him for this bs. I don’t want NOBODY flirting with my mom. He was always saying that she was his wife and other bs. That ain’t cool. That’s like me flirting with his dad.

Averting my eyes to Chris’ hands, they were about to rest on my mom’s lower back area before I smacked his shit away. “Mom, chris trying to t—” he cut me off.

“She lying!” He said quick as hell, as my mom turned around to face me.

“Sweetie, why would you lie on Chris?” She asked as I sucked my teeth.

“Where’s Elijah?” I asked, as she smiled while making our plates. Elijah was her boyfriend who was super young. He was fine too, but you ain’t see me flirting with him like how Chris does to my mom.

“In our room. Go tell him I said bring his ass down here.” She said before she started talking to Chris again. Nodding, I made my way to her room around the corner and knocked on the door. I didn’t get a response, so I opened it. Looking around, I saw him sound asleep in the bed. I hope he was a morning person cause I don’t wanna get cursed out for waking him up.

“Elijah..” I mumbled softly, shaking him.

“Wassup? I swear you look just like yo momma.” He said, as he started starring at me. Damn he woke up fast. I could never.

“I know, I get that a lot but my mom said to bring your ass downstairs cause we’re eating breakfast.” Chuckling, he nodded and sat up in the bed.

“Ight’, I need to hurry up. She be bout to have a heart attack when I don’t eat.”

“Right, but I’ll be in the kitchen.” I said as he nodded. Stepping out, I went back into the kitchen and saw my mom and Chris already eating.

“Dang, yall couldn’t wait?” I asked, as they looked up at me laughing.

“Sorry bae, you was taking too long.” Chris said stuffing his face.

“You know I really can’t stand your big headed yella behind.” I grumbled taking a seat to dish out some food for myself.

“Oh stop being a brat.” my mom said raising an eyebrow at me.

“Y’all so damn geedy, y’all couldn’t wait for niggas to all be seated before the two of you stuffed your faces?” Elijah said chuckling as he walked in the kitchen.

“Right!!!” I said looking at him.

“Y’all are always ganging up on me..” my momma said pouting.

“Ahh come on baby I just be playing with yo’ fine ass” Elijah said kissing her cheek.

Ewww they always gotta be kissing and touching, shit is nasty. Like I swear they always mid bout to fuck, I can’t take it. I been so ready for college since yesterday the fuck day.

“Gag much.” I said making Chris chuckle.

“Why you cock blocking Lele?” He said making me roll my eyes.

“She’s just a hater.” my mom said making everyone laugh but me.

My phone vibrated and it was a text from Chris. I rolled my eyes and opened my phone to see what his annoying ass wanted. He drove me crazy, but I was so in love with his perfect ass. He’s always there for me and vise versa. That’s ma baby.

Baby daddy 😍👅💦💋- Don’t worry baby you ain’t gotta hate when we finish here imma eat that 🐱 like I been waiting in the lunch line.

I bit my lip. I felt my get so wet from just thinking about it. Chris had a tongue that should be sculpted and put in the tongue hall of fame. If I never got dick again I could survive on him giving my tongue and then lips alone.

Me- stop your making me uncomfortable at this table boy! Lol 😳

Baby daddy 😍👅💦💋- My pussy wet ain’t it? Just how I like it 💦💦💦👅🐱🐱

Me- Fuck, Chris I hate you 😕😫💀

Baby daddy 😍👅💦💋- I love you too sexy 😘

I just closed my phone and put it away. I couldn’t even make eye contact with him. We finished eating and joked around a while longer before Elijah cleared the table and washed up the dishes. I swear he was so down to earth. Sometimes j wish he was my dad instead of my real dad.

“Baby Eli and I are gonna head out in a few, you need some money?” My mom asked picking up her Celine Nano purse.

“Please.” I said watching as she handed me two hundred dollar bills.

“Thanks momma.” I said kissing her cheek.

“Of course baby.” she said heading to her bedroom to change. I headed to my room and closed the door. Chris was on the bed looking at his phone. He put it on the night stand once I closed my door though.

