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Wrong House

Prompt: My neighbor’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident

Pairing: H2OVanoss


It was early in the morning and Evan had just gotten up. He grudgingly got up, walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Evan poured himself some coffee and sat down in the living room. He turned on the tv and watched some random tv show that was on.

While Evan was mindlessly watching whatever was on tv, he heard the front door slam open and a voice yell “I’M HOME BITCHES!” This caused Evan to jump as he didn’t know who the voice belonged to.

He got up and slowly walked to the kitchen to find a man in a blue hoodie raiding his kitchen. “Ahem.” The stranger turned around to face Evan with a poptart hanging out of his mouth.

They both were surprised at each other’s presence. The poptart fell out of the guys mouth and onto the floor as he said “Well you’re not Luke.”

Luke? Wasn’t that his neighbor…?

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#8 I Found A Love for Me

A/N: hey nerds. this week has been a doozy, but nonetheless i’m well and breathing. sorry i haven’t written in a while, writers block was full force and I was so stressed I was just creatively like…not there. at all. ANYWHO here we go. Back on track. lets do this shit. In the mean time, feel free to read all of my stuff here -> it’s always tagged under “ficshit” 

The List Be Here
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?
7. Could you be happy here with me? (this one is my fave so far xx)

***I’m also going to be a douche bag and NOT write this prompt, I have another prompt i’ve had in my head for a bit and I’m gonna write that one instead. Don’t h8***

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” BECAUSE I can’t not think of Bechloe when I listen to them. Assholes.

Dating for three years, engaged for one, these two were finally ready to tie the knot.

Most of the wedding plans were set other than the details regarding the reception. More specifically, their first dance. Beca had told Chloe she wanted to surprise her and to leave all the music to her, but Chloe didn’t not like knowing what was going on. 

They were sitting on the couch, Beca on her laptop - Chloe flipping through social media on her phone, their legs intertwined but bodies on opposite ends of the couch. Chloe nudged Beca with her foot. “Hey.. so like can you at least give me a hint?”

Beca looked up and took an earbud out, “A hint to what?”

“The wedding stuff. Just give me like a genre.”


“Babe pleaseeeee” pouty face in full force, Beca’s weakness.

“Nope. Notta.”

“I’ll give you a foot rub every night this week and do the laundry for a month.”

“You already give me a foot rub every night.”

“Okay but the laundry thing.”

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  • i think we all know the drill when it comes to badboy aus
  • le backstory time
  • so for our dearest kim taehyung, his story begins with a family that was broken and doomed from the start
  • both of his parents had a rough time raising him and his little sister who he holds near and dear to his heart, especially since their mother had divorced his father and moved out as soon as she could
  • because of this, their father was very temperamental in a way this was how he was coping with everything but he also took it out on his kids which really pissed taehyung off
  • ever since he was a kid, he had a mouth on him and a will to do the right thing which meant if someone was treating another unfairly then he was going to address and try and stop this
  • this happened a lot when their father would yell at them at little things and sometimes about their mother bc she moved on but taehyung had none of it and often quarreled with their dad
  • sometimes his sister would get shit for things she did but taehyung tried taking the brunt of most of it to ensure that she would live without that crap y’know? most of it made him pretty bitter and angry especially at his parents for putting this on them, for making her suffer despite his attempts to remedy it (poor lil squish, she really didn’t suffer as she often tells him now)
  • anyway, growing up he endured through this and during high school when his high school was at its most temperamental he got into a major fist fight with his dad after he found out that his ex-wife would soon be re-marrying and it was tae’s little sister that was getting the verbal abuse until he snapped
  • he told his father off for taking his anger out on them instead of trying to better himself and he got hit but tae wouldn’t take it and began to fight back
  • as a result, he had to go to the police station and developed an even worse reputation than his temperamental one and his sister ended up living at their mom’s but she was very upset to be separated from her older brother
  • the incident itself left tae at a standstill with his dad but his mom was more than willing to take him in but again those rumors of his anger and the things he did escalated too much after he was released
  • he ended up enduring thru the whole thing but did want a better future for himself in order to help his sister out and for himself so he decided that he wanted to do well and go on to college bc he was at least good at math
  • he decided he wanted to be an engineer and so he managed to score a pretty good scholarship to get him to a decent university and he’s trying his hardest to work hard even tho since his release from jail went around there are officials that monitor him for violent behavior
  • he doesn’t care so much bc again he’s doin him
  • the way his mindset is if he’s not harming anyone that doesn’t deserve it then he really shouldn’t get in trouble over anything but it does stop him from ever getting in altercations with dumbass people thinking it’s funny to pick a fight with him
  • that’s not how he meets you tho
  • he actually meets you when you’re in trouble with this asshole dude that just wouldn’t quit bothering you to a point where he has you cornered and your attempts of telling him to get away are fruitless
  • at some point, you knee him in the groin and try running off until you accidentally run into someone and it happens to be (guess who?????) kim taehyung
  • you would’ve been afraid or at least mildly intimidated considering the rumors about him but you really just wanted to get away from that area of the campus so that creeper dude would gtfo
  • taehyung’s ready to tell you to watch where you’re going until he sees your eyes filled with panic and fear and he swears he’s about to see you cry and while he’s asking if you’re ok, that asshole you ran off is saying obscenities about you and stalking his way over to you and you’re barely registering taehyung’s words as he asks you, “did he hurt you? are you ok?”
  • you shake your head and you just let the most vulnerable words slip past your lips “please help me… he won’t leave me alone”
  • and it just flips a switch in taehyung and he’s telling you to get somewhere safe while he handles that asshole and you’re not sure what to think but soon enough taehyung’s giving you a reassuring look, being extra careful not to touch you, and then he’s going up that asshole and confronting him about his harassment of you
  • the asshole, for some reason, gets oddly defensive over you and tries to alleviate the situation by saying y’know that you were being a bitch and assaulting him and basically trying to play off what he did like it was nothing
  • but obviously from the hard stare that taehyung is giving him, it’s not working and when the asshole realizes that he gets in tae’s face like “mind your own business dude this isn’t your problem so why don’t you back off?” and tries to just intimidate tae
  • unfortunately for him that doesn’t work and tae just crosses his arms over his chest, trying not to be the first person to throw a punch or anything and for a bit it works bc the asshole starts pushing and shoving him to move out of his way bc he can still see you and although tae’s a lil miffed you didn’t leave you can’t help but think that it wouldn’t be right to abandon your savior, badboy and all
  • at this point tae has had enough of getting shoved and in an instant, tae has the asshole against the wall and simply tells him to leave you and any other girl alone bc they don’t need a greaseball like them trying to harass them and the asshole gets pissed and tries swinging and a small fight ensues until the asshole runs out and leave you and tae behind
  • you tentatively approach taehyung, asking him if he’s ok and although he is pretty annoyed that you didn’t leave, you simply tell him that you didn’t think it’d be right if you did and he’s actually a lil amazed by you bc you, someone who was scared out of their mind, would stay where their harasser is just to back up your savior and idk it just strikes him as interesting since not many people have the guts to do it
  • and you ask him if he’s ok and he tries to convince you he is and actually walks you back you your dorm bc no way in hell is he letting you walk him where you could possibly get attacked by that asshole who ran off
  • you tell him you want to make sure he’s ok when he gets back and you two actually exchange numbers like this:
  • “if it makes you feel better i’ll text you when i get back to my dorm”
  • “good, you better. wait-”
  • “what???”
  • “i don’t have your number”
  • “oh… heh… right. well, here,”
  • he texts you when he gets back with a small smile bc you’ve added a cute lil’ bear emoji and jimin, his roommate, is like ???? “what happened OH MY GOD TAE WHY ARE YOU BRUISED AND BATTERED”
  • tae explains and jimin’s soo happy to hear that his roomie is actually gushing about someone bc you see tae is v hardworking and he spends most of his time trying to achieve his goal in being an engineer and idk jimin just gets some good feelings hear tae talking about how he met you
  • you and tae begin to text one another after the incident and it’s a very cute correspondence of what you guys like i.e. music, tv shows, movies and even deeper topics at night when he’ll randomly hit you up at like 2 AM about the meaning of life and you’re usually up studying or doing something and y’all chat and reveal your hopes, desires, and even fears, which is crazy since y’all just met but he trusts you enough to tell you these things and you trust him bc after all he did save you from that asshole
  • speaking of which, that asshole reported tae to the student judicial affairs for the assault and so he got called in bc the security guards or w/e can’t really do anything until afterwards but they’re itching to get tae convicted for real
  • you didn’t know bc the asshole didn’t mention you but rumors are going around that kim taehyung is prolly going to jail and you’re like ???????? my tae *ahem* kim taehyung???
  • you try texting him but no response and you’re panicking until you get a call from a unknown number and it turns out to be jimin who’s on the SJA and he tells you abt it during one of the breaks
  • you pretty much end up busting in bc why not?? and tell them that you’re an eyewitness like dead ass serious
  • the classroom you were in when they occurred was your art professor who allowed you to stay behind and clean up. that asshole shares that class with you and when you two were left alone he struck and even the professor can vouch that you stayed behind (which they do) and it’s not long for the jury to rule it in tae’s favor
  • he’s pretty quiet at the end but when you approach him, he looks so goddamn happy bc someone actually defended him and didn’t try to drag him down like he was beginning to feel so sure that he was about to lose everything he worked for and idk it didn’t hit him to contact you bc the asshole really did try denying everything tae tried coming up with
  • so yeah that’s how taehyung truly can’t deny how grateful he is to you
  • and you’re really like “it’s nothing. it’s only right that they know the truth and you shouldn’t be punished for that”
  • just bless <3 bc after that, you and tae are even closer now
  • no one really tries harassing you now that you and tae are pretty close
  • jimin’s constantly asking when you two will be a thing
  • even tae’s sister’s nagging him bc he does tell her everything and how she wants to meet you and ahhh
  • ok so you both end up getting together very casually like during a day when you’re both so sleepy and tired from your constant workload, you both are just half-asleep on the phone with each other and tae goes “i really like you, you know that??” and you softly murmur, “i like you too, tae let’s discuss this tmrw” then the next day you both meet up, lw embarrassed but you ask him if he meant it and he says yeah and you’re like yeah when he asks and it just becomes a thing
  • “finally” jimin and tae’s sister exclaim lmao
  • insert cute study dates where sometimes you come over to his dorm when jimin’s out doing law stuff and tucking tae in when he’s all pooped from engineering stuff like you’ll drape a blanket over his shoulders and prolly lay in his bed to study until you KO and then somehow he snuggles up to you and it’s like 12 AM and you’re like “?! my RA!!! AND YOURS” but he winks like “sweetheart my RA jin doesn’t care tbh” and he just feather kisses your jaw and apparently jimin’s not in still and things just happen that night
  • it’s sweet and gentle, things that tae are not used to being associated with so when you tell him he gets a lil weird bc he can’t believe he got to meet someone as kind and as sweet as you who is so freakin loyal to him and supportive
  • and you’re there just kissing his knuckles and cuddling him really close and you tell him that you love him and you care about him and that’s why you’re doing this and you wish to make him feel loved
  • and…. it just registers his brain that you bring him happiness, he cares about you, and wow…. holy shit he’s in love with you too
  • despite all his “negative” traits, you love him and he’s so grateful to you like my dude you allow this nugget to feel the love that he lacked so much as a child and for once you’re willing to bear burdens with him by coaxing him to tell you what bothers him
  • of course there are occasions where you two quarrel but it’s ok bc you let him cool off and usually he comes running back to you with apologies and pouty lips that you pretend not to fall for but when you’re wrapping him up in your arms he knows that it’ll be ok
  • btw his sister is totes in love with you too like she was so stoked to meet you and after a day with you she’s already telling him to marry you and one time he actually looked over at you with a wink a says, “maybe one day” <3 <3 <3 <3
Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 5)

