A Head, A Heart, & A Movie {Biadore} Prologue -C*NT

A/N: C'mon unoriginal title! Let’s get sickening! Double story update! Surprise! I had asked a little while ago what story you would like to see next in the queue, a lot of you guys said the AHAHAC sequel and the Lost Princess so I decided to do both in one queue 💕. Sadly, this isnt the first chapter of the sequel like I promised because I’m still trying to get the outline right; but I wanted to give you guys a hint of what’s to come! For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is set in the same universe as A Head, A Heart & A Crown and a general continuation of the story. Text messages are in bold, no tws (for now 🙈). I hope you guys enjoy!! Also thank you to my lovely beta @trixies-padding for getting me this so quickly. 💕💯

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Obnoxious Hunters and Horror Movies

Description: When Dean can’t enjoy a horror movie, Cas decides to help him appreciate media a bit better…through coercion. 

Prompt:  Cas and Dean watch a horror movie together and Dean won’t shut up about how he could have killed the monster 40 minutes ago, so Cas shuts him up

Author’s Note:  Legit this prompt sounds adorable, my precious children omg~

“Ugh, this is pathetic. Just behead the damn thing”

“No, no - not the stake, dammit.”

“Why hasn’t she noticed?!”

  Dean huffed in annoyance for the umpteenth time as yet another human shrieked in agony, the switching shots on screen glaring into the bunker and casting flashes onto the stone walls. The hunter and his angel were sat together on the bed, blankets and snacks adorning the plaid bedding in the dim light. It had long since gone midnight, but the pair were bored out of their minds, having resorted to a horror movie in the hope of staying awake. However, it appeared that both parties were beginning to regret the decision, Dean complaining every thirty seconds and Cas having grown tired of hearing it.

“Dean, it’s just a movie.”

“I know, but they’re - no, you idiot! Son of a b*tch!” The Winchester cursed as a young teen headed unarmed towards a live vampire nest.

“Please, Dean.”

“No! Sammy and I could’ve ganked those son’sa b*tches already!”

  In a last ditch attempt to silence his boyfriend, Cas nudged Dean in the ribs, not expecting the brunette to yelp and slap his hand away.

“Dammit, Cas…” Dean scowled, arm wrapped around his torso in defense. The seraph in question paused, the sudden mischievous spark in his eyes going unnoticed in the stark glow of late-night- TV. Without warning, Cas pounced, his forearm pinning Dean’s hands in place whilst he sat over his hips.

“Dean, stop talking over the movie,” He commanded, eyes glaring playful daggers at his human. The freckled man merely smirked, and raised his eyebrows in question.

“Or what?”

  Castiel smirked, relishing in the immediate shift of mood as Dean realised he was planning something. He trailed the fingertips of one hand down Dean’s side, and gently pinched the fleshed-out part of his companion’s torso. The slight twitch that followed told Cas all he needed to know.

“You’re ticklish, correct?”

   By now, Dean’s eyes were wide, lips parted in a nervous smile.

“Uh - no.”

“Stop lying,” Without missing a beat, Cas reached under Dean’s shirt to skitter over the freckled skin. A sharp intake of breath on Dean’s part preceded by his tummy sucking in amused the angel to no end.

“C-cas, please-”

“Please what?”

  Dean hesitated, opening his mouth to form a retort - however, when Cas started wriggling fingers into his tummy, all words were forgotten; replaced by hysterical laughter as he tried to curl up into a ball - much to Cas’ amusement.

“Pfftahahaha! Cahahahas! Nohohohohohoho!” The blonde’s eyes scrunched up at the corners, a smile brightening his features as he shook his head no in frustration.

“What’s the matter? Ticklish?” Cas didn’t bother fighting a grin as he watched the blush creeping onto Dean’s face, his freckles standing out in a way that the angel found adorable.

“Ahahahaha, yehehehes! Shih*t! Nonono, Cahahahahas!” Suddenly there was a spike in Dean’s giggles as Cas vibrated a claw-like hand into the skin around his navel. Castiel decided to keep it up for a few more seconds before moving upwards to pinch at his Hunter’s ribs.

