This is honestly the best conversation between Karamatsu and Osomatsu, and possibly the best conversation between Karamatsu and any of his brothers I will fight you about this.

Examples on why:

Karamatsu asking his big brother questions it’s cute

Osomatsu gigging and making jokes cuties

Osomatsu telling him too not worry about what others think

The birthplace of the Karamatsu tank top and the sinful man, guilt guy™

Osomatsu telling Karamatsu that he doesn’t need to change who he is or what he enjoys

Karamatsu looking genuinely happy/relieved at this


in short: the eldest brothers relationship is very pure and underrated.

@maidingevaudan sent me this beaut!

  • It was meant to be a prank gift from some of the guys on the team
  • But Kent clearly loves it
  • So it’s hanging in his apartment where all his guests can enjoy it.
  • People are either in awe or in shock of it. There are no other reactions.
  • Kit seems to be indifferent to the portrait.
  • But at least she hasn’t sank her claws through the canvas. Kent considers it a win.

anonymous asked:

wait you met Niall and just rubbed his back the whole time???

ahahahahahh the whole thing was so awkward sometimes i want to cry when i think about it. I met him in November in London and I asked Basil if I could take a picture with him before he had to leave, Basil said no because that man likes to shout at me personally for no reason (it happened in the past as well) but Niall heard me so he came closer and told me ‘let’s take a picture, quick’ so I posed with him and I had my arm around his waist while I was trying not to scream because it was the one and only time i approached one of them for a picture and i didn’t even noticed i started rubbing his back with my hand when I thanked him for the picture, like my hand couldn’t move away.. I know it sounds creepy and awful (trust me i thought about that gesture all night after that and i still think about it) but i didn’t mean to be like ‘rude’ or something, I just thanked him and I rubbed his back automatically and he was smiling and when he realised I was a bit starstrucked and I wasn’t able to move my hand away he laughed saying ‘ooookay, i have to go now, thank you’ and then I snapped out of my daze and I realised what i was doing so i took my hand away quickly and thanked him again before running away. He didn’t look uncomfortable or anything and I honestly didn’t do it on purpose, I never know what to do with my hands and my stance when i meet someone ‘normal’, let alone when I meet someone like Niall. I hope he understood it was just Anna being Anna and in no way I wanted to harass him, he was very sweet and very patience with everyone considering they were all stalkers and psychos he had just left to go to his car. That night I was about to close my eyes to sleep and suddenly I said ‘WHY DID I DO THAT’ out loud, i am still in shock