A/N This is wrapping up guys.  Next part will be the end, I think.

Part 1      Part 2       Part 3        Part 4 

You are a country doctor, and an Omega.  After your rural office was attacked by vampires, you have been staying with Sam and Dean, nursing Sam back to health.  Sam has claimed you as his Omega, and now the two of you have to deal with the consequences.

This is an A/B/O fic. Standard A/B/O warnings for knotting, claiming, heats, and aggression apply.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!Reader

You walked down the hall towards the library with Sam right behind you. Dean whirled around angrily when the two of you entered the room.  Sam’s hand slipped to your waist in a possessive gesture. Dean’s eyes slipped past your tank top to the bite mark on your shoulder where Sam had claimed you.

“What the hell did you do Sammy?” Dean asked harshly. “I saw the sigil. I know you sent Cas away.“

Sam locked eyes with his brother, his entire body tense.  He was ready for a fight.

“I claimed her.”  He said shortly.  “She’s mine Dean.  Don’t try to fight me on this.”

Dean sighed deeply, looking suddenly exhausted. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?  And Y/N….”  He said, looking at you closely for the first time.  “Did he force you?” He said quietly.

“No Dean.” You said firmly. “He didn’t force me.  I wanted this too.”

“God Sammy. What were you thinking? She’s a doctor, not a hunter! She’s not cut out for this!  She has a life.  A life we tore her from.  How are you going to make this work?  Did you even think about that?”

Sam ran a hand through his long hair in annoyance, “I want her Dean.  I have to have her.  That’s all I know.  We will figure the rest out.”

You placed a hand on Dean’s arm.  He looked so worried.  “I just couldn’t fight it anymore, Dean.”

Dean handed you a small white bag.  “Here’s your suppressants.  But I guess you don’t need them anymore, do you?” You could tell he was still very angry.

 “I hope you know what your doing, Sammy.  Go fix your door. I am going to clean off the sigil so Cas can come back.”

The enormity of what you had done was suddenly echoed in Dean’s words.  How would you be able to return to your life now?  Tears suddenly blurred your eyes. “Excuse me.” You said, pushing past a startled Sam and headed back to your room.

Laying on your bed with your eyes closed, you heard the door open and close.  You smelled Sam’s scent, so you knew it was him. You felt the bed dip as he got in next to you.  You turned your head to look at him, eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Regrets already?” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you and trying not to look as worried as he felt.

“No, not really. Just concerns.  Dean’s right, Sam.  We really didn’t think this through. I have a job that I love.  I busted my ass putting myself through medical school. I’ve just never seen myself as the submissive Omega.  That’s just not who I…..”

Your words were cut off as Sam’s mouth descended to yours.  Desire that was smoldering beneath the surface burst into flame immediately.  Then you let your bodies do the talking.

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Beneath the Surface

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Beneath the Surface

- Sana Focus

Word Count: 3246

“Yes, Ms. CEO! Right away!”

“Ms. CEO, I need you to sign this please.”

“Our new project idea is ready to be pitched, when you have time, please come down and review it.”

“Ms. CEO, there’s a call for you from the North branch manager.”

Who was Ms. CEO? Who could handle all the stress and responsibility that were associated with the position? Sana. At first, she may give you an impression that she’s a fragile and adorable girl, however, make no mistake, Sana is one of the fiercest and most determined individual that this company has ever seen. She is this company’s youngest CEO, and already she has increased sales by a staggering 25%. Sana might be a genius in terms of creating sales, leading a team, and spearheading any new project ideas, but she’s known to be a little aggressive. Everything she did, she did for the good of the company. To the employees, she’s known as the strict and scary CEO of the company. Of course, you didn’t hear about anything about Sana’s personality when you signed up for the job as her personal assistant.

“Is Ms. Minatozaki here? I’m here to be her new personal assistant? I was told to report here at the front desk…” You asked.

“Yes, she’s in. You’re the new assistant? Well, good luck to you, sir.” The secretary whispered.

“Thank you?”

That was weird… Let’s see, she’s probably in the office at the end of the hall. As you walked through the smaller offices, you noticed heads poking out of their stations. They were staring at you as you walked on by. You heard whispers and comments being exchanged as you neared Sana’s office.

“Ahem, excuse me? May I come in?” You politely asked after knocking lightly on the glass door.

“Yes, please come in.” Sana replied sternly.

“Hello, Ms. Minatozaki. My name is (Y/N). I’m your new personal assistant. It’s very nice to finally meet you in person.” You said with a smile as you stuck out your hand to her.

Sana looked at your hand blankly, and ignored it.

“Sigh, I’m sure someone’s told you right?” Sana said, going back to the papers on her desk.

“Told me what?”

“That I’m called Ms. CEO here, not Ms. Minatozaki. Since it’s your first day, I’ll let it slide. I’m busy right now. Your office is to the right of mine, over there. Go set up. I’ll be expecting my schedule for the day in ten minutes. No later than ten minutes. Time is of the essence. Now go.”

And with that, you were sent off to your first task of the day. Well, the CEO sure seems friendly, maybe that’s why everyone was staring at me earlier. She’s not rude or anything though, I think I can manage her. You started to unpack the items that you had brought with you when a few other employees sneaked into your office.

“Hey! Newcomer! How was your first meeting with our CEO? Scary right? I mean, she’s beautiful and all but no one can handle her. She’s like a rose, pretty on but thorny at the same time. Anyways, did she insult you yet?”

“Well, I mean, she ignored my handshake but that was it. She didn’t say anything mean to my face.”

“Well, there will lots of chances for her to say stuff in the future. We’re just here to welcome you and thank you for taking this position. The last person that took this spot really went crazy, the CEO was really harsh on her. We all felt so bad for her, so we’re here now to give you a warning. Don’t push yourself. If you can’t do this, you don’t have to.”

“Thanks guys, but I don’t think she’s as bad as you guys make her out to be. I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t say we didn’t warn you…”

You smiled to them and kept on unpacking. Sure enough, over the next couple of days, Sana had worked you over real good. Everyday you went home, you just ate dinner, brushed your teeth and got ready for bed. There was no time for television, or going with friends. If Sana saw you doing nothing, she would assign you more and more work. So you kept busy. Sana might’ve acted cold towards you but she never insulted you or picked on you. Everything she assigned to you, you were responsible for when you applied for this position.

He’s doing pretty well. He’s always available when I need him and he doesn’t object to anything. Well, this is his job. He just gives me a better vibe than my past assistants. Always smiling.

Three weeks in, and everyone knows you as the antidote to Sana. People commended you for your work and your endurance. They looked to you whenever they needed to interact with Sana, asking for tips to get on her good side.

“Job well done, everyone. You all worked hard this week, I hope you all enjoy your much deserved break.” Sana announced right before the end of the day on Friday.

Some whispers and murmurs spread around the room in response.

“Did the CEO just wish us a good weekend?”

“She’s never said anything like this before…”

“Maybe our CEO has a lookalike twin that looks exactly like her.”

“I don’t know if I can get used to this.”

Sana returned back to her office as everybody began to leave. You said goodbye to all of your friends and colleagues as they left for the weekend.

“Ms. CEO? Is there anything else you would like me to do before I leave?” You asked, standing at her doorway.

“Come in, sit.” Sana said as she reviewed documents and contracts.

You obeyed her and sat down in front of her. Her eyes were still scanning the papers as you sat there idly.   

“There’s just one little thing I need you to do before you leave, (Y/N)…”

“Yes, of course.”

“Can you please brew me a fresh cup of coffee, I’m going to stay here for a bit longer. There’s still some paperwork that I need to shift through, and some forms that I need to approve.” Sana said with furrowed brows.

“Right away, Ms. CEO. Are you sure you don’t need help with those papers? I’m sure I can be of some assistance.”

Sana finally stopped looking at the papers to address you.

“You did exceptionally well for the entire time that you’ve been here. I couldn’t ask for a better assistant. You should be enjoying your break.”

“That’s quite alright, Ms. CEO. I don’t really have anything planned this weekend, plus, the earlier we finish these things, the better right? You said so yourself at the beginning, time is of the essence. Anyways I’ll be right back with that coffee.”

Why is he like this? He doesn’t have to do anything. Just go home like everyone else. I don’t know how to respond to you. Always so positive and uplifting. Sigh, why does my heart beat faster every time I think about him?

