So when I finally got to meet Misha Collins as I have been dreaming of since I started watching SPN he decided to make me his target for picking on - aka he wanted to make me as flustered as possible every time he saw me (which ended up being quite a few times as me and my friends have excellent timing!)

Okay so I was lucky, I was sitting right on the aisle at the event so I got high-5s from all the cast as they went by and Misha patted me on the shoulder.

His photos were first and when I went up to get mine I was so excited. I was bouncing up and down and filled with nervous energy. I was wearing my sock monkey hat (which later in the day Misha wore so it is never touching the head of another haha). When it came to my turn I literally skipped up to him and he grinned at me, seeing my hat and my obvious excitement. Our exchange went like this:

Me: Oh my god! Hi!

Misha: Hi! How are you?

Me: Hi!

I dropped my head when he laughed and I realised what I said. I was so embarrassed so I just held out my arms for a hug and he put one arm around my waist and I was expecting the other one to join it but instead he sweeps my legs out from under me and scoops me into his arms!!!! I yelped ‘oh my god!’ and then started laughing. So he starts laughing, the cameraman and other staff start laughing and all the people waiting in line start laughing. He holds me for ten seconds, puts me down and hugs me. I was bouncing and I covered my mouth with my hands, staring at him in awe and just gasped “thank you so much… oh my god” and raced off because I couldn’t believe he’d done that….

Then he was even worse during my angel sandwich.

Then the next time I saw him was during Mitch’s panel. I left to use the bathroom and on the way back to the theatre I realised that Misha had been standing by the door when I left and I hadn’t noticed him. He noticed me though and gave me this evil, evil grin. I blushed and just ducked inside because he’s so good at making people flustered.

The worst one though, and I cannot believe this happened, but where we came out from picking up our photos passed the guests’ green room. Me and my friends passed Mark and said hello to him and just as we reached the green room Misha and Richard came out. Han and Liz made it past before the staff got in the way but I couldn’t get past so I moved to the side to let them through, smiling a greeting at Misha and Richard. Misha’s shoulder knocked mine as he past and I apologised thinking it was my fault and went to move further to the side when it happened again… and again… and again… Misha shoulder checked me into the wall (gently I might add but repeatedly) saying “oh sorry!” every time. I just stared at him in shock as he gave me a half hug, patted my shoulder and said sorry before carrying in with Richard, both of them laughing at my shock. Up the corridor Han and Liz were looking around for me and saw me standing with my hands up and my mouth open basically going “what the actual fuck Misha?”

So, when we went in for our autographs when I finally got to Misha our last exchange was this:

Me: Thank you so much, by the way, for pushing me into a wall. I really appreciated it.

Misha: (finishes signing autograph and pushes it towards me. He looks me right in the eye with the cheekiest grin) Any time, sweetheart. (wink and grin)

Me: (gapes, laughs and shakes head before walking away)

And that is the story of how Misha Collins picked on me on one of the best days of my life.

I told Misha the story behind my tattoo and he gave me a hug, told me he’s glad I made it through everything I have and that he feels honoured to be apart of what Supernatural has given me.

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BUT GUYS EMILY ( holyfshstcks ) AND I TOUCHED MISHA COLLINS’ THIGHS IT’S HAPPENING IT’S OFFICIAL WE’RE GETTING MARRIED. btw he’s surprisingly light or maybe we were just fuelled by adrenaline haaaaah. omg when we were getting our autographs i told him it looked like she was touching his butt and like noT JUST TOUCHING BUT CARESSING except she’s not her hand is behind his knee but he was like YEAH IT DOES and then idk if you can read it but he wrote ‘thanks for the crotch grab’ on emily’s one HAHAHA ur welcome emily. 

but yeah today was just insane and amazing and srsly thank u so much monica because it was just the best ily!!! 

i dont like how i look in this, but hey.

this was the first photo we took and i said i was just gonna hug him but he said “come here!” and pulled me in for a squeezy hug, which we did, (yes he smells wonderful, he’s also really warm and cuddly heck) and he pulled me in tight and i got really choked up because he means so much to me as he does to many of us and honestly he’s the kindest sweetest most down to earth and genuine person i’ve met, famous or not. i dont think i’ve ever get over this man and i dont think i’ll ever be able to thank him enough for saving my life.