“Come here.” he said aggressively. I slowly made my way to him, and he grabbed me roughly. I straddled his lap, and his traced his hands along my collarbone and down between my perky breast before grabbing them. I took a deep breath and watched the way he used his hands to admire every curve on my body.

My phone vibrated on the nightstand, indicating that I had a text. Grabbing my phone, Elijah’s name popped up on my screen.

Elijah😂🙏🙌- we bout to leave now. have fun but not too much fun. keep ya instruments in ya cases 🙅😉

Laughing at the text, I closed my phone afterwards and put it back on the nightstand. After about five minutes I heard the front door slam so I knew Elijah and my mom had left.

“We going over to Raymond crib he said come through, but first get that pretty ass in the shower.” he said grabbing my ass roughly.

I got up, and removed my dress revealing my naked body. I heard him grumble “fuck” under his breath making me smirk. I threw the dress at him and entered my ensuite turning on the shower. I quickly threw my long hair up in a bun before entering the shower and letting the hot water consume my body.

A few seconds later I felt Chris brace his naked body up behind mine. “Turn around so I can taste you.”

I obliged and looked up at him before wrapping my arms around his neck. He quickly picked me up, and placed me on the little shower bench I had in my shower. He attached his lips to mine, and opened my legs before roughly kissing his way down to my middle. He licked his lips, and zeroed in on my pussy before attacking my clit with so much aggression all I could do was cry out in pleasure.

Fuck, he’s perfect.


“You know you’re so slow, I was with you the entire day. Why exactly would you think I’d fuck with Chris?” I asked him plucking his head. I still can’t believe Chris said that bullshit to August. He almost got my ass in trouble.

He took a puff from his L and exhaled, “Ion’ know man, you right though. Besides I ate that shit so good, thinking about another nigga was far from what was on your mind.” he said making me turn red.

“Shut up! Your head game so  weak!” I joked keeping a serious face.

He put out his L and grabbed me. “Was it? So why you was shaking, squirming, and screaming my name like ya life depended on it?”

I hid my face in his neck because I couldn’t answer him, “Ugh I hate you Jody!” I yelled, jokingly.

He chuckled “Aw, come on don’t do me like that buns.” He said squeezing my ass making me squeal.

This is exactly why I loved being with August. He makes everything fun for me, and if we do fight it’s never all the extra shit. I loved Chris so much that I allowed him to hurt me over and over again and I’m tired of it.

“Stop grabbing on the merchandise play boy!” I said poking his nose.

He flashed that million dollar smile at me and then the moment got real “I luh’ you, girl.” My throat got dry because I wasn’t expecting him to go there. We weren’t even together, so when exactly did he decide, well catch these feelings?

“Chill, you don’t got to say it back. I just want you to know that I do, no matter what.” he said softly kissing my lips.

This is where I always beat myself up. I don’t want to do or say the wrong thing where August is concerned ever simply because he’s done a lot for me. August made me toughen up as a person, and I never want to hurt him. That wouldn’t be fair.

“Why now? You know I want to say it back to you, but I can’t not like this because it’d be so wrong. It’s no secret Chris and I are over but there are still feelings I have for him. Then there’s these feelings I have growing for you. I don’t want-” I tried to finish but he cut me off kissing me again.

“Raye I understand. You wanna make sure what you want 100 percent before you plant an I love you bomb on anyone again. Like I said I just want you to know how a nigga feeling. I ain’t tryna pressure you into shit. Just keep bein one hunnit’ and we gon be straight babeh’.” he said that accent thick when he called me baby.

I climbed on top of him and he held me as I began to trail kisses from his neck to his plump lips. He disposed of my crop top and threw it across the room before flipping us over making me giggle.

“You gon let me make you feel good?” He asked me making me bite my lip.

I opened my mouth to answer him, but I was interrupted by a surprise guest “Augu- ohhhh ummm hi. This is awkward.” Christina said walking into August’s room.

August looked at me and down at my chest before sighing in complete frustration. “What you need Christina?” He asked climbing off of me.

I quickly sat up and got up to grab my shirt and replace it. I honestly didn’t know who else was here, and I was so not in the mood for a peep show. Honestly I was just as confused as August as to why she was here. They haven’t spoken in weeks. They’re cordial, but most of the time he ignores her.