That afternoon, you stayed with Sana, helping her with her duties until eleven. She drove you home to compensate you for your time, and wished you a great weekend. Sana drove home that night with conflicted emotions, she didn’t know how to feel towards you. You were so kind, so helpful, despite how she treated you. From a professional standpoint, she knew that she shouldn’t feel this way but she just couldn’t help it. The following week, there was a party planned for Friday, by Jennie. Everyone adored Jennie, she was caring, thoughtful, and nice. The complete opposite of Sana. So when she invited you to her party, you thought why not? The only person that wasn’t invited, was Sana. Jennie had said that Ms. CEO was always so serious, and she never has the time to mingle with common folk like you and herself. Despite Jennie saying that, you still felt like that Sana should know about this party, even if she didn’t want to go.

“Ms. CEO?”

“Yes, (Y/N). Do you need something?” Sana asked as she sipped her hot cup of tea.

“I just wanted to tell you that Jennie is having a party over at her house this Friday…”

“Okay. Is that it?”

“Yes, I just felt like you should know.”

“Thank you, but since you’re not the owner of the party, I won’t go. After all, they probably wouldn’t want to invite me anyways. I’m the strict CEO remember?”

“Right… I’ll excuse myself now.”

You exited room just as Sana put down her teacup. She was gripping the handle with excess strength, thinking to herself, of course Jennie would invite him. I don’t know why, but I feel so furious knowing that. Jennie attracts all of the guys. Sigh, still, I have to act professional. Once Friday came along, everybody was hyped about Jennie’s party, of course, they kept quiet about it since they didn’t want Sana to know about it.

“Ahem, (Y/N)? Can you come into my office please?” Sana asked almost shyly as she knocked on your office door.

“Sure, what do you need me to do?” You responded as you got up and followed her into her office.

“Close the door.”


“I just wanted to ask you a question before the end of the day, are you going to that party? The one that Jennie’s hosting?”

“Yeah, I didn’t have anything planned tonight when she asked so I thought why not?”

“Oh very well. Enjoy yourself, be safe. And uhm…”


“Nothing. Have a good time. Don’t drink too much.”

“Got it Ms. CEO.”

“You may go now.”

Everyone cheered secretly when the end of the day came, and people were leaving the building as quickly as they could. You peered into Sana’s office before leaving. She was hard at work, as always.

“Let’s go, (Y/N)! We need to go pick up some things from the local convenience store.” Jennie said as she hooked her arm around yours.

“Right, lead the way.”

Sana was finally home, she was completely exhausted. I wonder what they’re doing right now. Singing karaoke? Dancing? Knowing Jennie, she’s probably getting close to… ARGH I can’t think about that. I get so furious just thinking about… well, not him… I just get worried I guess. I need a drink. Sana doesn’t normally drink, and she absolutely cannot handle her alcohol. Still, she pulled out a bottle of fine wine and uncorked it. She poured herself a large glass and began to sip it as she watched television. Soon, she began to feel drowsy and dazed as she slumped against her smooth leather couch. Oh, my head… what time is it? Only one in the morning? Wonder if that party’s still going strong? I should just call (Y/N)… That’s exactly what I’ll do. Sana reached over and grabbed ahold of her phone, she had already had you on speed dial.

“Hello?” You answered.

“Heyyy, is this (Y/N)’s phone? I’m pretty sure this is his number…”

“Ms. CEO? It’s one in the morning… are you alright?”

“I’m completelyyy fineee. Just a teeny tiny tipsy. Just a little bit.”

“Well, uhm, are you feeling okay? Should I come and check up on you?”

“Well, well, well, aren’t you bold? Asking if you can come to a lady’s house at one in the morning. What are you plotting? Hmm?” Sana jokingly teased, her slurred speech stretching the words.

“No, it’s not like that. I was just worried since you always overwork yourself. I didn’t become your personal assistant for nothing.” You replied in a hurry, trying to explain yourself.

There was a brief period of silence on the other side.

“Is that it? My personal assistant?”

“What do you mean?”

“Come. Come to my house. Right now. Do you hear me?”

“Okay, I’m on my way right now.”

What is she thinking? Asking me to come over right now. She’s definitely intoxicated, I should go over and make sure she’s alright. That’s my job, yes, of course.

What am I doing? Inviting an employee of the company to my house in the middle of the night. What would he think?

“Ms. CEO? I’m here. Can you unlock the door for me? Ms. CEO?”

“I’m here… give me a second…”

You heard someone walking towards the door from the other side, however it sounded like they were having trouble, thumping and bumping into the walls. Finally, the door was open and there was Sana, her face completely flushed and she reeked of alcohol. For the first time, she smiled at you when she saw you.

“You’re here, (Y/N)! I didn’t think you’d actually come…”

“Of course I came, you’re completely drunk! What happened?”

You took Sana by her arm and guided her to her living room where you lightly laid her onto her side. She was mumbling something but you couldn’t make out anything. You grabbed the nearby garbage can and placed it near the couch, anticipating her to throw up at any second now.

“How much did you drink? Why are you even drinking in the first place?” You said as you struggled to keep her on her side because she was wiggling around.

“Just a little bit, I told you! What? I can’t drink if I choose to? You might be my assistant but you’re not my mom!”

“Sigh, you’re right, you’re right. Rest here okay, and stay on your side.”

“Yes mother…”

“Jeez… she’s a total mess.”

Sana finally calmed down once she rested her head on your lap. There you were, sitting on a couch in your CEO’s house, with your superior sleeping on your lap, at two in the morning.

“I can’t believe you went to her party… what did you do there? I swear if you and her… I won’t allow it… I’ll never forgive you…” Sana mumbled to herself.

“Ms. CEO?”

“Call me Sana…”

“Uh, I don’t know if that’s appropriate-”

“Call me Sana!”

“Okay, okay. Sana.”

“Yesss?” Sana responded happily, turning her response into a little tune.

“What were you mumbling about just now?”

Sana opened her eyes and turned to look straight up, straight into your eyes. She seemed sober now, no slurring, no dizziness, just a clear and direct gaze into your eyes. She got up on all fours on the couch and kept her eyes on yours. Slowly, she moved her head towards yours and before you knew it, Sana’s soft lips were touching yours. She didn’t kiss hard, yet she didn’t peck you either. She simply placed her lips on top of yours. After a few seconds, Sana moved back, with tears falling down her cheeks.

“Why didn’t you kiss me back? Why did you go to that stupid party? Why…” Sana cried before falling into your arms again.

Dumbfounded, you scooped her up and carried her to her bed. Your mind was blank, confused by what had just happened. After covering her with a blanket, you figured you might as well stay here and crash on the couch.

“Ugh… my head hurts so much… I shouldn’t have drank that entire bottle last night. What is wrong with me?” Sana complained to herself as she got up from her bed.

Sana was rubbing her temples, trying to relieve her headache. Upon entering her living room, she found you fast asleep on her couch. What is he doing here? Oh no, what did I do last night? All of her memories rushed back into her head, calling you at one, asking you to come over, and most importantly, kissing him and crying in front of him. I’m so dead. I can’t believe I acted like that. Well, what do I do now? Should I just leave him a note and leave? Wait, this is my house. Arghhh… oh shoot, he’s waking up, gotta hide. I’ll just pretend I’m asleep. Yes. Genius, good job, Sana. Sana tiptoed back to her bedroom and covered herself up with her blanket and faced away from the open door. You walked in, scratching your head and rubbing your eyes. She heard you come nearer and nearer until you took a seat on the edge of her bed.

“Are you awake? Sana?”

Who said you could just call me by my name? Oh wait, I did… last night. Jeez, just go away. Please leaveee, I don’t know how to look at you now.

“Well, I don’t know if you’re awake or not and I won’t stay any longer, seeing that you’re fine now.”

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Leave!

“I just wanted to say that if you do happen to remember anything from last night, that it’s not your fault for what happened. You were drunk and I know it wasn’t the real you.”

…It was the real me last night though… well, even if I was super drunk and had no control of my actions.

“When you kissed me… I didn’t know how to react at all. I was so shocked, having my boss call me over in the middle of the night and having her kiss me. To be honest, I wanted to kiss you back, but what would that make me? Someone who takes advantage of others when they’re at their weakest? No, I couldn’t do that to anyone. Especially not you.”


“When I first joined, people warned me about you. Saying how you’ll mistreat me and hammer me down with work. They say you’re just like a rose, hard to approach, hard to befriend. Over time, however, I learned that you’re someone that truly dedicates your entire being into your work. Someone that pushes themselves harder than anyone else. I don’t know how you do it, but it is just so admirable. I don’t know if I can work for you anymore after this, because there’s no way for me to replicate my feelings. Even if I like you too. Anyways, I should leave now. Thanks for everything. Sana.”

Sana felt you get up from her bedside and leave the room. Then she heard you walk down the hallway and exit, closing the door gently before leaving. What have I done? No, I can make this right. I just need to talk to him. He probably hasn’t left yet, after all, he doesn’t drive. If I hurry right now! Sana hopped out of bed and rushed to the front door. Upon opening the door, Sana found herself face to face with you.

(Y/N)! I need to tell you-” Sana began.

Without a moment to waste, you kissed her hard, pulling her head towards you with both of your hands. She was surprised at first, but then she closed her eyes and kissed you back. She wrapped her arms around your neck as you wrapped yours around her slender waist.

“I’m sorry, what were you going to say, Ms. CEO?” You joked, smiling afterwards.

“I was going to say, before you rudely interrupted me, that you are officially fired.”

“I’m fired? So I don’t work for you anymore?”

Sana giggled while the two of you were still holding each other. She flipped her hair backwards and stared straight at you.

“You don’t work for me anymore. Oh, and, you can call me Sana. Nice to meet you, (Y/N).”

“Nice to meet you too, Sana.”

- itsmomorin

Two Cent Riffs: The End of the Galaxy

SPOILERS #WOYForever #BlessThisShow #PeaceandLove

Many fans. Three endings. Two idiot reviewers. One Episode. Let’s do this.

Roy: Welp, guess that’s it for the Galaxy. *sips tea*
Julien: Now she has nothing left, the dumb idiot. *sips tears*

Julien: I just have this. Can’t provide much else.