“You’re blushing,” He remarked, knowing full well that it would only make his boyfriend blush harder.

“Ahahahahaha, ahaham nohot! Stahahahap!”

“You are - it’s sweet,”

“Nahahahaha, plehehehease!” Dean squeaked when the fingers travelled down to squeeze his sides, head tipping back in laughter as his flush darkened. It was impossible for Cas to refrain from laughing along slightly; he trailed his fingers down the Winchester’s sides to poke at his hips.

  However, when Dean let out an uncharacteristic shriek, Cas was taken aback. He raised his eyebrows, hand hovering over Dean’s hip in waiting. Meanwhile, the green eyes gazing up at him had widened in panic, a nervous smile tugging at their corners.

“Bad spot?” He questioned, grinning uncontrollably.

“Y-yes, Cas plehehease don’t! NO!” A yelp sounded as Cas feigned a lunge towards the torso pinned beneath him. Anticipatory giggles flowed from Dean’s lips as he closed his eyes in reluctant expectation.

“Dean? Will you stop interrupting the movie?”

“Yehehes, fine! Just don’t!”

  Castiel paused, a wicked idea forming in his head as his smile widened.

“Good. Thank you, Dean.” He stayed pinning the hunter in place, waiting for a reaction.

“Greheat! Hey, uh, you gonna let me up?”

“Hm?” Cas reached over with his free hand and grabbed the remote, the girl on screen freezing as he pressed Pause.

“No, I think the vampires can wait for a while.”

“No, No Cahahahas, plehehehease! AHAHAHAHA!”

 The TV was on Pause for a long time, to say the least.

Kissing And Touching


Summary: Being with Dante has made Ari realize two things: that kissing is weird and that he’s more ticklish than he thought.

A/N: This could have a much better title if I was more creative. This is for @pepperedfarts who wanted to read about how Dante found out that Ari was ticklish. I hope you all like it!

This isn’t necessarily a sequel to Laughing Boy, but could also be seen as one. If that makes sense.

Words: 1 279

Ari still found kissing weird. Don’t get him wrong, he loved kissing Dante, but sometimes his mind just started overthinking it, and he couldn’t help but point out how ridiculous it could be.

“Why would you press your mouth to another person’s? That’s where we put our food when we eat,” he said one day, sprawled out on Dante’s bed.

Dante was smiling in amusement at him. “You question the simplest things.”

Ari frowned. “Don’t tell me you don’t find it at least a little bit weird.”

“Okay, I find it at least a little bit weird.”

“Thank you.”

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Supernatural: Protection

This was a request :) Classic Dean tickling Cas.

Words: 1,728

Please Enjoy!

Castiel was an angel, a very strong and mighty angel that would cower before no one, spending his days befriending the Winchesters and watching over them. The key word in that sentence is was. After losing his grace, Castiel didn’t feel at all any of those things, quite the opposite, actually. He felt weak and helpless, always enlisting the Winchester brothers for help. Worst of all in his mind was that he could no longer protect Sam and Dean like he used to. He knew they were in far more danger now that he was human. Cas felt absolutely sad, to use the simplest and most descriptive word.

He spent his days sitting in the bunker while Dean and Sam went on hunts because they were afraid that Cas would get hurt since he was an inexperienced hunter. This worsened how Cas felt because he couldn’t check up on them like he was used to, he could just zap in at any time, no matter where they were. Of course there were phones, but it wasn’t the same. He could ask if they were hurt and they could say they were fine, but not mean it. In person, Cas would be able to heal them with a touch of his hand. Now he could not. They were so many states away by now, and he couldn’t even drive. So Castiel seemed to sulk a little more and sink even farther into the accustomed couch.

It was the day after the boys returned from a shifter hunt up in New York, and they had been catching onto Cas and his morose mood as of late. Dean would crack a joke, to which Sam would laugh at, and Cas would merely stare into the distance. Of course, they accounted that to Cas’s inability to grasp common human phrases and innuendos and culture. Cas would always seem to watch, them, too, which Sam found out about first. It was Dean who took the opportunity to talk with Cas. Sam was up in the library.

