A/N: This thing is rated 18+ AHAHAHHAHAHHA. just kidding. BUT I BETTER GO AWAY CAUSE  ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ MUAHAHHAHAHAH. I’m having fantasies about jungkook.  (⊙﹏⊙)

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YOU: Hey Kookie…

JK: ne? jagiya?

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YOU: uhhh.. I want your K–Kookie *blush*

JK: *think dirty* h-huh? You mean my—

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YOU: eww nooooo!!! *slap him gently at his arm* 

JK: ew huh? You didn’t said that last time when we did it…. *smirk*

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anonymous asked:

The sighing and humming asks make me think of eren and levi using casual morse code to chat. like maybe its tapping fingers against the desk, maybe it's how they're breathing but its probably about erwin's eyebrows

AHAHAH omfg like two taps equals an eyebrow joke and four taps equals ‘meet me in the supply closet’ or maybe i am just turning all of these into something smut related… probably

enerjak  asked:

You always say you're mean or aggressive, I don't think I really believe that's super true.

Believe whatever the fuck you want because people on tumblr know every single fucking thing about me. lmfao. right. okay. sure. i don’t even know you from a fucking hole in the wall.