Roy: Dude. Don’t.
Julien: “Dude”, yes. She’s mean, green, lean, and I haven’t made this joke this entire time we’ve worked together.
Roy: Fair enough.
Julien: Of course, because It’s ogre now.

Roy: And so we say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-

Julien: To be fair, it would have burned out anyways. 

Roy: C’mon. *sniff* Don’t make me feel for her now.
Julien: Like I said. Dumb idiot.

Julien: She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses.
Roy: No, she didn’t.
Julien: But she could have done that instead of just blowing up planets and leaving us to die because of who gives a good shit, she is the bad guy.

Julien: Or in better terms: The End of the Show.
Roy:………………Too soon, you cynical prick.
Julien: Obvious parallels between this and the #savewoy movement are obvious. You told me this out just yesterday.

Julien: Ah yes, the Dude has return.
Roy: How can he not stop Dominator? Matter manipulation? Telepathy? Can basically turn her ship into Origami?
Julien: Logic is the veggies in cartoons - it’s there, but most want the sweets and fats.

Julien: It’s funny because they think she’s overpowered.
Roy: Pssh. Wander’s overpowered.

Roy: Ladies and gentlemen, Hater did science.
Julien: Yas queen! 

Roy: You know I’m honestly surprised we forgot about that planet.
Julien: We didn’t forget. Just never cared.

Julien: I can tell he just expanded.
Roy: You never know what you got until it’s all over. Also, finally.

Julien: Hey. Hey. Hey. “Kill” is a strong word.

Julien: Dominator ‘bout to “destroy” these sponsors.

Roy: Man, the Joker had better strategies than her.
Julien: Seriously Dominator, villainy is easier putting clothes on and you made it hard for yourself.

Julien: It’s kinda sad she thinks she can crush the most mentally and physically strongest in the galaxy like it’s nothing. Am I wrong? 
Roy: Shhhhhhh. Let her dream.


Julien: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Roy: They should call you Lord Denominator, cause that was low.
Julien: *hug* You made me the happiest man alive. 

Julien: We’ll not getting any origins of Dominator or her power. So, what about our bet?! Do I win?
Roy: Dude. I’ll just say Julien Parks-Gavin Wright is the greatest queen I’ll ever know. He’s pimping, fantastic, and has great hair. He’s the best of 4chan and the smoothest criminal in America. And I, Royal Irie Macintosh, am a foolish nerd who loves to squat on the toilet, wants Pinkie Pie as my wife, and is a nonsense booty bashing booger brain. And I’ll leave it at that.*
*HUGS* Still, this is kind of a letdown.

Julien: Her colors are showing!

Julien: Well that was rude of the bot, just scanning him like that.
Roy: On the bright side, Dominator won’t be popping a blood vessel just yet.

Roy: To think she can actually be redeemed, the sadistic one here.
Julien: On the bright side, we couldn’t have ask for a more bitchin’ desktop.

Julien: OK, smart, tan, and handsome, what’s the scale of how awesome this fight scene will be?
Roy: Thanks to probability, it will never top any MLP fights but will be anime levels of epic.
Emperor Awesome: Did somebody call my name?
Julien: Shut up, Awesome, come back when you’re a main character.

Julien: Well. That was unexpectedly epic. And quick.

Roy: I guess it’s no time to get cold feet.
Julien: So ice of them could drop by.

(We had nothing to say, this shot just looked incredible.)


Both: OF COURSE!!!

Julien: It’s official. My waifu’s gone off the deep end.
Roy: Ok. Since this is the finale, I’m gonna level with ya. *ahem* DAT WOMAN WAS OUT OF AAAANYBODY’S LEAGUE!

Congrats, the show’s not cancelled.


Julien: Oh no, she’s gonna get drilled. *sips tea*
Roy: You don’t have to be a tool about it, man.
Julien: You saw my notes, you know my ladder of things. I rule the cynicism.

Julien: Who knew villainy was this hard? DC makes it easy.

Roy: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Julien: They’re going Crash Bandicoot on their asses! I feel complete.

Roy: Oooh, why must she remind me of all the participant awards I got.
Julien: To be fair, Hater or Wander would be better villains than her in terms of brains and brawn. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

Julien: Hero or villain, he just wanted to be loved. NOW ICE THAT FOOL!

(No comment again, this was the best moment in the Finale, in my opinion.)

Roy: I heard of getting the drill, but this is freakin’ lunacy!

Roy: Crushed by her own weapon, the saddest way to die.
Julien: All I can imagine is her “friends” being spam bots, porn blogs, and empty newcomers.
Roy: How did you?
Julien: I researched your dashboard.

Julien: Wander is giving a speech to somebody who is literally being crushed.
Roy: She’s been ignoring him all this season, cut him some slack. Besides, the bitch needs a talking to.

Julien: Remind you of anything, Royal?
Roy: Besides a pacifist and a flower. Nothing.

Roy: OOOH! I remember something now! SHE’S A TSUNDERE!!! The constant bitchiness and stubbornness, the lovely sadistic nature even though she never kills them, the inability to move on, the fact that she’s clearly misunderstood. It’s all clear to me now!
Julien: I guess WOY is an anime after all.

Julien: And to think, she will always be better than Donald Trump.
Roy: How is a planet destroying tsundere sociopath better than the worst living thing in America?
Julien: One, she’s way less hideous than that sun dried tangerine. Two, the policies of a woman dictator would be more tolerable to think about than anything that turd w/ teeth can muster.

https://youtu.be/vZOiUrnT7-0?t=45s (we thought it went well with the scene)

Julien: Hater made it better.

Julien: Seriously Dominator. He put his neck out for you so many times, it’s not even funny. Just give friendship another go and don’t make an ass of yourself.
Roy: Wouldn’t her redemption be kind of a crap shoot?
Julien: The girl lost EVERYTHING! She has NOTHING but the clothes on her back. Why go the hard way when an easier path has opened up? A redemption may be ill-advised, but a character like her can play off some really neat development if given the chance, since she barely could this season. Why be the same way, when she’s gonna fail the same way?
Roy:………………….Discuss over drinks?
Julien: Definitely!

Roy: 4Chan scientist, can you explain this?
Julien: FUCK IT, DUDE! This whole season was Tex Avery’s Star Wars, suspension of disbelief is heavily advised here.

Julien: Damn it! 
Roy: To be fair, after all she’s done, the possibility to change is truly overwhelming to anybody like her.
Julien: *heavy sigh* You’re right. She is a Tsundere. Also:

I’m gonna build a scrapbook with these.

Roy: There she goes, off to her death…of any more character.
Julien: #beckyWithTheBadGrades

Julien: Well well well. Looks like there’s berry much hope after all.
Roy: Go to the corner. *kiss*

Julien: Here we go. Again. *epic facepalm*
Roy: Relax dude, the status quo has always been god.

Julien: And so ends the Finale, the season, and the-


-and the show Wander Over Yonder. Besides the fact that it all went so fast, up yours Disney, I loved every character’s moments, it was thrilling, the humor was still a delight, and Wandy and Hatey and Domi are still favorite characters of mine. Wander Over Yonder is and always was a fantastic spectacle of animation and it was beauty to see. Royal?
Roy: I love cartoons, always have, and WOY has helped me embrace that love more. While I felt the finale lacked in pacing, up yours Disney, it felt truly satisfying. It came full circle, in a way that’s too hard to explain. This cartoon not only wanted me to laugh, but also think. I believed in Wander Over Yonder since the beginning, never doubted it’s power, and this finale has undoubtedly made me want more. I believe in a Season 3. Then again, for everything they gave me, I’m glad with what I could get.
Julien: Couldn’t have said it better myself. But…..now what?
Roy: I don’t know. Two Cent Riffs was just something I thought up for you and I to laugh at good episodes. I never knew we could make it this far. I say we take a hiatus, since it is a pain for the both of us to script/edit these, and just enjoy our vacation a week or two. Then, if either of us think about it, we can do other shows (SU, Star vs., MLP, etc.). We can make our last real vacation together entertaining Tumblr as well as ourselves. As partners and as friends.
Julien: No. I mean, everything’s either now dead or on hiatus. What now?
Julien: Alright *smooch* friend.

* - A bet we made.

We hope to continue this dumb crusade of jokes before school starts in August. We also hope Season 3 is achievable, and that the #savewoy movement can do so. Stay strong. And to @crackmccraigen, thank you for another wonderful cartoon.

- Roy & Julien; stay classy, everyone.

I’m Sorry That I Love You: 4 (V x Male Mc) Mystic Messenger

Part 1 |  Part 2 |  Part 3 | Final Part |  Male Mc List / Male Mc Mobile List 


Zack took a sip of his coffee and rubbed his temples. He was hiding out in one of his favorite coffee shops downtown near his college. Well, he wasn’t exactly hiding. He secretly knew he came here hoping that V would look here first and talk to him. He tapped his fingers against the table as he watched the onslaught of people grow as 8:00 reached. Time for everyone to go to work. Zack had been sitting here for nearly three hours.

He’ll come here and find me. He will… another hour passed. Zack rested his head in his hands. He’ll rush in and change his mind. He’ll give us a chance. Another hour then another. He’s…not gonna show up is he?… There was a lurch in his chest. How foolish to think that he could replace Rika. The manager and waiters were giving him a look of sympathy as if he had been stood up. Maybe, technically he had. Zack stood up, his legs popping from staying still for so long. You’re pathetic. You waited here all this time and for what? A sore back and stiff legs.

Zack put his tip on the table and left the building. He looked at his phone. No call. No text. He was almost angry. He wanted V to at least call. To say he… Zack stopped. How selfish am I? I wanted him to call only to say he wanted to give it a chance. Nothing more. Nothing less. He watched as a couple walked by. The girl giggled as the guy wrapped an arm around her.

“You’re so cute and small Rina.”

“Oh stop!”

“You’re such a pretty girl.”

Heh…a girl. Would he have accepted me if I was a woman? He looked at his reflection in the window. He touched his face and slowly he traced his fingers over his Adam’s apple. Yeah. No hiding that I’m most definitely a guy. He looked up into the clouding winter sky. Why hadn’t God made me a woman? Would I even have a chance? If I knew V first would he love me? Or was Rika that special?

