4х16: Broken Foot - August 21, 2016
When Leonardo secretly allies with Karai, he finds himself in deeper danger than he ever could have imagined!

4х17: The Insecta Trifecta - August 28, 2016
The team faces Stockman-Fly’s new insect minions, and Raph has to man up to overcome his fear of insects and lead the team!

hi im back for like, five seconds because im low key worried about where this is going considering that city at war’s title already reminds me ( && others: ie; @swornxbyxthexsword ) of the city fall arc in idw. the third episode of the return solidify’s this because raph has to lead the team.

but for what reason? how &&/or why does he have to do this —- sure it’ll likely be more plot development because raph will have to “ overcome “ his fear long enough to like, make sure the team doesn’t fucking die but ???

what happened to leo && does it have to do with this new witch character

Well, since it’s summer, I drew the new “silver clan” (if we can still call them like that), at sea~
So there are Kuroh, Shiro (I keep calling him that way), Hieda and Neko <3

(My little headcanon: Weismann has to protect himself from the sun because of his pale skin ^^ the umbrella is welcome !)

I made another OC for Moonlight Wishes!

Her name is Primrose, she’s a young 15 year old girl who lived in Brudonia’s nearby forest for her whole life alone, but with small forest creatures comforting her. She grew up not knowing who her guardians were. She’s extremely timid and prone to danger. She happened to learn some sort of magic by sneaking into the back of the academy and borrowing some spell books. Elora and Galena found her one day while picking some flowers for their dorm and after reasoning with her Primrose accepted to be part of Brudonia to become a wizard too. She only knows two types of magic so far, being the unique transformation magic & nature magic. For her transformation magic, she only transforms when she wants to hide or is too shy to be around anybody, she most likely chooses the form of a tiny bird (like the one above) because that’s her favorite animal. Nature magic can make her control the life of plants and can grow them at her will.

More will be explained soon! Hope you guys like her!

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I need help . Here's a little about me . I'm 11 years old . I'm a pretty normal gal . I got a tumblr because I heard that their community was very friendly with Fandoms , specifically SU. I love SU and I started a blog. Then I started discovering the lgbt community . It is probably the nicest community I have ever seen online and irl. Anyways , let me get to the point. I'm bi. I don't know how I figured it out , this is all new to me. I wanna interact with the community but I'm scared. -1423

| I get anxiety just thinking about it . What will my parents think? What will my friends think ? What will the world think ? I don’t know.. I’m scared -1423

I’m so happy for you that you’ve managed to discover this part of yourself! If the people you trust/care about don’t support you, that is not at all your fault. We live in a homophobic society, and especially if you’re a minor, you need to be safe, and this can mean closeting yourself if needed. Don’t come out until you are SURE you’ll be in a supportive situation, or until you are independent from your parents. It’s reasonable to be scared, so much hatred is directed towards us, but you are amazing and beautiful and don’t deserve it, don’t let anyone tell you differently. But someday you’ll find a girl who loves you, you’ll be able to be out. Be safe, I’m so happy for you to realize this at such a young age, it means things are getting better, even just a little bit. If you ever need to vent hmu on my main (@enby-lesbean) and I’ll be sure to help in any way I can! Good luck!


Some of you cool cats wanted more SeriRei so here you go :9

they are getting ready for a spirit exorcism that’s at a fancy restaurant so ofc they gotta play the part (reigen with his roundabout logic……………pls just ask him on a date like a normal person)

for those of you who stand up against anonymous hate ––––– this mun is behind you one hundred percent. there’s a problem i’ve been seeing in the asoiaf community, and it has spiked since the return of game of thrones, and it is in regards to the vitriol of the show. to put it bluntly, game of thrones is not an accurate reflection of martin’s a song of ice and fire. and i think, by now, everyone is clear on that. we get it. we all know there is a toxicity in the show that is not in the books and should never have made it into the show. let me be clear when i say: i am not speaking against that.

if we want to hate the show, we go ahead and hate the show. we are entitled to your own opinions, so long as they do not harm anyone. but so is everyone else, and we need to realize this. what i am speaking against is anon hate. anonymous hatred under any circumstance is unacceptable, and everyone should know better. i thought this place was mature. i thought we could handle our differences of opinion maturely, but that does not seem to be the case. there is a difference between making someone aware of something potentially harmful that they might do and full out hatred for something as simple as an opinion, and it almost feels as if we’ve forgone the former for the latter.

