undertale fic recs

it’s been a month since i’ve done one of these and i’ve accumulated so many bookmarks i’m probably going to have to do multiple posts if i want to catch up? lmfao?? see last post, anyway

What Little Monsters Are Made Of by Mangaluva. post-pacifist floweypot story that mostly centers around frisk and flowey’s relationship, but also on the whole ensemble cast as supporting actors. a happy ending with an even happier ending.

the type of friend i wish i always had by @wordbending. elaine’s take on chara’s reaction to that part of the conversation with asriel, which she wrote way back before that was the Cool Thing To Explore. dialogue only, sad, involves chara’s really unhealthy codependent tendencies.

Childfree by @mininephthys. chara does not want to have kids ever and they will punch anyone who tries to persuade them otherwise in the nose. mostly-background charasriel.

requiem by @beforuskanaya. post-pacifist bodysharing adventures with frisk and chara, set around the looming anniversary of the monsters’ escape to the surface. this is really fantastic.

The Toriel On The Hunt by Steakhouse_Fries. chara and asriel follow toriel around with their camera and pester her. very cute.

holes within holes within holes by @sugarglassy. super emotionally grueling and sad chara pov for the no mercy ending. really brilliant unreliable narrator chara. you’ll have to read between the lines a little and, uh, you know what’s coming here because it’s That Frickin Ending.

Metal Heart by @mininephthys. mettaton and alphys during the no mercy route hotland evacuation. this is really sad, what the frick,

This Is Someone Else’s Nightmare by @draikinator. in which chara and frisk share a meat sack and things are very rocky and no one is happy with this at all. follows them back and forth across various routes to the true ending.

PRIVATE!! DO NOT READ and things that go unsaid by @lumalees. extremely quality charasriel fluff. chara discovers asriel’s Very Sekrit Stories, and things escalate from there. this is Adorable and You May Die

and if the beasts should hunt us by catbug. asriel tells on chara instead of going through with the plan, and it causes strife in the dreemurr household. background/tame charasriel.

echoes by 42gramsofspite. frisk journeys through the underground while dealing with having inherited chara’s memories.

YOU by abelrunner. chara and frisk struggle against their player during the fight with sans, and sans doesn’t like having to murder children. sad and awful, like most no mercy things

wish by ahbonjour. the whole ensemble cast and wishes that they make on the echo flowers. this one Gave Me A Feel

Two Parts (Of a Whole) by @pokespec. more chara and frisk bodysharing through canon adventures. mostly about them trying to work out some kind of balance, and slowly striking up a weird friendship even as chara urges frisk onwards through the underground.

The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph Is For the Good to Get Bored by @draikinator. post-pacifist fic, in which frisk decides to bring chara to see flowey on their birthday, and things go disastrously wrong. chara is left to try to handle the situation, with the dubious assistance of sans, but this is a pretty tall order given that up until now nobody’s been aware of chara’s existence at all, and also given that chara is Kind Of A Hot Mess. nate’s making this one into an ongoing series, so if you like what you see here you may enjoy the rest too. there’s some christmas stuff towards the end of this fic, since i know some of my followers prefer to avoid that. (also, that i’m endorsing this fic regardless should speak for its quality plenty!)

memento mori by @lumalees. in a world where chara and asriel never went through with their plan and so the two of them have grown up and asriel has ascended the throne, chara has a few practical matters to discuss. you can probably guess where this is going given the title. very adorable and quality charasriel, even though the situation is kind of bittersweet.

ahbonjour  asked:

A robot is unsure how to comfort their human so they sit beside them and hum soothing classical music and run their hands over their human's back to the rhythm, afraid to rub too hard for fear they don't know their strength but still wanting to offer the comfort of touch.



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Ode To A Nightingale

This is my best attempt at capturing a big moment in my life.

We weren’t dating at the time, just good friends. The first time the ladyfriend stayed over in my bed, when we were going to sleep, she began talking about a poem she was enjoying very much at the time, Ode To A Nightingale. I remembered it, but not very well; I was simply pleased she was pleased with something.

She asked if I’d like to hear it. I remained silent. I don’t know why. I just did.

She waited a moment, then began, reciting the entire thing in a voice clouded with imminent sleep. It was amazing. I didn’t look at her, couldn’t look at her, only listened to her voice wash over us, felt her hand on my shirt and her soft, warm breath on my neck. Listened to her recite a poem.

And I realized I’d fallen in love with her.