MS MR:Painted

The Video for “Painted” taken from MS MR’s new album HOW DOES IT FEEL - was released yesterday…yes ..yes..we are one day late :-p but we found this on one of our favorite blogs. It’s a cool track, the video concept is interesting, and has a great piano solo. Dance. Dance. Dance. 

Found on AHeartIsASpade Music Blog


CARIBOU: Can’t Do Without You

The title provides 100 percent of the lyrics in fine loop. The song builds on itself starting minute thirty mark - the lyrics get slowed, the drums kick in and the beat picks up. Recommended to watch with video and or provide your own scenery.

Found on AHeartIsASpade Blog


Woodkid ft. Lykke Li - Never Let You Down
Fell asleep on this release - not usually a big fan of soundtracks but this turns a new leaf. Worth listening. Free Download here Care of AHeartIsASpade blog