“I uh came to get the rest of my stuff, you know since I’m fully back home, I can come back if I’m interrupting..” she said nervously.

“Christina relax you don’t have to be that way. It’s cool.” I said smiling at her.

She obviously wasn’t here for my kindness because she snapped at me, “Raye please, ok? Don’t try to act all sweet now.” She spat, rolling her eyes.

“Watch yaself’ Christina.” August gritted at her.

She laughed, “Oh now he defends her! I thought she wasn’t shit for what she did to you? Now he loves her! You were supposed to choose me!!” She screamed.

“Man I already explained this shit to you, so Ion’ even know what ya trying to come here and prove to Raye. Ain’t shit you could say that’s gonna make anything change.” he said truthfully.

There wasn’t a thing August said about me I didn’t know. Although it was painful to listen to, and upsetting to hear, he made sure he told me. I guess he expected a visit from Christina much like this one.

“You know what? The two of you deserve each other. Carry on.” she said angrily grabbing her things.

She put her things into bags and proceeded to leave the room. I got up and went after her forgetting to grab my pants. “Tina wait!” I said running outside behind her.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Chris get out of his car. He looked at me, and for the first time in almost two months I saw the vulnerable Chris I knew. “I see you still giving my shit to August. I don’t know what I was thinking being with you.”

“Chris I haven’t had sex with him, I’m not you. I don’t have to fuck everything that walks. Maybe you should stop trying make me the bad guy and realize that your fuck ups are why we aren’t together anymore! I NEVER DID YOU FUCKING WRONG AND I NEVER LIED TO YOUR STUPID ASS. DON’T TRY TO PAINT ME OUT TO BE THE FUCKING PROBLEM!! I TOLD YOU I LOVED YOU AND YOU DISAPPEAR FOR WEEKS AND I STILL TOOK YOUR STUPID ASS BACK. YOU FAIL TO REALIZE HOW MUCH I LOVED, CARED, AND RESPECTED YOU BECAUSE I HAD A MILLION REASONS TO LEAVE AND I NEVER DID!! I’m not made of se durable surface that can keep taking you hurting me over and over again!” I screamed breaking down at the last part.

“Raye I’m sor-” he started but I cut him off.

“No I’m tired of hearing that your sorry only for you to do some shit again. If your sorry then mean it and show it. If not get the fuck on, and let me live!” I tears streaming down my face.

That bullshitting ass hard exterior he was putting up for weeks now disappeared the moment he saw tears flowing from my eyes. These were tears I’ve been holding back on for weeks. I was finally getting the closure I needed and I knew what I needed to do. I felt August wrap his arms around me from behind, and I immediately calmed down.

“You know our problem is also this fuck nigga getting in between us! You always let him in, in ways you never let me. You think that’s fair?” He asked now annoyed by August’s presence. I hope they don’t start fighting..

“Maybe if you took the time to never put hands on her she would run to you instead of bein’ scared. But you got ya head so far up Alisha’s ass you ain’t stop to think about what pain you caused Raye.” August spat with disgust.

Chris chuckled “You know what? I’m out. I’ll leave you the fuck alone. It was fun while it lasted. For what it’s worth even if you don’t believe me, I actually loved your spoilt ass.” he said walking up to me stealing one final kiss. Damn..

He got in his car with Christina and they sped off. I turned around and headed back inside with August hot on my heels. Today must’ve been my day because for the first time ever they didn’t hit each other. I sat on August’s bed once I got to his room, and he closed the door behind us.

I don’t know what came over me, but I had this sudden fire begin to burn inside me. I never wanted anything like I did this next moment. I stood up and wrapped my arms around August’s neck standing on my tippy toes before kissing his lips. He groaned into the kiss “Raye, you aight?”

I kissed him again this time more sensually. “Yes, but there’s something I want you to do.”

“Shoot babeh’..” he said looking down on my short frame.

“Fuck me, like you never did anybody else.” I said jumping on him.

He caught me and hesitated “You sure?”

“Like a crack addict with a bad habit.” I said making him laugh. He laid me down, and proceeded to lay the wood. August was who I ultimately wanted to be with.