“Ugh!” H smacked his cheeks trying to wake himself up. “I need to stop wallowing and go do something else!”

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Daze and Nights

Based on a prompt I got on FF ^_^
A little jokingly suggestive at times but otherwise harmless.

The Titans were gathered, concern written in their faces, around their afflicted comrade. Around Beast Boy. It had been a fairly routine mission, in theory, stopping a mid-level thief from stealing a few pharmaceuticals. However, it had gone sideways almost immediately.

The mid-level thief had somehow lucked into high-level weaponry.

No big deal, the Titans had saved the world so frequently they could make a calendar with a different crisis for each month, so they adjusted their tactics and fought. And that would have been that, except the thief missed one crucial shot and shattered the canisters he had come to steal, causing the contents to burst out as a powder blue vapour around the nearby Titan. Around Beast Boy. It wasn’t anything harmful per se, but a light stimulant undergoing trials. Aimed at truckers, night-shift workers, college students, anyone who needed a little pick-me-up to make it all the way, it hoped to replace caffeine pills and have no effect on the heart. Turns out, that part they got right. What they got wrong, though…

Beast Boy had been awake for more than 72 hours.

Three whole days barely able to shut his eyes - they really needed to work on the strength of the stuff, though it seemed unlikely they intended for so much to be inhaled at one time. Unfamiliar as the drug was, Cyborg had failed to derive a counter-agent and Raven had been unable to purge it from his system. Being immensely practical about such things, Beast Boy put his enforced alertness to the test and started to binge his way through all the TV shows he had been promising himself to catch up on (or at least, the ones the others had no interest in). Robin, for one, wasn’t even sure he would remember all of it - the last day had been pretty… out there. 72 hours… Beast Boy was becoming erratic. At best. Cyborg sighed and took another blood sample - Beast Boy didn’t even register - and took it to the infirmary, prepping the analysis and returning in only a few minutes, watching his arm as the machinery worked.

Starfire paced. Well, she floated to and fro behind the couch, worrying but keeping it to herself to, hopefully, avoid distressing her friend. Robin watched him carefully, his trained eyes watching for any sign of deterioration. Raven, sympathetic to anyone with issues getting a good night’s sleep, floated back from the kitchen, a glass of warm soy milk in hand. She sat beside him and guided his limp hand to the glass. He shook himself as he looked at his friends around him, then took a big, grateful gulp of it. He placed the glass on the table with reverential care and turned to Raven. To her dismay, he had tears welling in his eyes.

“Beast Boy, what’s wrong?” she asked, mentally kicking herself. What was wrong? Her friend was getting closer and closer to delirium every hour and she asks what’s wrong? It was only natural he would be upset abo-

“Thank you, Raven. Thank you so much!” he said, voice cracking. Raven blinked at him.

“Umm… it’s just a glass of milk, Beast Boy,” she reasoned. He shook his head vigorously.

“No, it isn’t. It’s the heart behind that milk, Raven. The meaning,” he said, going for poetic but just sounding slightly deranged.

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s just milk,” Raven returned. She looked helplessly at the others when Beast Boy started to cry in earnest. They looked back just as helplessly.

“Rae, you’re… you’re always so nice to me,” he whimpered. Raven scoffed at that.

“What? No I’m not,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Are too, ” Beast Boy said stubbornly. “You always, like, save me and stuff. And that time out by the water when you made me a man…” he said, getting raised eyebrows and wide eyes from the others. Raven waved her hands in denial.

“No no no, that is not what he means. I said he was a man after the Beast incident. There was no making or any other intervention on my part,” Raven clarified, getting relieved sighs in reply.

“… or that time you got into bed with me…” Beast Boy carried on, oblivious. Raven blinked at him, unsure what he meant. Wait… Oh.

“He means the time I found him on Terra’s bed and sat next to him,” she explained.

“…or that time Cy and I were inside you and you laughed at m-” A grey hand had clapped over Beast Boy’s mouth as Raven blushed.

“That’s about enough of that. He means the mirror. The time Cyborg and Beast Boy fell into Nevermore,” she volunteered. Despite everything, Cyborg started to laugh, quietly at first then descending into deep, guffawing hilarity. Without really realising what had started it, Beast Boy started to laugh along with him, just maniacally enough to silence any other laughter in the room, before stopping and growing utterly silent, staring back at the TV. It was switched off and had been all morning.

“Ahem… anything, Cy?” Robin asked, more to break the silence than anything. Cy tapped at his arm display… he didn’t look happy.

“Nothing. Looks like we might have to just wait it out,” he said. Robin frowned.

“If it keeps up, one of us will have to stay up late with him. I’m not sure we can leave him alone like this,” he surmised. Cyborg nodded.

“Agreed. I’ll head back to my room and top up my charge, then I’ll take tonight with him,” he said.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ve had enough of Beast Boy’s nostalgia,” Raven said, making to stand. “I’ll just-”

DON’T GOOO!” Beast Boy cried, clutching Raven’s hands desperately.

“What? Why?” Raven asked. Beast Boy shifted closer, his eyes boring into hers.

“You’re my favourite one!” he insisted. Even as Raven glared daggers at him, Cyborg chuckled into his hand.

“Your favourite what, BB? Girl? Titan?” Beast Boy’s eyes had never left Raven’s.

“Person. She’s my favourite person. I wish I could tell her how much I…” Beast Boy’s eyes drooped for a moment and the others gasped… then they snapped open again. Starfire, much relieved that the drug seemed to be wearing off, joined Cyborg in his ‘poking the fun’.

“Beast Boy, what is it you wish you could tell Raven?” she asked, Raven almost hissing at her in protest. Beast Boy blinked, the conversation from earlier already a distant, hazy memory.

“Probably that she smells…” he muttered, getting an indignant huff from Raven. Then he picked up his wandering thought. “Smells just… just so damn good. She smells terrific. That one time she thought her cloak got stolen by Jinx when they occupied the Tower? Totally me. I had nightmares and she made it all go away. She always makes the bad go away. She always… I just… zzzzzzzzzzzzz…” Beast Boy collapsed, like a flat balloon, his head in Raven’s lap. She sat, rigid, her hands in the air, unsure what to do. Cyborg stepped forward to collect him and Raven reacted, her hands cradling Beast Boy protectively. For some reason, she didn’t want to let him go just yet. She looked up at Cyborg.

“Let him be for a while. Maybe like this, I can make sure the bad stays away,” she suggested. Cyborg, nodding knowingly, stepped back. The others carried on with their daily routine, if quietly, and Raven very carefully unclasped her cloak and draped it across Beast Boy’s body, finding her hands automatically seeking his hair.

Days later, Cyborg had to show Beast Boy camera footage to prove it had happened at all and, after only a month of building up his courage, he finally, nervously, asked her out. She agreed, but only if he paid for a cloak he had taken even though there was no way she could have known about it.

“Raven… how does she always know?” he said to himself, partly nervous and partly in adulation. “Meh. I’ll think about it later.”

And there it is! I wrote another thing. This prompt ended up being quite fun, though I may have stumbled at the end a little. Still, I hope you enjoy it as well. Peace.


May this also help @jhwlgh with their crappy day.

Pearlapis First Kiss

ohmygongora WHELP here’s the prompt you wanted!! This was actually longer than I expected it to be (from four to SEVEN pages) but I just couldn’t stop typing. I had to stop a few times and cease from fangirling because these two are just too cute. Hope you enjoy!

“Whaaa that was so much fun!” Pearl heard the screen door crash open as her fellow comrades and girlfriend excitedly entered the temple. She put her screwdriver on the coffee table and inspected the item in her hands, making sure that it was perfect. She looked to see Lapis bouncing along with Amethyst.

“Did you see that hit that I did? I was like.. BOOSH!” Lapis made a swooping motion with her arms, accompanied by her emphasized sound effect. Amethyst laughed at her.

“It’s called a spike Lapis. And YES! I’m sure Kofi is going to feel that bruise in the morning.” The purple gem plopped down on the couch adjacent to the one Pearl was sitting on while Lapis let herself fall beside the pale gem. Pearl felt Lapis cuddle into her and she coughed, straining to hide her blush from her friends.

“So, how was the game?” Pearl asked anyone that would answer. Garnet leant against the counter as Steven crawled next to Pearl’s unoccupied side.

“It was great!” Steven piped in. “Unlike last time, we actually got to finish the game without any interruptions. The Pizza’s won though.”

“We let them win,” Garnet stated while adjusting her shades.

Lapis finally noticed the object in Pearl’s hand and hugged her arm, “What do you have there?”

“Oh, while you guys were out, I paid a visit to the Sky Temple and found this: a hypergalactic telescope with four interstellar mirror instruments! The poor thing was falling apart when I found it but luckily I was able to refurbish it and align the glasses correctly.” She handed it to Lapis.

“Here, you can have it.” Pearl gently placed the telescope onto one of Lapis’ hands and waited patiently for her reaction. The blue gem silently took it with awe then looked up at Pearl with a confused expression.

“Well since you’re staying with me- I mean us- I thought you’d miss being at Homeworld, so I thought that fixing an ancient Gem telescope would help your homesickness…” Pearl chuckled to herself, her free hand rubbing her neck sheepishly.

Maybe I should have thought this through more clearly…

But then she was engulfed in a bone crushing hug, Lapis’ hair tickling her nose.

“Thank you thank you thank you! Oh Pearl, what can I say? This is just so generous, you’re too nice!” The blue gem nuzzled her head under Pearl’s chin, her blush coming back tenfold.

“O-only for you..” Pearl managed before squeaking from Lapis folding her legs underneath her and shuffling her body- more like butt- on her lap.

“Ugh, this is cheesy. I’m leaving before I get any more lovey on this dovey.” Amethyst gestured to herself before hopping off the couch and striding to the temple door, her room opening to its usual messy interior. Pearl looked to Garnet and she just shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’m used to it. But I’ll leave you two be.” She waved to the both of them and walked towards the temple door as well.

Pearl let out a puff of breath she didn’t even know she was holding and hugged Lapis closer to her chest.

