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Since it was summer right now and we have the summer costume. The elgirls was fawning over Raven since y'know all of elboys costume was only a black or white speedo. Make one of the girls (not elesis) says dayum secretly but Raven hear it anyway. But seriously Raven in speedo is really droolworthy.

The el gang girls were practical suffocating Raven in their rush to surround him. I mean, look at that bod, good lords..

Raven has a bashful blush while denying any and all of their compliments but it seems to be a hopeless effort seeing as they are utterly smothering him in them.

“Damn…” There’s a soft whisper, and when Raven turns around he discovers none other than Rena inspecting his ass. His blush widens and he tries to escape. He’s held down though, and as Ain passes by not even sparing him a glance, he’s left to his doom.

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Hello! Thanks for the spoiler sheet! And all the work, I don't suppose you could point me in the direction of where the being Cas interacts with is described as "new" and "handsome"?

I will be posting my interview…soon? But it was in other outlets as well. I haven’t indexed them all yet :(

My impression was it was a new actor and character but…idk.

the signs as positive feelings

Aries: Winning a long-winded argument
Taurus: Confidence after a long period of anxiety
Gemini: Genuine laughter
Cancer: Returning home after a long time
Leo: Doing well on something you were afraid of
Virgo: Feeling like you can finally accomplish things on your own
Libra: Friends forgiving each other
Scorpio: Revealing a secret that’s been hidden for so long
Sagittarius: Freedom after feeling trapped Capricorn: Feeling you made the right decision Aquarius: Getting help in a time of need
Pisces: Having a good dream



Andrew: *sees name on Post-It for autograph* Mackenzie, hi!

Me: Hi! Um… I’m the one who thanked you yesterday, and you asked me if life was good and I probably said yeah but I just wanted to say yes. It is. And I made you this- *pulls out the bookfold*

A: *takes it and stares in awe* WOW! That’s amazing! How did you do that?!

Me: It’s really easy, you just cut and fold.

A: So where are you from?

Me: Ohio.

A: What do you do?

Me: Uhm, I’m still in high school, but I work at a bookshop.

A: Oh, you like to read?

Me: Yeah!

A: Me too! *looks straight into my eyes* So life is good?

Me: Yeah.

A: *smiles* Well thank you very much! Have a good evening!

Me: You too!

I am still shaking. Oh my gosh.

UPDATE: I am no longer physically shaking but I’m still S H O O K
About Japan expo codes

I ´ve been wanting to post more Japan Expo codes.

Sure not everyone can get them as they are exclusive to the event, but i thought you’d be happy to get a few of them.
However i’ve seen more complaints and received dozens of emails since that.

I’ve been posting the codes with good intentions, the purpose Is not to make everyone more frustrated or anything, and again, i cant give codes to everyone.

So what should i do ?
A few more codes during these last two days ? Of better nothing at all ?