[푸마] 네가 빛나는 순간  BOG SOCKㅤ X BTS: ISSUE 7. 지민

[PUMA] Your Shining Moment BOG SOCK X BTS: ISSUE 7. JIMIN

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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Yixing Studio Update: “#ZhangYixingWhatUNeed# #ZhangYixing1007HappyBirthday# The solo album is ready to be released! On October 7th, Zhang Yixing will release the song “What U Need” from his solo album as a special gift for fans to thank them for their anticipation and support. The birthday present is for you all. Those who are anticipating, please raise your arm”

What I Want to Tell NCT Hyungline When I Meet Them
  • *After casual greetings of course*
  • Taeil:You don't have to be so shy, just be yourself.
  • Hansol:Please speak more in Busan dialect!
  • Johnny:I'm very, very sorry.
  • Taeyong:It is very easy to love you.
  • Yuta:Hey, I love Tohoshinki too!
  • Kun:I know you're evil deep inside.
  • Doyoung:You're so annoying you look like a bunny you're such an attention-seeking brat lmao I love you still tho
  • TEN:I'm so proud of you I almost feel like a Mother sometimes lololol
  • Jaehyun:You're very handsome but you scare me sometimes, tbfh.
  • Winwin:You're very cute I can't asdfghjfkdsfgkgv