“Thanks again for the gift. I’m really glad that I chose you to be my sappy girlfriend.” Lapis turned her head so that she could look up at Pearl. “But I love it.” She added with a little deviousness in her deep blue eyes.

Pearl couldn’t help but smile back. Both gems stayed in that position for a while, aquamarine clashing with navy. Pearl felt herself lean closer Lapis, eyes straying to the gem’s silent lips. But at the last minute, Pearl caught what she was doing and jerked her head away, clearing her throat in a way to mask her action.

“AHEM, uhh, w-why don’t you go try it out? I want to make sure that it’s actually working.”

“Oh! Sure!” Lapis picked herself up off of Pearl’s lap and cradled the instrument in her hands.

“I’ll be outside!” And the ocean gem was gone. Once Lapis left, Pearl slumped back on the couch and groaned, mentally berating herself.

What were you thinking going in like that?? It was not in the least reasonable to just take advantage and-

Pearl’s thoughts were disturbed when she felt a pair of eyes on her. She looked to where she thought it might have been coming from and breathed in a short intake of breath.


She had forgotten all about the star child beside her when Amethyst and Garnet left and here she was, practically displaying PDA in front of the young boy.

Something that he is NOT supposed to be exposed to at his age.

“So….” the small child teased, “What was that?” He wiggled his eyebrows and formed a coy grin on his smug face. If she wasn’t embarrassed then, she was certainly embarrassed now.

“I-I-I I was just- it kinda. She was….uh- bleh?” Pearl sputtered out.

Wow, she must be real flustered if she’s stuttering this badly, Steven thought to himself. He mechanically patted Pearl on the arm.

“There there. It’s not a bad thing wanting to kiss your girlfriend. I totally understand.”

“Y-you do?”

“Sure! I mean, I sometimes catch Lars and Sadie kissing when I walk into The Big Donut so I’m totally immune to it!”

It’s not a disease..

“But why didn’t you?”

“I uh…” Pearl turned her attention away from Steven, ears burning from the prolonged exposure of this awkward situation.

“I-I don’t know how to kiss…” Pearl whispered, more to herself. And she really wanted to kiss Lapis. After making up and sort of starting over, they had spent more and more time together, learning about each other and sharing mutual interests in a lot of things. They had recently declared their liking to each other and had begun dating. If.. cuddling on the couch and sleeping under the warm glow of the TV was considered dating.

It took a while for Pearl to admit but she loved Lapis. She loved how she would dance quietly on her own when she thought no one was looking, and she loved how she got overexcited over the mere thought of the ocean and how vast it was. Pearl wasn’t one to express her feelings expertly. She was great at displaying worry and happiness when needed but she struggled a bit when it came to love so she hoped that giving Lapis a little present would help.

And she thought she would then have the courage to show Lapis how much she cared for her.

“That’s okay, I know someone who does!”

“You do?” Pearl asked once again. Who was this mystery person Steven knew who was intact in the art of philematology? Surely they must have access to countless knowledge on such information.

“Yeah! My dad!”

Oh, of course. How could I forget.

“We can go there right now and you can get advice!” Steven started pulling on Pearl’s arm, tugging the taller gem along with him.

“I don’t know Steven.. Isn’t your dad.. busy or something?”

“Probably, but if any of the Crystal Gems need help, I’m sure he’d open himself to some free time! Now come on!”

Pearl sighed and let herself be led by the persistent child.

Might as well..

They had sneakily crept out the temple whilst Lapis was on the beach, engrossed in her new toy, but when Pearl thought the blue gem turned around, she had grabbed Steven and jumped off in the direction of Greg’s carwash.

She wasn’t surprised when she saw Steven’s dad lounging outside his van on a pool chair.

“Hey dad!” Steven leapt out of Pearl’s arms and ran towards his reclining dad.

“Oh Steven! And Pearl! What brings you guys at this stretch of the town? You two in dire need of guitar lessons? There’s a special right now; two lessons for the price-”

“Sorry dad but this is much more important than your awesome guitar lessons.”

“W-what could be more important than-”

“Pearl needs kissing advice!”

“WHAT??!!” Pearl and Greg shouted in unison with Greg being more surprised whereas Pearl exclaimed incredulously.

“S-S-Steven! I-I think there’s a better way of saying that..”

“You need MY advice on KISSING???”

“Well, I think I’ll just leave you two then; wouldn’t want to hear in on some grown up stuff right? I’ll see you back at the Temple Pearl! Bye dad!” And just like that, Steven was gone.

That… cunning little-

“So…” Greg started. Pearl turned to him and sighed, palm rubbing at her eyes.

“That bad huh?” Greg shifted his position so that he was sitting on the foot of the chair, patting the spot beside him. Pearl silently took her seat and leant her elbows on her knees, gaze tiredly looking forward.

“So, there’s someone you want…. to kiss…?” In all of Greg’s years spent with the Crystal Gems, never in his life would he had known he would be needed for something like this.

“Y-You don’t have to say who it is if you don’t-”

“Lapis Lazuli.” Pearl stated nonchalantly.

“L-L-Lapis??” Today just kept getting interesting for the old rockstar.

“Yeah…” Pearl leaned back a little and looked at the sky, “We’ve been dating for a while now and I.. I want to show her how much I care for her- I mean, aside from giving her presents and holding hands- I think that it’s just that time, you know?”

“Uh huh…” Greg responded, not knowing how he should approach this.

“And when Rose was still around,” Pearl continued, “she’d talk about all the fun things you and her would do. She mentioned kissing once and she looked so happy when she shared it with us.”

“W-whaa? Rose talked about u-us kissing??”

“Yes, but my point is: she just looked so happy and she couldn’t stop smiling and just…” Pearl moved forward again and rested her chin atop her palm.

“I want to make Lapis feel like that also.”

“I see..”

“And you’re the only person I’m really close to that has had an experience in this. I mean, I HOPE that Steven hasn’t kissed anyone yet, though I’m not opposed to him choosing Connie. She is a sweet girl but I don’t think they should start that at such a young age. Anyway- getting off topic-” Pearl turned her body so she was facing Greg, all seriousness glowing in her eyes.

“I need advice on kissing.”

“Oh uh..” Greg scratched at his beard and pondered for a second. “Y-you know that it involves the lips, yeah?”

Pearl nodded, “Why yes, and it requires 34 facial muscles for the buccinators and orbicularis oris to pucker the lips into the necessary placement. I know all about kissing Greg, I just need to know how to do it.”

“Oh okay. Uh, all I can say is that you just got to feel it.”

“I just have to feel it?” Pearl repeated, confused. Greg nodded, a little shine in his eyes.

“If you love Lapis as much as you say you do, then you’ll know the right moment! Trust in the funky flow yo! That’s what Steven always says.”

“Hmm.. I guess.” Pearl sat in her spot, gears grinding in her mind. Finally she stood up, and lent out a hand at Greg.

“Thank you Greg, I couldn’t have asked for better advice.” She shook Greg’s hand and bid him farewell, eager to find Lapis.

She took the human way home, which consisted of her actually walking to her destination instead of jumping to it. The walk helped calm down the pale gem and it allowed her to clear her mind. It took Pearl about fifteen minutes to circle around the bottom of the cliff and to the front of their beach house where she saw Lapis still on the beach front, telescope over her eyes.

“Hi Lapis.”

Said gem looked away from inside the telescope and towards Pearl, smile forming across her face.

“Pearl!” Lapis ran to the taller gem and jumped into her arms. “This thing is amazing! You can see all the way to Titan and even scope back to look at the crab nebulae! I love it!” She buried her face into Pearl’s chest and sighed happily. Pearl closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment they were having.

“Here let me show you.” Lapis led her girlfriend to the edge of the shore and sat them down. She showed Pearl what she was able to see with Pearl presenting Lapis a few stars form her own knowledge.

“Look, you can see Homeworld.” Pearl handed the telescope to Lapis and leaned back on her hand, the other intertwining with one of Lapis’.

“Wow, it looks so much prettier from here..” The blue gem set down the instrument on her lap and leaned back onto Pearl, enjoying the warmth the two were sharing.

“Do you… do you miss it? Homeworld” The taller gem asked quietly. Lapis felt Pearl rest her head on top of hers. She sighed and blinked up at the shimmering star in the sky, it’s pinkish glow barely visible through the atmosphere.

“Yeah.. I do.. Even if it is more advanced than I thought it would be. But..” Lapis turned around and took Pearl’s face into her hands, moving her head so that she can stare at her.

“I’d rather be on Earth, with you, because I think that you’re far prettier than Homeworld and you can offer much more things to me than what an old dusty planet can.” Lapis spoke softly.

Pearl felt her heart skip and beat and her breathing falter. How did she deserve such an amazing gem? She smiled down at Lapis and the blue gem smiled back, a twinkle in her eye rivaling what Steven had to offer. Pearl then turned her head slightly in Lapis’ palm so she could kiss the ocean gem’s hand.

She heard the girl beneath her gasp in surprise and Pearl opened her eyes, looking down at Lapis with a new resound emotion. Lapis searched Pearl’s light blue eyes, veining to look for an explanation but all she could find were… enlarged pupils.

Pearl on the other hand, was just moving out of instinct, or passion if that was what humans called it. She kissed Lapis’ hand again before taking them into her own and placing them over her shoulder, bringing the smaller gem closer to her. It was all going so smoothly for the Homeworld gem, like they were dancing. And she was all but Pearl’s humble dance partner.

It wasn’t until when they were nose to nose did Lapis finally squeak out a response.

“You know.. it’s going to be high tide soon.” Lapis breathed out. She could feel her own air hit her face as it bounced off of Pearl’s.

“And?” Pearl leaned closer, not really registering what Lapis was saying.

“So.. it means that the water is going to hit us soon.” Lapis could feel herself leaning forward as well.

Hmm strange.

“Oh? And how do you know?”

“Because I can feel it. I can feel the tug and pull of the ocean.” And as Lapis said that, she felt Pearl scoot her body further into hers, initiating a small pant from Lapis.

“A-and I get a tingling in my body whenever it draws closer..” All she could see was Pearl now. Lapis didn’t register her hands coming up to the sides of her face. She could barely breathe.

