Things I would like to see in 2017:

a science fiction film and/or franchise where all of the humans and human-looking aliens are played by POC and the only characters played by white people are CGI creatures and aliens who require fuckloads of make-up and prosthetics.

A surprisingly delightful match has just been announced for Battleground on this fine evening. The wondrous Breezango will be taking on the Usos during the kickoff show this Sunday. This is such a perfect opportunity for Breezey and Dango to get some huge momentum over the tag team division on Smackdown, heading into next week’s first legit show. Hopefully this is also the WWE’s way of showing faith in them, by allowing them to feature in this match. Exciting times are ahead regardless, this should be a good one! ^__^

  • Me, a histrionic in the first few weeks at a new school:Oh GOD a PERSON I haven't talked to a person in FOUR HOURS
  • Me:*talks about self nonstop for ten minutes because no one has listened to me talk about myself all day and I apparently cannot control my mouth*
  • Person:Okay, nice talking to you! Bye!
  • Me:....
  • Me:I blew it.

I don’t understand why people got angry/upset when Tiffany told Victor not to trust Da'vonne.

Da'vonne literally lied to Tiffany’s face, Tiffany had every reason to not trust her.

And who is to say Victor believes Tiffany? I’d wager that he won’t and just do whatever he wants, which is getting Paulie out.

[ put hands together ]

so the new character that is apparently showing up in the resumed season 4 of tmnt 2k12 is a ~mystic witch~ && the episode is city at war.

you know what && who this new character && episode title reminds me of

kitsune && city fall from the idw comics.

i am hella concerned about what is going to happen.