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'BTS Sukira Radio'

RW: Jk, what did you get for children’s day today?
Jk: first place!!!

Jhope: it’s our first win so…
Dj: OMG really I didn’t know. Wow congrats!!
V: the closest we got to was nominations so..

V: my parents are in Thailand with their friends so I don’t think they know I won lol. They’re not answering my call….

S: rather than we did well I think our fans worked really hard to get us to where we are today

Jm: I wanna thank ryeowook who congratulated us…..
Rm: ahhhh you’re good at socializing …

Dj: our visual, Jin, you’ve gotten more handsome
J: of course

You’re the only one with an older sister right
JH: yeah, lately we contact each other a lot. Not much before but lately

How old is your sister?
JH: she’s a 90liner

JH: my sister LOVES jungkook. I can’t believe she likes a minor

Is your sister pretty?
Members: she looks exactly like JH
Dj: then she must be really pretty!!!!

S: my older brother really loves RM

You got to shoot a cf lately right?
Rm: yeah I shot it with iron and aoa’s jimin

I heard you’re all out when you make friends
V: I give them my heart so when we break up I get really sad

S: we went to an orphanage for charity last time and when we had to leave he was sooooo sad
V: I really hated leaving

Jimin who has abs..
V: he doesn’t have it anymore..

Jimin who loves jungkook.. Really?
Jm: I don’t really like him but he’s cute
V: I think he likes dudes
Jm: but I hate you

When did you start drawing?
Jk: I just followed my older brother and started drawing
Oh where’s your brother now
Jk: army!

Legs that girls are jealous of, Suga
S: it’s my complex though…

Girls would be jealous of your legs though
S: girls don’t come near me in broadcast studios..
Rm: u sure it’s bc of your legs.

Dj: are you jealous of Suga’s legs?
Fans: YESSSS (in a cute way)
JH: (repeats) ah so cute

S: I don’t usually wear shorts but this time the concept needed us to wear shorts
Dj: I’m sure your fans are envious

(During introduction)
Dj to Suga: ooooo your voice

Ryeowook kept praising jk saying he’s good looking, sings well, dances well, has a good body and jk kept replying aigo

Game to choose the best children’s day man. Winner wins snacks!

What do you do before you open the toilet door?
Correct ans: knock
How would children answer this
J: takes off pants
V: puts hands into pants
Rm: unzips pants (ding!)

What do you say to a friend who wins a competition
Correct ans: congrats!
Jk: buy me lunch
V: how much?
V: you? (As in “you won???”) (ding!)

V wins the game so he wins snacks (yakult and more!)
Jm: whoa there’s a lot in there

They’re reading letters regarding the worries of youngsters. Jk is reading one about a 23yr old girl who’s never dated

Who’s your favourite member?
Girl: Suga!
S: oooooh I’m in a good mood haha

Rm: do you go for blind dates and stuff?
Girl: yeah but still….
Rm: maybe you have a weird scent that you’re not aware of?
Rm: I used to have a realllllyyyyy pretty friend who didn’t know of her weird scent lol
S: maybe you have a really high expectation of guys?
Girl: I like fair guys with a nice voice, height doesn’t matter
S: ME!!!
Girl: it’ll be best if he’s from Daegu too haha
Members: ahahahha she’s so cute

Who’s your fav member?
Girl: namjoon!
Jm: ok I’ll stop interviewing you and let him do it then
JH: hahah he’s angry!!!!

J: maybe ur sunbae is ignoring u bc u’re so pretty that his gf told him to keep a distance
Dj: maybe u look like his 1st love
Jm: I’m on your side, noona. Hwaiting!
Girl: ah, saranghae
Members: hahaha so cute
Girl: lastly can I say something?
Dj: go ahead
Girl: namjoon ah, why are you so sexy
Rm: (sexy voice) seulgi noona hwaiting

Dj: the end is near, how’s the drawing going, jungkook?
Members: whoaaaaaaa it looked really good

Dj: please say your last words to sukira listeners
Members: @&$@&$@@€£¥&&&
Dj: we don’t have time guys…
Rm: thank you for inviting us! I need to let jk talk so I have to speed up
Jk: I didn’t get to talk a lot but thank you!!!

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my Jap teacher used Naruto for a dialogue prompt hahaha

LOL today for the listening portion of my Japanese test my teacher made a dialogue between Naruto and Sakura and part of it was like

Naruto: どんあ男の人が好きですか。(What kind of man do you like?)
Sakura: かっこいい男の人です。(A good looking man)
Naruto: だから、誰が好きですか。 (So, who is it you like?)
Sakura: サスケさんがすきです!!(I like Sasuke!)

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