My phone’s loud ass ringtone kept going off, which woke me up from my nap. I wanted to ignore it, but it kept ringing. I need to start putting my shit on mute before I go to sleep. I always keep my volume on 100.

“Stay yo ass right here.” August mumbled, roughly pulling me back as I tried to reach for my phone. Sucking my teeth, I smacked his hands away.

“I aint goin’ no where, I’m trying to get my phone, meany.” I said, reaching for my phone again. This time he didn’t do anything. Once I grabbed my iphone 6 off of the charger, I smacked my lips once I seen that the missed calls were from Raymond. He always calls for the littliest things that aren’t important.

I felt light kisses being placed in my shoulder. I smiled turning over to look at August. His face was seriously unflawed. I wonder if he realized how perfect he is.

“Auggie I can’t take anymore.” I said my voice raspy.

He chuckled “Damn baby, daddeh’ got you sounding down and out huh and you can’t take da D?”

I wasn’t trying to force sex between us. I could’ve done this seven weeks ago, and so many other times after as well. I wanted him, and it honestly had nothing to do with Chris. August was special to me, and honestly he always has been. I think I was so caught up in letting myself be treated a certain way by Chris, that I forgot about how good August always was to me.

I smacked my teeth “Shut up, you ain’t got me doing nothing!”

He smirked “So you think you can give daddeh’ some more of that sweet ass pussy?” He said rubbing my clit slowly.

“Augggg I mmmphhh..” I moaned as my phone started to ring.

Saved by the bell! I don’t think I could’ve lasted one more round. August was working with a serious monster in his pants.

“Hello?” I said, answering the phone without checking the caller i.d.

“Damn, what you been doin for 8 hours? I thought you was dead.” He asked, as I quickly checked the time on the clook sitting on my nightstand. Damn, it has been 8 hours.

“Sorry bro, I was knocked out. What did you want?” I asked as I started to hyear a lot of people in the background. Raymond always got something poppin’ over his house. This nigga was so damn popular.

“Come chill with me, I miss you.” He said, making me smile cause I could hear the smile on his face.

“But I wanna chill privately, I know you got Chris and them all over there.” Chris was the loudest one in the damn background. I mainly heard him and and Cassie yelling.

“So? Plus he not gonna say shit to you, he brought Alisha. Bring August.” He said, and my heart dropped. I didn’t want to be and him when he was with her. I guess he went upstairs cause the background got quiet. I guess he ain’t want Chris to hear.

“Nah, that would be weird. But if you want me to come, I’ll come.” I stated. I know August ain’t wanna be around Chris nor Nae, so it’s best if I just go by myself. I didn’t want to go either cause of Alisha. Everybody seems so cool with her and it makes me feel left out. They all have a history with her that I can’t come in between.

“Alright, I love you. Be safe baby.” He said, making kissing noises in the phone. He was cute as hell sometimes.

“Love you too.” I laughed, before hanging up. Putting my phone back on the charger, I turned to face August and he was already looking at me. He looked annoyed which made me laugh.

“Why you not sleep?” I asked trying to be funny, before he smacked his teeth. He looked so fine when he was annoyed.

“Cause yo annoying ass woke me up, I’m bout to go.” He said, sitting up in the bed.

“Ok, can you take me home real quick then?” I asked as he nodded.

“Yea, and I’m getting some when we get back, trust.” He smirked, as I chuckled.

“Yea whatever, just shutup and take me home.” I said as he looked at me like I was stupid. Picking me up, he throw me over his shoulder as I kept hitting him in his back. It didn’t phase him at all, which pissed me off. I bet my hits were like baby hits to him. 

A couple of seconds later, I felt myself being body slammed on the couch, causing me to groan in pain. I’m over a 100 pounds, how did his boney ass manage to do that? “August! That hurt.” I whined as he grabbed his keys and headed for the door.

“I know, I’m bout to go tho.” Sucking my teeth, I flicked him off. 

“You really aint shit. You always leaving when it’s time to take care of these damn kids. Partying and shit, like damn Aug I wanna party too! Where the fuck is my child support check at, anyways?” I said with a straight face, as August died of luaghter. He literally fell on the floor.

