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i shoulda done a bunch more layers but pfffsh oh well, maybe next time, ha a h- ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

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Have you ever thought of klance in the universe of Tarzan? One where Keith is found by the Galra after beginning to be orphan and grows knowing that he is different from them, and later he meets with Lance (Jane), accompanied by Pidge (Jane's Father) and Shiro (Clayton) and realizes that he is one of the kind, so he begins to learn from them as he teaches them about his "species". Have you?

omg no I havent actually!! but this is so good honestly voltron should be able to somehow fit into any disney movie au…Also ahahahh god im sorry but im trying to picture shiro as clayton and im cracking up i cant think of him as that evil guy that wants to shoot poor apes!!! but I can definitely see keith being part of the galra and meeting/falling in love with jane!Lance :’)


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Imagine Sam and Steve babysitting their godson while you and Bucky are out on a much needed date night. When you come home, Steven Samuel Barnes is curled up on the couch in between his two godfathers, and they're all watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. After tearing the boys a new one, you dread the night and sure enough, little Stevie comes crying into your bed, saying he can't sleep. How would Bucky get revenge on Sam and Steve?

oh god ahahahh they’d either hide their stuff (i.e shield/goggles) or they’d totally hide and scare the shit out of them 

no one ever heard Sam scream so loud

Daddy Wednesday™


Scarface is able to completely ignore Mr. Whoeverthefuck’s Alchemy nullification.

That’s because… uh… Wasn’t there something about the tattoos on his brother’s arm being, like, a fusion of Alchemy and Alkahestry? I remember the guy studied both, at least.

Hah. Ahahahh. Ahahahahahaha

If Hohenheim made Alkahestry, well, maybe Mr. Whoeverthefuck has no idea about its existence.

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I could be you police daddy,or should I say POLISH daddy ahahahh 10\10 best pun

 please. . enough.. i dont need any daddies.. 


@artofennun AHAHHAHAH i saw your post about prince!yoongi and I got inspired ??

  • doesn’t really care about the royal meetings and all that jazz he’s just there  because hid dad forced him to be there it was either this or the triathalon
  • prefers to laze around covered in pillows or listening to music
  • looks hella fine when he has those gold shoulder pads with the dangly tassles /deep breaths/
  • usually wears t shirts with jeans which causes the palace staff to lose their minds because no.1 they need to stuff him into something more royal looking before the queen sees him no.2 HOW CAN SOMEONE LOOK SO GOOD IN JUST JEANS AND T SHIRTS ???
  • but aside from gluing his royal ass to bed he also attends many different museums grand openings and fashion shows
  • constantly blows everyone off their feet when he arrives
  • he doesn’t normally dress formally, his style would be like ‘chic cold grandpa’
  • even though he’s not a fan of running he enjoys playing basketball with bodyguard!jimin and butler!taehyung
  • actually pretty darn good at it,once represented the kingdom as a team with many other talented players to compete
  • get scolded by the maids for tracking in dirt into the palace he flashes them a cheeky gummy smile and all of that is forgotten
  • DyES HIS HAIR liKE a miLLION times, doesn’t like his hair colour to stay the same for too long because he wants to see how good he looks in each one
  • yoongi pls
  • is a smol grown man but likes to makes HUge pillow forts whenever winter approaches and supposedly it makes him warm 
  • the palace staff can’t help but giggle whenever they come in the bring food to him, they see him launching himself from his bed and into his mountain of pillows but ofc Prince!yoongi was busy ‘warming’ himself to notice the staff so they just left it on a table for him
  • don’t overlook him as some lazy prince that doesn’t do his duty
  • Everyone who knows him agree that this boy is a walking contradiction, he could be SO SO lethargic and motionless but he could also work through days without sleeping 
  • once got a project that was given by the Queen, to think of plans of setting up an orphanage and presenting his ideas to the ministers, not wanting to let his mother down, he stayed up for 4 days straight to which worried his parents but the were happy that their son was so driven and determined to do this well
  • ANd of course, his plan was a success [ what do you expect from a genius like min yoongi ]
  • was caught sneaking by his dad but knowing how his son wouldn’t listen, he told him to bring at least on bodyguard with him
  • likes to go into the city to enjoy what its like to be living there, falls in love with the underground music, it was something he never heard before, he also enjoyed chilling in small coffee shops just enjoying some peace and quiet with bodyguard!jimin   /unintentional yoonmin *coughs* it was on purpose *coughs*/
  • whenever his mother bugged him about getting engaged to a princess of another country he would always shrug it off saying that “music has always been his first love” 
  • he didn’t want to be tied down at the moment, he wanted to see the world maybe watch a couple dramas with dry cereal on his face
  • always courteous to the palace staff since they were like a second family to him
  • constantly makes the palace maids swoon when he smile or waves at them #stealinurgirl
  • actually studies really hard despite his laid back demeanor since he doesn’t want to let down his parents when he one day becomes king and mostly importantly to lead his subjects well
  • he hopes that one day his people will be proud to call him their king
  • basically bow down to Prince!yoongi ahaha

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m definitely going to write more for BTS now, my creative juices are all bottled up and I’m ready to use them woo

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