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What are some blogs you recently followed that you like? I want to follow some more

oh!!! sorry I only saw this now!! but I’ll just include all my fave blogs :)

ariana + multi fandom blogs:

@transkrelborn, @testfaye, @bbemybaby, @lavendertitties, @totalariana, @grqnde, @buterabenzo, @arianagrante, @arianasboca, @arisgrande, @a-wiana @gaveitaways, @breaksfree, @dangerouswomans, @thinkingboutyous, @heygirlmp3, @jessicanelscn, @minajvtrois, @sappihc, @grandecurls

harry / 1d blogs:

@slowshands, @nliallofficial, @paynesenterprise, @17-blackaf, @actorharry2k17, @aharrys, @angelicmoonlight, @brownofcolor, @bambiharrie @cheekydiagonalstyles, @cupcakelirry, @criedinacoolway@dadshirtking@dimpledharry, @edwardstyles, @ennasonastyles, @golfnarrie, @habibharry, @haelostyles, @harryhateblog, @harryistyles, @harryplease, @harrysart, @harryscentury@harrysenthusiast, @harrysera, @harrystattoos, @hrrybb, @hughaz, @glossharry@ifheartscouldfly, @imhavingyourbaby, @kalelube, @legendharrystyles, @legandaryharry, @lirryloved, @lirryonce, @lirrycollab, @memeharry, @mtvstyles, @mitchharry@moonlightharrys, @nialilouarry, @onlyanqel, @slaghaz, @softharru, @soloharrie, @sweetcreatured, @sweetscreature, @tequiladimples,  @thightat, @thighstattoo, @yeshaddyido, @oneidirection, @pinkharold

aesthetic/random blogs: 

@bravend@cahlmest, @chayana @cloudilly, @crazieh, @desiringly, @dhust, @fahiries@fhlorant, @flowindia, @foxeia@ghlacier, @glossfae@mimohsa, @mermaidnaps, @nudisth, @oceans, @orcheids 

if I missed anyone then I’m so so sorry!!! every person I follow is amazing :) 💞

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Mary!! Do you think you could rec me some harry blogs? I've had to unfollow so many 🤐

hiiii! i sure can :-) these are all wonderful almost 100% harry blobs

@stylesrecord @angelicmoonlight @harryokay @mitchharry @thightat @ennasonastyles @sweetscreature @thereignofsoloharry @harrysera @allthegucci @harrycharts @aharrys @imaharrie @vinoharry @memeharry @harrystylesalbum @harryispink @harrysalbums @allthehazza @iusedtobeabaker @divineharry @habibharry @hughaz @harrycherub @thighstattoo @soloharrie @edwardstyles @harryistyles @imhavingyourbaby @stylespastel @styles2017 @tiostyles @harrystylqs @stylesinthewild @erskine-records @harryshippudge @inkedferns @intoyoump3 @clareuchima @17-blackaf @aqua-harry @ayajalil @ifheartscouldfly @cheshirepuddin @harrysimpact @tigerthightat @harryschancla @packersbeanie @fleetwoodharry

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not to be rude or anything BUT how come you never credited Aharris for the ombre accessories idea? i saw one person crediting you for the idea. i swear im not attacking you but you should at least say the idea wasnt yours.

Hello! I guess it was just an oversight on my part because I planned to ~officially~ release my ombré weeks ago and give credit!! I was confused about whether @@aharris00britney did it first or @pxelboy ? I’m super grateful for them and I definitely got the idea from their hairs!!! I hope I didn’t offend anyone! Also when I post the accessory ombré and palette standalone I will credit @aharris00britney for the idea!!! Thank you!

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spread some love & tell me about your 3 favourite people on here! then send this message to 3 other people to spread even more love ⭐️✨💫

oh damn!!! VDYUBIHC 3 fave people??? I can’t do that omg it’s so hard. 

ok so,, @17-blackaf, basically??? everyone from the harrysangelsgc. so the other lovely people from the gc are: @memeharry, @tequiladimples, @thightat, @aharrys, @jeffsazoff, @angelicmoonlight, @haelostyles, @sweetscreature, @sign-of-the-times, @actorharry2k17, @brownofcolor, @cheekydiagonalstyles, @golfnarrie, @mitchharry, @ennasonastyles and @harryhateblog.

also I loooove @sweetcreatured and @harryistyles

I feel so bad for not including more people but the thing said three and I already mentioned more than three bficujo

also thank you this is way too sweet but a difficult one to answer vudygiuh 💞💞💞

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There is no more walls, fully expecting Blaine being offered a role in aHarry Potter musical now

fully expecting daniel radcliffe to guest star


next season he’s going to play the “blaine” character in this fox show rachel gets into

he’s a prep school boy and when blaine and kurt all visit the set of the show they meet him and blaine and dan’s character (maybe dan playing himself) stare at each other like