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Monkey Bars

yayaya first post :D

So, this blog is entirely tickle fics, no other kind.

I am currently taking prompts, you can leave them in my ask box or inbox if you have one and I will try and write it for you.


Summary: Kid!Phan, go to the park and when they are messing around, Phil makes a very interesting discovery ;3

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:


“Okay, boys, don’t go too far!” Called Phil’s mum, as the two children ran from their waffling parents to the playground.

Dan and Phil didn’t often get the chance to meet up, considering that they went to different schools and their parents had busy schedules. These little trips to the park every so often were what kept them sane.

“Wheeee!” Dan cried, running down the field, arms stretched out like an aeroplane. Phil was running alongside him, hair blowing back as the cool wind rushed across his face.

“What shall we go on first?” asked Phil, when they reached the playground.

“Ooh, ooh, Monkey Bars!” cried his five-year old friend. Based upon the fact that Phil was ten and Dan five years younger, you’d probably think that they wouldn’t be likely friends, to which you’d be wrong; the pair stuck like glue.

“Are you strong enough to hold yourself up?” Phil questioned, grinning as they walked to the wooden pillars holding up the bars.

“Yeah!” Dan replied, climbing up the ladder and leaning forward to grab the first bar.

Dan gripped the wooden pole and fell down from the platform, dangling a foot from the ground below.

“See! I can pull myself up!” Dan exclaimed, looking up at the bars with a smile.

“Yeah, but can you get across?” Phil asked him, crossing his arms with a challenging smirk.

“I bet I can!” Dan retorted, tightening his grip and quickly letting go to reach for the bar ahead of him. He just about caught it and looked to Phil with a grin.

“Want some help there?” Phil stood beneath Dan and placed his hands under his arms to lift him up so he could manage it easier.

However, at almost the exact moment Phil touched Dan, Dan let out a squeak and fell from the monkey bars, landing at Phil’s feet. Phil jumped and let go of Dan.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked, looking at his younger friend.

“Yeah, it just tickled.” Dan replied, placing his hands where Phil had picked him up.

Phil stopped and grinned widely.

“So, you’re ticklish?” Phil asked.

Dan stopped and paled, his eyes growing in fear and a surge of adrenaline cruising through his veins.

“N-nope.” He said, slowly beginning to walked backwards.

“But you said it tickled, therefore, aren’t you ticklish?” Phil said, following Dan with the menacing smile still plastered on his face.

“I-I, er, ahh.” Dan began, before turning around and dashing away.

Phil began to chase after him, arms outstretched. He soon began to get rather close and brushed a hand on Dan’s back, making him squeal.

“I’ve nearly got you!” Phil exclaimed, trying to run faster.

“No you haven’t!” Dan said, almost running into a tree and squeaking, before turning to run in the other direction. Unfortunately, by this time Phil had caught up and was able to reach out and wrap his arms around Dan’s waist, pulling the younger into his tight grasp.

“Philly! Philly! Let me gohoho!” Dan cried, giggling nervously.

“No way, I’m testing my theory!” Phil said, before digging his fingers into Dan’s underarms again.

The brunette let out a yelp, before leaning over and collapsing into a fit of giggles.

“So, you’re trying to tell me you’re not ticklish?” Phil teased, moving his fingers down to his ribs. Dan fell to his knees as Phil scrabbled his hands over Dan’s ribcage and giggled hysterically.

“Phihihihilly! Nohohoho!” Dan squealed, thrashing about to try and free himself from Phil’s clutches.

“Danny! Yes!” Phil replied, giggling as Dan completely collapsed onto the floor, laughing. He took this opportunity to sit on Dan’s legs, stopping the younger from escaping. “Are you going to admit it now? Or will I have to tickle it out of you?” Phil asked, still tickling Dan mercilessly.

“Nohoho! I ahaham nohohot tihihicklihihish!” Dan cried between spurts of giggling.