Walking over to me as he continued to laugh, he helped me up and I fianlly started laughing with him. “That’s why I love yo crazy ass.” He said, kissing me on my forehead as we made our way to his car. 


I was mad as hell at the fact that Raymond asked Raye to come. I mean this is her house too, but he just had to ask while I was here. I didn’t wanna be around Raye, cause everything she did just pissed me off. I would leave, but Alisha was gonna get mad.

I must admit, I was jealous that August was hittin’ that. She promised she wouldn’t ever give my shit away. When she first took her red flannel off, she had hickies every where and I ain’t gonna lie, my heart dropped. I would’ve never thought that Raye would be fucking August. The fact that we used to be bros just makes everything worse.

I mean, Alisha was slowly helping me get over Raye but as you can see it ain’t really helping. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t. Alisha has been good company, though. She’s acting like her old self. The Alisha I met in VA when we were in middle school. I wasn’t tryna wife her or anybody anytime soon. She knew the deal. She wasn’t really trying to be in a relationship either, her ass was just acting up when Raye and I were together cause she wanted the dick. I can’t blame her. Ion’t think she been in a relationship since we broke up. I broke up with her actually.

I thought we were gonna be together forever. Ya boy was in love. Alisha was fucking perfect in my eyes. I mean, she still is but we just not together but we still make it seem like that. I remember the first time we met. It was my freshman year.


“I swear y’all boys are so childish!” Alisha groaned, covering up her body. I knew her name and shit, but I ain’t never talked to her. She was mad popular and so was I, so ion see why we never talked. She was pretty as hell, though.

“Shit, this ain’t the boys lockeroom? I’m trippin.” I said, rubbing my eyes as she began to chuckle. Dropping the uniform she had to cover her body, I noticed that she had on a sports bra and some shorts. She ain’t even need a bra, she barely had titties. She had a lil bit of ass though.

“No.. are you high? Your eyes are kind of red.” She asked as I nodded. Chuckling walked up to me and sniffed my shirt before scrunching up her face.

“You better take a quick shower, you smell just like weed. Coach gonna get on your ass.” She warned as I sniffed my shirt. Dang, she was right.

“Only if you come with me.” I smirked as she just flashed her pearly whites. I peeped that she had dimples.

“You’re too cute.” She laughed as I scoffed.

“Nah baby, I’m more than cute.” I corrected her as she waved me off.

“Whatever, what’s your name?”

“Chris.. Yours?”


“You my new friend Alisha, your life bout to be 1000x better fuckin’ with me.” I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulder.

“Ok new friend, but first get in the shower cause you’re all sweaty..” She said, making me suck my teeth.

We talked for a few more minutes and I finally left cause I ain’t want coach to catch me in here. A nigga would’ve got in so much trouble.

*Flashback Over*

Ever since then, we couldn’t get enough of each other. She was my everything. We ain’t ever have problems. We always enjoyed each others company.

We argued and shit but it wasn’t anything serious. Our arguments ain’t really get serious until we found out she was a couple of months pregnant and we told her mom. Her mom was pissed so she told Alisha that she had to go stay with her dad for the summer in VA. That shit hit me hard as fuck. We would always get into arguments about it cause I told her to stay but she would always say she had no choice. Ion really think about this much, but about a month before she left we woke up with a big ass puddle of blood in my bed. 


I woke up scrunching up my face, cause something kept tickling my leg and it felt wet. I know Alisha little ass aint pee on me. I just bought these damn sheets 2 days ago. I'ma beat her ass. 

Rubbing my eyes, I lightly moved Alisha off of me and checked the sheets. Widening my eyes, there was blood every where. Where the fuck was it coming from? I knew it wasnt what I think it was. Nah, it couldn’t be. 

Averting my eyes towards Alisha’s pants, they were covered in blood causing my eyes to get watery. “Baby, wake up!” I yelled, roughly shaking her. She groaned loudly, and sat up looking at me. Furrowing her eyebrows, she looked at what I was looking at and screamed. 

“NO, NO, NO!” She yelled, as she started crying. 

