So I just read this little list of songs to run to

And I was like, wow this list is horrible. I try to find new songs to run to, but the lists on tumblr just really don’t seem like songs that would push me through a run, but maybe my taste is different of course. But I decided hey, I haven’t even posted my awesome playlist so here you go if you’re curious/interested/want to try new songs to run to :)

  • Jump Around -House of Pain
  • The Middle -Jimmy Eat World
  • Up Up and Away -Kid Cudi
  • Starships -Nicki Minaj
  • My Body -Young the Giant
  • HYFR -Drake & Lil Wayne
  • Swing -Savage (seems so silly, but it really makes you laugh an get going!)
  • Shake Me Down -Cage the Elephant
  • Super Bass -Nicki Minaj
  • Dog Days Are Over -Florence & the Machine
  • I’ve Got A Feeling -Black Eyed Peas
  • Shake It Out -Florence & the Machine
  • Have Faith In Me -A Day to Remember
  • Erase Me -Kid Cudi
  • Make Me Proud -Drake
  • Where Is My Mind -Bassnectar Remix

Try em out :)

ahealthybliss asked:

I get so discouraged with yoga, but I think it's so awesome at the same time. Just wanted to let you know you're really inspiring and encourage me to keep going :)

Thank you so much for your kind message!

Why do you get discouraged? And yes its awesome! Remember, yoga is not about being able to touch your toes or being able to do a headstand or a pincha mayurasana….it’s what you learned from trying to do those poses. It’s the process that counts the most. It’s the things you discover about your body and yourself as you practice. That’s what yoga is about. It’s more than just the asanas….its about YOU<3

So remember that when you practice and you’re on your way to a deeper self discovery! Have fun with your practice, laugh at yourself and laugh when you fall :P 

Namaste! Lots of love!!! xxx

Okay so I'm starting to wig out already.

Having to rest my knee for a week is going to suck. But..I’d rather go a week without cardio to save my knee, than the rest of my life without cardio/running because I was stupid and made it worse.

I mean, people take breaks all the time to heal there bodies right? Nothing on my body will change right? Someone please talk some sense into me and tell me I’m right. I’m just scared that my body will somehow turn to crap after just a week. I’m so obsessed/addicted to running and exercise :/ Please help.


Going to do a few extra brownie points (for myself) an get some little ab exercises in an try to work on those stupid toned abs that I so badly WANT. Grr, well anyways hope all of you had a great day/having a great day and just don’t forget, don’t give up! :) I’m sure not giving up, even though I wanna punch these invisible abs I have. Js.

Love you all, goodnight <3