anonymous asked:

hey gaster, you look like you're doing a bit better

“Not really… but I feel a slightly better, at least a little. I haven’t  been on a date since -well, aheh, the Crispy fiasco, ahehh heh…….. er, I hope this goes well! I wasn’t expecting Asgore to ask me out now, of all times… but I’m happy. I’m hoping tonight goes smoothly.”

fear-and-robotics  asked:

Don't worry g. You only have to worry if the proton readings were negative

“Well, that’s the thing. It’s as if the black substance… is literally nothing! Light can’t reflect what isn’t there, that’s why it’s pure darkness. Ahehh… It had made sense before, ah, let me draw it for you…”

-“I fear I don’t know what we should do for now, there seems no way of getting rid of it.”