“Momma!” I called out as she came rushing in my room in no time. Covering her mouth at the scene that was playing out in front of her, she helped Alisha inyo some new clothes as I called 911. 

I already lost my sister, I didn’t want to loose nobody else. 

*Flashback Over*  

We both freaked out and once we got to the hospital we found out she lost the baby due to too much stress. She wouldn’t talk to me for a long time. She wouldn’t talk to anybody and that shit was pissing me off. I understood that she was hurt, but I was hurt too. I needed someone to talk to.  I got fed up with it so I planned on talking to her about it and when I showed up to her house I caught her cutting herself and I fucking lost it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried to get her to stop but she was doin it again the day she was supposed to leave and I felt betrayed so I broke up with her. She told me she wasn’t gonna do that stupid shit anymore. I ain’t talk to her for a year after that. This happened.. at the end sophomore year! But yea She ended staying with her dad that whole year, and that’s brings us to now. Senior year.

She apologized and we started catching up with each other and shit. This was before I started liking Raye’s ass. Since Raye and I was talking, I just cut Alisha off. She knew I ain’t like Raye since 9th grade and she would always wonder why.

“Chris, I’m gonna be in the bathroom.” Alisha said, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I nodded at her, and bit my lip watching her leave. Alisha shit was getting thicker. The doorbell rang, and Raymond got up to get it, and I couldn’t help but to keep stealing glances at Raye. As much as I hated it, I still loved her and wanted her all the same. They lied when they said that wounds heal with time. They get fucking worse!

“Yo, baby girl yo boyfriend is here.” Raymond said walking back into the living room looking at Raye.

Raymond so childish for this bullshit.

I ran my hands down my face because the last thing I wanted was to be around him. I know that’s why she came here alone. Funny how she still thought about me.

“Baby? What are you doing here?” She asked jumping on him like a little kid.  She looked so happy to see him, and it made me angry. “I missed you.” he said putting her down biting her neck.

She giggled, “Auggie stop it!”

“You came out the house my nigga?” Ty joked to August and I glared at him.

“Only for shorty.” he said slapping her butt making everyone bust up laugh when she got mad.

I knew tonight was going to be a test of my faith. Could I coexist in a room with this nigga, and not pop on him? I hope so cause I was heated. Alisha came back from the bathroom, and looked over noticing August made a guest appearance like this was a music video.

“You ok baby?” She asked sitting in my lap.

I laid my head on her chest “I am now.”

“Let’s play truth or dare y’all, it’s hella niggas in here.” Ty said excited.

“Aight I’m gonna go first, Raye truth or dare?” Nae asked her. Looking at her stomach, I smiled because I’m ready for her to have this damn baby. I got baby fever and shit.

“Dare.” she said nervously.

“I dare you to demonstrate your favorite sexual position with someone in the room.” she said making her turn red.

“Ew I ain’t tryna see how my little sister likes to fuck. I’m steppin’ out.” Raymond said leaving the room, making us crack up.

“Y’all are annoying..” she said sucking her teeth.

She grabbed August’s hand and told him to lay down in the middle of the floor, and he obliged. She bent down, and smiled at him pecking his lips which made me ball up my fist. She turned around, and grabbed his calves as he held her waist. Then she did that thing I liked that drove me fucking crazy. She flipped all over hair over her right shoulder, and lightly dropped her ass on his middle making sure to arch her back. Looking at her do that shit made my dick stiffen. Then the only thing she had on was tights and a sports bra. Ion even think she had on underwear.

“Damn Raye, a nigga jealous of August.” Ty joked making everyone but me laugh except when Nae slapped him behind the head.

August sat up and she pressed her back against his chest “Don’t make me fuck you in here buns.” he said lowly to her making her smirk, but I’m sure I’m the only one that heard.

What the fuck I do to deserve some shit like this b? “Will y’all get your asses up so we can continue the game damn!” I said hella annoyed.

“Relax, sheesh.” Alisha said catching onto my annoyance.

I smacked my teeth and stayed quiet. Call me a baby, I don’t care. That nigga had his hands all over what was mine. I wanted to knock his fucking teeth out. But I’m chilling. Alisha gave me a little lecture to control my anger and I’m trying but the shit is hard.