You just got to feel it, Pearl remembered.

Oh, I’m going to feel it alright.

“And once it hits… it- mm!” Pearl had crashed forward, not like the way a comet crashes through the atmosphere and ruins the Earth, but more like a morning tide meeting the shore; a soft kiss to the sand and it is barely felt. Lapis felt Pearl move her lips over hers more so Lapis retaliated back with a glide of her own, issuing a small smile from her girlfriend.

They broke apart, noses grazing each other on the pull out and they stared at each other, happiness clearly on both gems’ faces.

“W-what was that?” It wasn’t a rude question, Pearl knew that. Lapis had made it sound more of an inquiring, curious question than an offensive one.

“It’s called a kiss. Humans do it when they feel… really attracted to someone.”

“Oh?” Lapis hummed. She smirks and bats her eyelashes up at Pearl. “Do you think you can show me again?”

Pearl playfully shook her head and gently placed her palms on Lapis’ face again. This time, she led her head towards hers and they met again with silent gasps. Lapis slid her lips over Pearl’s at the same time Pearl opened her mouth. The taller gem managed to catch the bottom of Lapis’ lip and gently sucked on it.

The whine that came with it spurred Pearl onward.

Her hands were shaking on Lapis’ face as she tried to bring them all the more closer. Pearl had decided to try something new so she took Lapis’ bottom lip again between her teeth and lightly bit down.

A harsh pull on her hair gives Pearl her desired answer. She licked the wound in apology and gave Lapis one last kiss before pulling away. She opened her eyes in time to see Lapis lean forward more, not wanting to break contact. But Pearl brought a hand up and brushed the bangs out of her girlfriend’s eyes, urging for her to open her eyes.

“That was… amazing.” Lapis couldn’t help but laugh. She giggled a little more before hugging Pearl. “Where did you learn to do that?”

She felt Pearl shrug her shoulders, “I don’t know, you just got to feel it.”

“Well, I guess I found my new favorite pass time.” Lapis poked Pearl on the nose and snuggled into her again.

“Even better than the telescope?”

“Even better.”

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SuJu reaction when they fall in love with a foreigner who’s studying in Korea for the summer req by anon

For the purpose of this reaction, we’re going to assume that this foreigner isn’t up to date on popular Kpop grops and doesn’t recognize our boys for the idols that they are!


Leeteuk: What am I going to do? She’s only here for the summer…and eventually she’s going to see something on TV or online and figure out who I am - I have to tell her before that. But what will she think? Will she not want to see me anymore? Would she be up for a long distance relationship - God, our timezones would be nearly twelve hours apart…what would we do about that? 

*Basically worries about anything and everything*

Originally posted by pinkoholik


Heechul: *She sees an interview he did on TV and confronts him about it - in a rare moment, the others see Heechul unable to kid around* 

Heechul: “I wanted to tell you - I swear I did! But I liked that you didn’t know me…Even if this - what we have - can’t last more than this summer, I wanted you to be able to like me freely, without having to think about anything else!”

Originally posted by natafish


Kangin: *One weekend when it’s extremely hot, she suggests that the two of them and a few of his friends (ahem, other SuJu members) go to the beach.*

Kangin: “Haha, babe…that sounds like a good idea…but what if we just went to an indoor pool instead? Wouldn’t want you to sunburn and all.” And I wouldn’t be recognized, if I could get one of the guys to help me figure out how to rent a pool for a day - I want to be able to tell her myself on my terms.

Originally posted by fyukjae


Shindong: *Is the one who realizes that a relationship with her may not survive such a short time of actually being together. He’s content for her to be friends with the company’s trainees and loves her one-sidedly from afar*


Kyuhyun: *She mentions to him that she saw the end of a group’s performace on TV and one of the members looked a lot like him*

Kyuhyun: “Ahaha, is that so? I mean, what a lucky guy to look like me, right?” 

Originally posted by blueprincez

G/N: “And he sounded like you when you sing…and he had the same name…” *raises eyebrow* 


Ryeowook: *During a smaller benefit concert in Seoul, a few months after she left, Leeteuk pulls hims aside and starts pointing at the crowd - during the next song, when Ryeowook is close to the edge of the stage, he glances out and sees her standing there, waving a Ryeowook banner and grinning*

Ryeowook: *thinking* Yah, this girl. Why didn’t she tell me?!

Originally posted by kyuteminwook


Siwon: “I love you - even though we haven’t been together long, I already know that. So even if it’s a language barrier, a dozen hours’ difference, and half a world away…I don’t care. We’ll make it work no matter what.”

Originally posted by theguardianofoz


Yesung: *Thinking it’s for the better, the two cut off their relationship a few weeks before she has to return to her home country. He however, can’t stop thinking about her, and the first thing she sees when she reaches her flight’s gate is him standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows, waiting for her*

Yesung: *approaching her* “I really like you - a lot. I might even love you. And I’m not ready to throw something like that away over distance. You’ve worked out who I am already, I know - so please know that any time you want to come to Korea to visit, I will arrange it. I’ll call you when I can, text you when I have the time. Just…please tell me that you feel the same…?

Originally posted by fyukjae


Donghae: *He was completely upfront about who he was when he met her, as he thought that keeping something like his identity for her wouldn’t make for the beginnings of a good relationship. Luckily, she decided that she would give dating him a chance.*

G/N: *casually* “You know, I’ve thought about staying on here during the fall and spring semesters…my parents think it’s a good idea too.”

Donghae: “W - what? You’re staying the entire year? That’s great!”

Originally posted by donghaeyah


Eunhyuk: *After she’s left for the summer, he sends her constant texts, including pictures of himself in places where Super Junior stops on tour. One day she gets a text of him with familiar buildings in the background, and she realizes he’s in the country.*

Eunhyuk: *text* Recognize this place? Can you be here in an hour? I’ve got three days here before we move on!

Originally posted by hyukwoon


Zhoumi: “Well, actually, the way it worked out is that Korea is right in the middle of our home countries. Granted, you are further away…but it’s a middle ground for us. Do you plan to come back next summer?”

G/N: “If I have the funds, yes. Being away from you for an entire year is going to stress me out a lot…”

Zhoumi: “All the more reason to work hard and get that scholarship. Just know that if you come back, I will too. And if you can’t…well, I do want to visit LA during the summer…”

Originally posted by stillhyuk


Henry: *The two had a few days apart right after he revealed to her who he was - and she realized his popularity - but she called him up soon after and told him that if he was willing to try, she was.*

Henry: “Your parents? Of course I may be able to come out and meet them, if I can get enough time off. Language barrier? Ha! I speak English much better than Korean - I grew up speaking it. I got this!”

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Hope you enjoyed!

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Stranger to Boyfriend

Word Count: 3049

Phil’s POV

I clutched my drink tightly with both hands and tried to hide how nervous I was. I hated being surrounded by so many people I didn’t know, and I couldn’t stop feeling like I might be sick despite a friendly stranger making me feel a bit calmer by talking to me. I nodded at him politely every now and then and did my best to actually talk to him, but I was too anxious to manage it well.

“Oh this is Dan by the way,” the friendly stranger said, pointing at, presumably, a friend of his that had popped up next to him.

I glanced his way distractedly and forced my lips into something that could pass for a smile, looking over his shoulder in the hope Peej would miraculously appear behind him to save me from having to talk to more people. They seemed lovely, but I found it a bit too nerve wracking to talk to them without the support of someone I knew. I tended to be better at talking to new people over the internet, which was coincidentally also how I’d befriended Peej.

“Nice to meet you,” Dan said quietly.

I looked at a spot somewhere to his left and responded equally quietly, too uncomfortable to make eye contact.

He said something else but I was too busy trying to keep breathing normally to register what it was, so I just nodded and hoped that would pass for a good answer. My eyes kept darting around looking for Pj and I was holding my drink so tightly I was slightly scared I would break the glass. I wanted to escape so badly but something in me tried to stop me from leaving, telling me to wait for Pj and that it’d be fine then and that I shouldn’t be rude.

I held on for another few minutes until the glass started to slip from my grip constantly, my palms too sweaty for me to hold onto it properly.

“I need to go, I’m sorry,” I whispered, setting my drink down on the nearest table shakily and turning to leave.

“Could I have your number please?”

I registered a phone being thrust in front of me with a new contact screen up, so I tapped my number in with trembling fingers and handed it back before I dropped it. I heard him calling goodbye after me and raised my hand in a wave directed at somewhere behind me, pushing my way through the crowds of people until I reached the front door.

I shouldered my way past the small gaggle of people standing in front of it and yanked it open, rushing outside. My legs gave out before I made it off the front porch and I sat down on a porch step, bringing my knees up to rest my head between them as I gulped in the cool air. Slowly I forgot about the people inside and how terrifying they were to me and focused instead on how good the cold air felt against my clammy skin.

When my heart had slowed down again a little I lifted my head carefully and stayed on the porch step for an extra couple of minutes until I felt I could stand safely again. I pushed to my feet with some difficulty and took my time walking down the path.

Pj had been the one to invite me to this party, so he’d been the one to walk us there and I hadn’t payed any attention to where we’d been going because the possibility of going home without him hadn’t actually occured to me, meaning I now had no idea where I was. I didn’t even know which side we’d approached the house from, so I turned right on a whim and headed to the corner of the street in the hope the road sign would mean something to me.

It didn’t.

The lady from the taxi service company was very understanding about it and patiently suggested the different parts of town I could be in until I recognised one, which was when she sent a taxi and informed me there’d be one there in less than ten minutes. I thanked her and hung up, then leant against the road sign shivering until the taxi arrived.


My text tone chimed loudly from next to me and I groped around in the near dark to find it, wincing when the bright screen blinded me a little. I saw that I had one new message, so I opened it and squinted at my phone until the letters came into focus.

Hope you got home alright ^.^ - Dan x

Who the hell was Dan? Why was he texting me at this unholy hour?

Sorry but who are you?

I turned my phone on silent before he could reply and put it back on my bedside table, facedown so the screen lighting up when he replied wouldn’t wake me again, then rolled over and drifted back off to sleep.