“Hm, suit yourself!” Phil said, shrugging as he trailed his fingers down to Dan’s stomach and scribbled his fingers.

Dan’s reaction was positively hysterical, he screeched before laughing loudly wriggling around, trying to buy himself just a second of freedom.

“PHIHIHIHILYYY! STAHAHAHAP!” He cried, somehow flipping over onto his tummy and trapping Phil’s hands.

“I can’t, now.” Phil said, pulling at his hands, stuck under Dan. “They’re trapped! I guess I’ll just have to tickle you forever from now on!” Phil said, wriggling his fingers and making Dan squeal.

“Okahahay! Okahahay! I’m tihihicklish!” Dan exclaimed, wiggling about. “Nohohow Stahahap ihihit!”

Phil took pity on Dan and stopped tickling him. The younger flipped around, freeing Phil’s hands and looking up at his grinning friend.

“Told you so!” Phil exclaimed.

“I’m only a little bit ticklish!” Dan said, crossing his arms.

“Don’t start that again.” Phil said, poking Dan’s tummy, making him giggle and jerk away.

“Fine! Fine, I am ticklish, happy now?” Dan replied.

Phil smiled and bent down to kiss his best friend on the forehead.

“Very.” He said, before standing up and reaching forward to give Dan a hand. Dan took hold of his hand and pulled himself up. He was halfway stood up when Phil wiggled a finger against his upper ribs, making him squeak and nearly fall over.

“Phiiiil!” Dan whined, pouting.

“Sorry! Couldn’t help it.” Phil exclaimed, hoisting Dan up and holding his hand, before the pair of them ran back to the swings.


Yippeee! I wrote a very fluffy tickle fic!

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Double Trouble, part 3 . 5

the next part of Double Trouble! still, not as intense as I plan the next half part to be, but I’m gonna rate it **/***. hot tickling, blowjob scene, orgasm, being in a happy threesome :D decide on your own if you want to read it! if you do, let me know what you think, because I feel I crammed too much into this part.. I wanted Tony happy, ok?! hope you like it!! oh, and while you read it, because last part was a while ago, keep in mind that they all are naked! Okay? Okay!


Double Trouble, part 3 . 5 **/***

Tony bit back a moan, his skin warming up from two sets of hands firmly sweeping down his frame and two hot mouths pressing biting kisses on his body. He felt dizzy and weak in the knees, and leaned more against Steve’s solid silhouette, feeling T2 following, not breaking the contact, brunet’s front cupping his rear.

“Oh fuck..” Tony breathed out, hot between two bodies he knew so well, yet it felt like a whole new situation.

“Is that a yes?” Steve asked, moving his hands to Tony’s cheek and framing his face, forcing him to look back. Tony’s eyes were fogged and misty, just like the air around them. Steve’s eyes were dark blue, like an ocean during a storm, and it was a color of lust. Still, the soldier was able to mask it nicely, his hands steady and touch firm. Tony gulped and shuddered, knowing what these hands were capable off, and then he felt another biting kiss on the side of his neck, courtesy of T2, which was a surprisingly bold move for the man, yet, was very nice.

And it could get even nicer..

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Special Smile


Summary: Thorin has a special smile that he only ever directs to Bilbo.

A/N: The 9th fic for 12 Days of Fluff! Dedicated to Abi because she gave me the idea.

Words: 1 023

The only times Bilbo was used to seeing Thorin smile was when he was getting himself all excited about how they were going to reclaim Erebor, and when observing his nephews. Truth be told, Thorin never quite smiled fully. It was mostly just a twitch of his lips, but all of that changed when they established what they meant to each other. Suddenly Thorin was smiling freely around him, and Bilbo had never felt so honored.

The first time it happened was just after they’d had that big talk that had left them both giddy and blissful, and most importantly a couple. Thorin grinned happily at him and Bilbo stared at him for a few seconds too long; wiping the smile straight off his face.

“What’s wrong?” Thorin asked, an uncertainty to his voice. “Did I misunderstand something?”

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