“Shut up, you always got something to say!” Raye grumbled as she started to go sit back down, but I flew in her face quick.

“Keep talking shit ma.” I spat venomously in her face.

August laughed, “Nigga if you don’t go sit your light bulb bright ass down, and get out her face!”

He grabbed Raye, and she looked at me with such disgust. See how she ran my emotions through the roof? I smacked my teeth, and headed toward the backyard to smoke an L and get some air. It was much needed because I knew Alisha was not gonna let me leave.

Pulling my phone out my pocket, I went to Rayes contact and sent her a text. Hopefully she still got the same number.

Me: ima need you to do me a favor homie hopper

A few seconds later she replied back, shocking the hell out of me. I thought she was just gonna read it.

Raye 💔🙅😒: don’t fucking call me that 😤

Me: well wtf else do you call it? 😂😴

Raye💔🙅😒: a girl that went to another person that could treat her better cause her ex can’t be a MAN 💁💆💅

Me: whatever thot 😑 all over this nigga pop lock n thottin’ it. Just fuckin tell ya nigga to stay in his fuckin place. I been tryin to control my anger but I’m bout ready to fuck YOU & YO NIGGA up on god. just keep sayin slick shit to me & watch baby just watch 😏✌️

Raye💔🙅😒: 😳😂😂 bye psycho

Me: yea ok bitch, my bad I meant raye. just let ya lil bf know what I said

Raye💔🙅😒: get ur salty ass on chris fr. you’re mad baby I know it. 😂😏 you can’t stand that im w August. you’re jealous, just admit it. wtf you even worried about me for when you fucking bitches like alisha? worry about HER NOT ME 🙅💁 you over here stressing over someone who could give 2 shits about you. since you claim you don’t give a fuck STOP WORRYING ABOUT ME! MOVE TF ON 😒😒😒

After reading that message my heart stopped. I know I ain’t the one to be talking about mean, but that shit was harsh as hell. This bitch showing her true colors. I can’t believe she had the AUDACITY to send me some shit like that. I’m done with her foreal. Maybe we wasn’t meant to be.

The next thing I did was delete her number, pictures, and messages out my phone. I even had videos of me hittin’ that but that shit had to go. Once all that shit was gone, I went to my ig and deleted anything that had her on it. I should’ve deleted this shit a long time ago but I actually had faith.

Putting my phone back in my pocket, I stood up and made my way back inside to get all my shit. I had to bounce. I ain’t wanna be no where near Raye.

“Yo Raye, you ain’t gotta worry about me no more. I ain’t gone be in ya way or none of that other shit. You just showed yo true colors and I realized that bitches really ain’t shit. Like Migos said, these hoes is wishy washy. I could’ve sworn you said you loved me and now you sayin you could give 2 shits about me? It’s cool, I just know not to tell another bitch I love her. And you wonder why I ain’t wanna admit my feelings for you in the first fucking place,” I paused to chuckle. By now, everybody’s eyes were on me and they were shocked.

“You just sitting around here fucking August thinking it’s cute when it ain’t. Even if we ain’t together you know how I feel about this nigga, yet you mess around with him anyway? You wrong as hell. I constantly asked you not to talk to him but when you broke up with me he was the first person you went to. Why you do that to me Raye? I was fucking faithful to you! I may have done some fucked up shit and I’m sorry for it but I ain’t ever betray you like that. If you aint trust me, you should’ve just let me know from the jump instead of wasting my time. I’m done though, you don’t gotta worry bout me no more. I hope you don’t do August how you did me, but I hope the nigga does you wrong as hell. Fuck you Raye.” I said, feeling much better as I picked up a sleeping Alisha off of the couch.

I looked back at Raye one last time, and she was speechless. Good, cause I ain’t wanna deal with that funky ass attitude she been having.

“Fuck you too.” She mumbled as I rolled my eyes.

Once she noticed me looking at her, she mugged the shit out of me as I flicked her off. Waving me off, she just stared down at her fingers with a mad expression on her face.

She don’t got no reason to be mad. If anything, I should be mad.

I was seriously fucking done trying to please her. Ion even know why I tried, she clearly doesn’t want me no more.