When I finally got out of bed it had passed midday and my stomach was growling angrily at the lack of food since last night, so I went straight to the kitchen and picked up the nearly empty box of cereal, carrying it though to the living room to eat it dry in front of the TV. It had been pretty obvious from the moment I’d woken up that today was destined to be a lazy day, so I spent the following couple of hours playing Mario Kart on the DS whilst watching Babe. I even put the DS down for the final few moments as the farmer told the pig, “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

When the film was over and it was officially late afternoon and I’d decided it was probably time to go take a shower and accidentally spent the following hour in there, relaxing more and more until I was sleepy enough to crawl back into bed and sleep until morning. I shut the water off slightly unwillingly and stepped out of the shower and straight into bed, barely taking the time to dry myself off. I was just starting to drift off when I remembered about the text last night from a certain Dan.

I reached an arm over lazily and picked it up clumsily, fumbling with it in the dark to find the home button and feeling a bit surprised to see I had four new messages from him.

We talked really briefly at the party :) x

You didn’t look very well so I was a bit worried :P are you feeling any better now? x

Fuck I just realised what time it is, sorry! Goodnight Phil :) x

Good morning ^.^ x

I couldn’t help but smile a little at this stranger’s messages. I couldn’t even remember his face but he seemed rather sweet, so I tapped out a reply.

Oh right! Yeah I got home fine but a long conversation with the taxi operator was needed to figure out where I was first :P

My finger hovered over the x, and before I could change my mind I pressed it and sent it off. I stared at my phone screen for a couple of minutes, willing him to reply quickly, but when my phone screen stayed dark I sighed and put it down again next to me, screen up so I’d know if he’d replied.

I fell asleep before he texted me back.


I rolled over lazily and groaned into my pillow as my alarm kept blaring. I really didn’t want to go into work today. I let myself lay still for another moment to gather the energy to get up, then forced myself to throw the duvet off me and swing my legs over the side of the bed, turning my alarm off.

Hardest part out of the way, I stood up and got dressed slowly, only barely awake. I straightened my hair equally slowly, running the straighteners over each bit methodically and by the time I was done I was marginally more awake and ready for my morning cup of coffee. My phone got shoved into my pocket and I drank my coffee while making myself a full English breakfast, so I only thought to check my messages when I’d sat down at the breakfast bar and had started on the beans.

For some strange reason my heart started beating a little faster and a grin spread over my face when I saw that he’d replied.

Haha that sounds like something I’d do XD glad you got home ok though ^.^ ugh I don’t want to go back to uni :/ x

He was at uni? Well I felt old suddenly.

Wait how old are you? x

I waited for the reply impatiently, jiggling my leg up and down and eating more of my breakfast. It was left unfinished on the kitchen counter and I rushed out of the house and to the tube, internally cursing my inability to keep track of time over and over as I walked.

Ahem… I’m 19 *blushes* (/.\) how about you? x

So I was four years older than him. Not too bad, but it was still a slight shock to the system.

Awww you’re so little :3 I’m 23 :P x

My phone vibrated under a minute after I’d sent my reply, and I smiled to myself.

Oh shut up! XD so what music do you like? x


Would you like to meet up soon? :3 x

I stared at my phone and took a few shaky breaths, my heart suddenly going crazy. Despite technically not really having met him in real life (I could barely remember the encounter so I didn’t think it counted), I couldn’t deny I liked him. Quite a lot actually. Enough to send my brain into dizzying spins at the prospect of meeting him properly, and definitely enough to make me freeze completely for a while as I stared at the seven simple words.

Definitely :D when would you next be free? x

The reply came through almost instantly.

Well… Tomorrow after uni/work would be good :3 x

Holy crap I could be seeing him tomorrow. I started to panic slightly, my palms slightly sweaty as I imagined all the things that could go horribly wrong. What if that awful nightmare about leaving the house without pants came true? What if in real life we had nothing to talk about? How would Dan react to finding out how awkward I actually was?

I forced all the thoughts out of my mind with great difficulty and made myself take a few deep breaths. It would all be fine. I had been talking to him pretty much non stop for weeks and not once had we run out of conversation topics. We’d even found a way to talk about not having anything to talk about for heaven’s sake, seeing him tomorrow would be great once I got past the initial nerves. If I could avoid doing anything too stupid in the first few minutes that would be nice too, so I sent up a silent prayer to the awkwardness gods asking them to please show me some mercy tomorrow.

Tomorrow sound great to me :3 what do you wanna do? x

We could watch Mockingjay if you haven’t seen that yet? x


It’s a date :D x

Oh crap. It was a date.


Where are we meeting again? x

I was stood near the M&M shop in Picadilly Circus and was looking around me, eyes scanning the crowd for anyone I recognised. I’d admitted to Dan the day before that I actually couldn’t remember what he looked like and although he’d acted all hurt about it he had given me a description. I was apparently looking for someone with brown hair with a fringe similar to mine but going in the opposite direction and he’d said he was a couple of inches taller than me. He’d also said he usually dressed ‘as depressingly as possible.’

Pretty much exactly where you’re standing ;) x

I looked around me again and hoped he’d show himself, but I could still only see a steady stream of people walking past.

I can’t see you, where are you? :( x

See if you can find me ;) hint: I’m staring right at you x

I tucked my phone away and looked at all of the people standing still instead, dismissing all of the women and the people shorter than me immediately. Most of the remaining people were busy with their phone, and then at last my eyes fell on a slightly distant figure with his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

I took a few hesitant steps closer, and when I saw a fringe sweeping over his forehead I sped up a little until I could see his face. He was looking at me intently, was definitely tall, he had brown hair like Dan had described and his cheeks were tinged slightly red, but this couldn’t possibly be my Dan. He looked too far out of my reach to be my Dan.

“Hey Phil,” he said so quietly I barely heard him.

Ok, so it was the same person I’d been talking to for the past few weeks. Fuck he was hot.

“Hi,” I replied, my voice coming out as a high pitched squeak.

He grinned at me, two dimples appearing out of nowhere, and stepped forwards to hug me tightly.

“Nice to meet you properly,” he whispered into my hair as I wound my arms around his waist.

“Nice to meet you properly too.” I kept hugging him for another minute or so, then pulled back a little to look up at him. “Go to the cinema now?”

He nodded happily and we started walking in the direction of the cinema. He tried a couple of times to start a conversation but we kept getting separated by the hordes of people heading home after work, until eventually he reached out and slipped his hand in mine hesitantly. I kept my gaze down but I curled my fingers around his hand a bit more tightly and allowed myself a small smile so he knew it was fine by me.

Even when we were past the busier area and could avoid being separated easily he didn’t show any inclination to taking his hand back, which sent a little thrill through me. By the time we got to the cinema we were walking so close together that our shoulders were brushing against each other with each step and that I could smell hints of him despite my near frozen nose.

We walked into the cinema and both audibly sighed in relief as the warm air hit us, then laughing a little at the other. As it turned out, he had a really cute laugh too. It was a lot more high pitched than his voice and his eyes crinkled a little bit at the corners and I almost kissed him. Almost.

We got the tickets and a big bucket of popcorn to share, then went through the door to the film and were plunged into near darkness as we tried to find two free seats next to each other in the packed room. Dan found them first, dragging my behind him to the back and squeezing past everyone to the seats near the middle of the row, getting settled with the popcorn bucket very quickly. Half the popcorn was gone before the film ever started playing.

I couldn’t help letting out a little squeal when the lights turned off completely to signal the film was starting and I bounced up and down in my seat a few times excitedly. Dan chuckled and leaned over to wrap an arm around my waist and pulled me against him so I was resting surprisingly comfortably against both the arm rest and him. The perfect position for hiding in his shoulder whenever anything sad or even vaguely scary happened, and each time I did I felt his heart pounding and setting mine off too.

When the film finished we stayed in the cinema room until after everyone had left the room and the credits had stopped rolling, both of us reluctant to leave the position we were in. Eventually the cleaners came in and politely asked us to leave, so I forced myself to get up, though I did take his hand again as compensation.

“That was a good film,” he stated happily as we walked to my bus stop. For some reason he’d insisted on taking me to my bus stop before he went home, claiming that his bus wouldn’t show up for ages anyway. I wasn’t sure I believed that but the selfish part of me wasn’t about to object to getting to spend a bit more time with him.

“It was,” I trilled back in a sing song voice, tugging him to a stop gently when we’d reached my bus stop. “This is me.”

Dan pulled a sad face. “I don’t want you to go yet.”

“I don’t really want to go either, but we can easily arrange to meet up again soon, ok?”

He agreed and we stood in silence for a moment, still holding hands and facing each other until Dan shuffled a little closer. I did the same until our lips were a scant inch apart, and then we were kissing and his hands were going up to my hair as I clung to the front of his jacket and giggled internally at the fact that he still tasted of popcorn.

He pulled away after a few minutes, panting softly, and whispered, “Your bus is here.”

I looked behind me and resisted the urge to tell the bus driver to just go on, instead pressing my lips against his again briefly and getting on the bus.

“Phil?” He called after me. “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

I laughed and paid for my ticket, then turned back and called back a loud, “Yes, definitely!”

He shot me a thumbs up and a wide grin as the doors closed and the bus pulled away, and I waved back through the window with an equally big smile on my face.

My boyfriend was adorable.

No Rest for the Wicked (2/6)

Summary: The Fake AH Crew currently holds the number one spot on Austin’s (and America’s) Most Wanted as assaulters, robbers, murderers, and the harbingers of death itself. With twenty six counts of first degree murder on their heads and almost no trace of their location, the gang has it made; until the leader of the crew Geoff finds himself in debt to someone. Now to repay an old friend, the crew has a task on their hands: protect Gavin Free, a clumsy British man who can barely hold a gun. The job seems easy enough, right?

There’s just one problem: Gavin is wanted for stealing twelve million dollars, and has enough enemies to keep the Fake AH Crew running for years. Together the six guys embark on their wild goose chase, all wondering the same question: who is Gavin Free really, and how did an idiot like him manage to make twelve million dollars disappear?

Pairings: Mavin, TBA

Word Count: 4,762

Warnings: Gun violence, cursing, explosions

A/N: Second installment. Thanks for all the feedback! :D

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