I’m going to say now, instead of having this happen out of the blue like last week— I’ll probably be live-blogging (read: yelling) thoughts on the OPM dub for half an hour straight (possibly longer) when it comes on, so if you don’t want to see that, you should blacklist “opm dub” if you want, ahahahh

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19 atleast and I have a question. At what time to you usually stream? (if you stream)

woAH 19???????thank you ahahahh ;w;!!(you have an amazing timing anon)

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Sono una ragazza molto timida e riservata. Tutti mi vedono tranquilla, timida e dicono che sono suora perché non dico parolacce, non penso a cose "hot" o cose del genere. Ma in realtà io ho tantissimi pensieri perversi ahahah poi una cosa che mi piace tantissimo è tipo indossare intimo sexy, ne vado pazza ahhaah. Mi piace avere questo lato che nessuno sa ahahah. Infatti con alcuni ragazzi con cui sono stata ci sono rimasti di stucco ahahahh


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i don't have a bias in seventeen but it's been harder and harder to pick one since the aju nice era started!!!! since each member is going to have their own center stage it'll be impossible for me to pick a bias omg

here is my solution to you …. just dont choose ahahaah have 13 bias because trust me even though you had that one bias in mind, the next day you will end up having other 12 anyway ahahahh XD. one of the few thing pledis did well on is how they weight out and promote each member. it is extremely hard to push 13 member at once but in the past few eras, we can see that pledis had don a great job on stabilize it out, distribute promotion, and allows each member to have their “shining” moments…. They really do deserve it.

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i was tagged by @neonhansol @yanoseos and @seokjenn thanks guys! and i’ll tag @hojoonahaf @atomative @hansolsdog @xerols c:

1. Mom/Dad - bambam LOL WHAT
2. Your sibling - kidoh fkjghklsgj
3. Your grandma/ grandpa - sangmin ahahahh
4. Haunts you - wonho i hope he haunts me in a good way 
5. Your boyfriend / girlfriend - KAI HELLO
6. Your ex - jackson :(
7. Your best friend -xero :3
8. Proposed to you - jb i accept
9. Your boss - mark LOL NO
10. The random person you met at the bar - pgoon i’d believe it
11.Your rival - hojoon yes i want to fight him
12. Gave you your first kiss - zelo but he’s the giant babyyy c: 
13. Drunk and singing karaoke with -  bjoo i believe that too
14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with - hyungwon kfjghlksfjsgff hahahakshfg
15. Gave you your favourite dessert - yongguk yo boi