the signs as things i have said

aries: what’s the opposite of a power bottom because i’m submissive as all hell but scared of being on bottom

taurus: hold my hand as if we were secretly fucking

gemini: im kinky and i’m slutty and i’m waiting until marriage

cancer: this job (lifeguarding) is homophobic

leo: hey i’m really cute and you should ask me for my number

virgo: these fries taste like republicans

libra: but if you think about it isn’t satan the good guy because he’ll be friends with anyone and god has so many restrictions on who can hang out with him

scorpio: can someone like bomb threat the school so i don’t have to go to class

sagittarius: if you don’t get at least one cute candid photo of me i’m blocking you and calling your mom

capricorn: these hickies suck but clearly you can’t

aquarius: i feel so bad for the hue manatee because everyone is always saying “oh the humanity” and i bet he gets all excited and then he’s like wait and his colors go just a little duller

pisces: so funny story… *tells story that is traumatic and not even remotely funny*

.:Imagine Hux walking in on you training:.

request for nonny

gif not minneee

wow, who’s ready for the last jedi??? meeee!!! im really scared for it too, i don’t want anything to happen to armi

I also want him to grow a delectable beard and keep his hair messy but lol what can u do?


The General walked the halls searching for his superior, Kylo Ren. Word of a nearby resistance base had come to his attention, and he needed to consult Ren before he took action.

Armitage stopped outside of the room Ren usually trains in. Entering the passcode, the door lets out a hiss and slides open.
Ren was training, with Y/N. His eyes went wide when he saw them.

Ren brought his saber down on Y/N, red blades together creating sparks. Ren now noticed Hux in the room and lost his focus. Y/N took the opportunity and kicked their master in the chest. Ren stumbled but managed to keep his footing.

Hux’s attention was solely on Y/N, the beads of sweat running down their face, hair lightly damp, the black tank top that shaped their chest, and pants that held onto their figure.

“Good Y/L/N. You may be excused. I must speak to Hux alone.”

Y/N nodded and turned to gather their things.

Kylo now stood in front of Hux. Hux kept his voice low, and couldn’t help but look at Y/N.
They took a drink of water from a water bottle, some droplets ran down their lips and chin.

Hux clenched his fist and shifted nervously.
Y/N took a small towel from their bag and wiped their face and dried the roots of their hair.

The men were both done talking to each other. Y/N walked up to both of them, stopping in front of the Sith.
“Shall we continue tomorrow?” They asked.
Armitage fixed his eyes on Y/N.

Kylo nodded. “Yes, Y/N.” Y/N nodded and gave a curt nod to the General and left.

His let his eyes followed Y/N out, eyes glaring their figure from the back, their legs, hips, back..

“General, is that all?” Hux’s attention was now back on Ren.

“Yes.” He hoped he didn’t notice his nerves and him being rather flustered. “I will return to,the bridge. Woukd you like me to send the transcript to you?”


His face a nod as well and turned and left as well, his mind still on Y/N. He smirked, maybe some day he could have you.


“Just as time knew to move on since the beginning
And the seasons know exactly when to change
Just as kindness knows no shame
Know through all your joy and pain
That I’ll be loving you always
As today I know I’m living but tomorrow
Could make me the past but that I mustn’t fear
For I’ll know deep in my mind
The love of me I’ve left behind
‘Cause I’ll be loving you always”

–Stevie Wonder (As)

Got7 As Birds

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This are the Candies that I drew from my reblog. I just want to say that all of your babies are so pretty and it was really inspiring to see so many characters!

This took me so much more than I had planned, so I’m really sorry for the wait.

@lukeios @killdondan @sweet-pendragon @themclbird @anilcia @cutebutidontknow @dulce-sarcasmo @szlolla

If you want to use the drawing please feel free to do so(it’ll make super happy but if you don’t want to you don’t have to xD), just credit me and if you want an individual shot of your baby, just message me and I’ll send it ;)

Tommorrow I’ll probably do some Gardiennes! :3

A Cowboy Bebop marathon is coming to Toonami

This holiday season, Christmas is coming early for fans of Cowboy Bebop.

The show that helped shape Adult Swim’s beloved Toonami block will have its very own marathon beginning on December 23 at 10:30PM. According to  comicbook.com, the popular series’ first 11 episodes will air back-to-back, ending at 4AM on December 24. The airing of Cowboy Bebop, which totals 26 episodes altogether, comes just a few weeks shy of its 20th anniversary. Cartoon Network originally began airing the series in the late 1990s as a flagship of its Toonami programming block; Toonami would go on to introduce late night audiences to other anime series such as Inuyasha and Dragon Ball Super as a result of the massive overwhelming response to Cowboy Bebop.

As we close out 2017, anime fans can also rejoice at the fact that Toonami will not be going anywhere anytime soon. In a November 18 tweet, Jason DeMarco, Toonami’s senior writer and producer who is also a creative director for on-air programming at Adult Swim, confirmed that the cable channel will push forward with Toonami until at least 2021, if not further.

–Mike Fenn, AB staff blogger

Is it the end ?

I wanted to write this post because I noticed with the recent release of the new episode (38) and the upcoming arrival of the end of our high school years at Sweet Amoris, many expect the end of the game. However the team reassures us that there are still good days for Su’ and our friends :)

Here are some facebook messages from the amour sucré team (fr) about it :

Person: There are people talking about the end of MCL… I don’t want it ;;

Team: Yet there is no need to worry about it. We reserve you new twists in the next months ;)

Team: We confirm the end of MCL is not in the program of 2018 😊

Person: It really looks like the end of MCL x’)

Team: Why that ? We still reserve you lots of surprises for 2018 ;)

I hope some of you feel better now :) Well I am ! I’m certainly not ready to give up on all my lovely babies!! Soooo much to learn about them and to live with them ❤️