there is no reason to bring a person down because they like a character. if we think that liking a character means that one is justifying all of their actions, we need a crash course in the appreciation of literature. liking a character and justifying certain actions is not mutually exclusive. what makes a good piece of work is diversity; we need bad characters just as much we need good characters. i personally appreciate a great many of martin’s “villains” just because of the complexity of their character, but am i aware, as are a great many people, that their actions are morally wrong. the presence of such characters makes literature rich; that’s what we appreciate about the bad guys.

there is no reason to bring a person down because they like the show more than the books. we are entitled to your difference of opinion, but we are not entitled, ever, to send anonymous hate to anyone for having a different opinion than us. people lead different lives. asoiaf has, what, 5.5k pages total? we need to remember that not everyone has time to read that, nor does everyone have the capacity, quite frankly. there are so many reasons that we’re not aware of for why someone might prefer the show to the books, and we need to remember that.

as i’ve said before ––––– nobody is better than anybody else for liking or disliking certain characters. if there were no bad, there would be no good. and nobody is better than anybody else for liking the books more than they like the show. this place has become almost unbearable with the amount of negativity going on since season 6 began airing, and it’s putting a lot of people off from coming here, from writing, and from enjoying this community. we need to remember what respect is, and we need to remember to think before we speak.

#1 easiest way to settle the discourse and stop being assholes

Step 1: Observe the thing you are upset about. Why does it make you upset? i.e. is it racist, or just rude? How strongly does this thing effect you, and does it effect others?

Step 2: Determine an appropriate course of action. Leaving the page, blacklisting the tag, blocking the person, or having a conversation about it are all valid options. Choose the one that best fits the situation.

Example A: Someone I follow reblogs a post listing all the things wrong with my favorite character. This makes me upset and uncomfortable. I should ask the person to tag character hate, and then blacklist that tag. If I don’t have access to a blacklist function, or I feel very strongly about this particular character, I could also unfollow or softblock the person. I should not send them hate about it or attempt to start an argument.

Example B: I come across a blog dedicated to shipping B/ll-d/pp. I believe that ships involving children are morally wrong, so seeing that blog makes me feel disgusted with the people who run it and follow it. This blog has already been confronted by others multiple times and shows no signs of changing their stance at any point in the near future. I should block that blog, along with other similar ones I may find in relation to it.

Example C: I find a post asking “What the fuck is all this bullshit?” in one of the kin tags. I decide to reblog the post or message the person explaining what our beliefs are. They respond angrily and call me ableist slurs. I should keep a private record of the encounter on the off chance it turns into something bigger, then stop communicating with the person. I could block them, or leave it alone. If they continue to harass me, I could warn them or block them. If they continue after a warning, I should block them immediately and consider telling my followers to stay away from this person.

Example D: I discover a blog dedicated to posting screenshots of people’s about pages, personal posts, etc. for the purpose of mocking them. I should keep unedited screenshots of the blog for proof, then block and report the blog. It would be good to make a post warning my followers to block and report that blog, to protect themselves and others.

I hope this helps.


There’s this ‘aesthetic meme’ floating around and I thought I could give it a shot.

im about to head to the house bc the adt guy is coming to install the system today, then i’m headed out to the boonies w my mom and my cousin to pick up that vintage bar and to look at some of his other furniture, then to nfm to pick out a washer/dryer, hopefully a sofa set, and the sonos sound system which im the most excited about, then tomorrow im going to pick out paint

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Do you use a grid or something to make your drawings accurate and photorealistic? Your art ois beautiful! :)

Thank you! I’ve used grids for some of my works, especially in the beginning since I’ve just started drawing/painting again after a year of art block and it really helped - making it easier to get started.
Many thinks that grids and things alike are like cheating, but I don’t think so. It’s still “you” who’ve made it, and either the result will be good or it won’t - that’s what makes an artist (to me); the result, and not how one does it. (This does not mean that copying someone else’s art is ok)