Salad packed and I’m ready for the day! I also pulled together a tub of fresh pineapple and mango- thank you food prep!

Today my box has…
•• 3 cups spinach
•• ¼ cup homemade hummus
•• 2 Tbsp diced cucumber
•• 2 Tbsp shredded carrots
•• 1 Tbsp red onion
•• ¼ fresh tomato
•• alfalfa sprouts
•• ¾ pepper worth of homemade garlic roasted red peppers
Fresh lemon juice

Gluten Free | Vegan
225 calories, 7g fat, 29 carbs, 11g protein


So my step-mom and I are yogurt eaters.  After the Thing with Chobani, we moved off to another brand.  But in the search, we kept coming back to Fage brand yogurt.  She liked it well enough, and long story short, we could not for the life of us figure out how it was pronounced.

Fage, like cage?



Fag?  (I know I know, but seriously)

I settled mostly on Fage like cage because it was easiest, but still.

Now.  Months later.  She asked me to buy some more.


friendly reminder that, while i read every page of yours ( rules/about/etc. ) BEFORE interaction, if your rules have something along the lines of ‘send me _____ to prove you’ve read this!!’ i will never send it. it crops up a lot, and i don’t particularly believe in the whole guilty until prove innocent stance it takes. i’m not here to tell you how to run your blog, but please consider that people just don’t want to send ‘proof’ of them reading your rules before you jump to the conclusion that they haven’t.

Send me an MC (this can also be your own MC) and a superhero, and I will draw them!

I’m already working on following:

Lizzy Lawson (my MC) as Thor
Julian as Steve Rogers/Captain America
Payton as Hawkeye
Wes as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Mia Warren as Natasha Romanova/Black Widow
Nishan as Bruce Banner/The Hulk
All based on the Midnight Blockbuster-quest

I’m probably gonna use Google Picture as my main source of references here, so if you have a special picture of your superhero that you want me to base the drawing on, a link to said drawing would be super. If you want me to draw your MC, I’m gonna need a picture of them too

Requests can be given through my ask box, by reblogging this post or by tagging me (if I don’t respond to your tag, just throw an ask at me - sometimes my tumblr goes a little wonky and doesn’t tell me when someone tags me in things)

*sigh* I’m probably overreacting, but I can’t help but feel that the e-mail I just got from my immediate supervisor is extremely disrespectful and foul tempered.

Like, I’m sorry for wanting to keep you in the loop about when I have to work at off-site locations. I didn’t think it would be a fucking hardship for you to give an ‘ok’ instead of a long-winded rant about scheduling and on-site presences…which, btw, your peeps NEVER SAY THEY NEED EVERY TIME I FUCKING ASK THEM.

::deep breaths::

Okay. That settles it. This weekend, job hunting time. I shouldn’t be made to feel like crap about something when all I’m trying to do is exactly what you’ve told me to do.

there is a video of all dai party banter compiled and it’s over five and a half hours long

the first hour is all dorian

i’m about fifty minutes in and half a bottle of wine down holy shit this is entertaining as hell