Casually reading an article on questions someone wants answers for in season 4 of Agents of SHIELD and it’s like

“Has Simmons gotten over her feelings for her first love Will (Dillon Casey) enough to put Fitz’s mind at ease?“




Ahahahahahahaha oh my god NO did this person even watch the show?? ‘First’. I cannot. I’m laughing hysterically. ‘First’.


JIN: What if you wake up tomorrow and you’re just suddenly practicing for No More Dream? (He’s saying what if where they are now is just a dream)


RM: We’re back to practicing No More Dream and eating only chicken breast.


SUGA: No seriously this could all be just a dream.

JIN: Good job bringing down the mood.



(sappy last ep feels under the cut)

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*They’re coming to take me away plays as im dragged to the funny farm sobbing*

Credo che la Perugina abbia fatto la scelta migliore della sua “vita” mettendo le frasi di Tiziano Ferro sui bigliettini dei baci. Quindi se qualcuna fosse segretamente innamorata di me è volesse dichiararsi sa cosa potrebbe regalarmi! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
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When your ex text you “I miss you”

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a fluffy smut where college boy Ashton takes a high school girl out parking (sex in a car) and she's all shy and has pigtails and he's all confident and she's nervous and it's her first time? (Sorry if that made no sense)

/ sorry for the errors, i just finished writing and didn’t feel like checking for mistakes! and this was my first time writing smut so excuse me if it’s a bit..well you know🙈 enjoy! /

He waited for her at the front of the school and watched her small figure sneak off from her friends and make her way to him.

“Hi” she whispered when she got in and put on her seat belt. He smiled and kissed her cheek, she began blushing after his gesture and he thought it was cute.

“Have fun?” He asked, referring to school. Her smile turned into a frown, he thought something was wrong so he asked what was bothering her.

“Nothing, it’s just stressful. Homework and all, I’m sure you know” she sighed and slouched in her seat. She looked cute with her pouty face and her pigtails made her look so innocent, he began thinking of ways to cheer her up. Then an idea came to mind, one he knew would satisfy them both.

“I don’t like it when my princess is sad..” He cooed and intertwined their hands, he was drawing circles with his thumb on the back of her hand and brought it up to kiss it, “How about I make you feel good” he kissed it again and began leaving a trail of kisses up her arm to her neck. She giggled and moved her head to the side.

“But I have to be back for a test in Biology” she warned him, he checked the clock, the time being only eleven.

“We have more than enough time” he whispered, pulling away and starting the car. He parked in the back of the school’s parking lot and faced Y/N again.

“Come on” he unbuckled his seat belt and jumped in the backseat, she followed shyly after and sat in the back with him. His hands trailed up her thighs, she watched with wide eyes. He knew she was shy and he didn’t mind. It’s not like they they hadn’t done anything before, they never made it as far as sex but it was one of the many things he liked about her. Being shy was just.. Her.

“Ashton” she whispered and pressed her thighs tightly together, she was soaking and the thought of getting caught turned her on even more. He brought his lips towards hers and waited for her close the space between the two. When she did their tongues explored each others mouth and his hand slowly inched towards her clit.

“Tell me what you want, this is all about you” he reminded her, she let out a moan as he hovered over her and used his elbows to hold him up. His swollen lips left kisses and sucked on her neck as he waited for a response.

“What do you want, princess” he asked again and she whimpered, “say it or else I won’t do it”

“I-I want your lips..on my..on my pussy” she moaned out

“Just for you” he winked before crawling down, not giving her anytime to say anything else. He was sucking harshly, his hands gripped her hips and held them down so she wouldn’t squirm as much. His name left her mouth as his tongue began working wonders against her clit.

“Ashton I want- Uh” her sentence was cut off as he slipped two fingers in and curled them, hitting her G spot easily. She was over the edge but she wanted to feel him inside her when she came.

“I want to feel you inside me Ashton, please” he pulled his head away quickly and looked at her to see if she was serious. He was taken back by her words but by the look on her face, she did mean it.

“You sure babygirl?” He had the biggest smile on his face and his confidence was going through the roof. She nodded her head and watched him strip himself of his clothing and when he was done, his lips met her.

Their bodies grinded against one another with passion and lust and their eyes were filled with desire as he pinned her hands above her head, he positioned himself in front of her paradise and waited to see if she was ready. A quick nod and he slipped inside her, stretching her walls and making Ashton moan from the familiar feeling, she moaned because it was so foreign. Pain and pleasure took over her body as Ashton started moving, his eyes locking with hers. He was going crazy with how good she felt and his hands cupped her breasts. They were both a moaning mess.

“I’m so close” he told her. His thrusts were getting sloppy, she grabbed his face.

“M-me too” she told him

“Look at me, please. I want you to look at me” her soft voice flooded his ears and he opened his eyes to look at her. He saw how beautiful she looked, her sweaty face and glowing skin, she was a masterpiece. She was close and he could tell.

“I love you” he whispered and kissed her lips to try and muffle her moan. Her nails dug into his back as she orgasmed and when she opened her eyes, his hazel eyes were locked with her beautiful, muddy brown ones and suddenly she felt him stiffen up.

“uhhh, fuck, fuck” he muttered as he came inside her. They laid together for a minute to catch their breaths, Ashton began drawing shapes onto her bare stomach and processing everything that just happened.

“And I love you” she said a minute afterwards, snapping him out of his daze. He looked at her in the eyes with a confused face before he remembered his words. A huge smile formed on his lips and he attacked her with kisses and tickling her sides. Her laugh echoed throughout his small car and he found himself smiling like a fool whilst staring at her.

“Come on, let’s get you back to class so you don’t miss your test” he whispered against her forehead, giving her one more kiss and getting dressed.

“Yeah, don’t you have classes today too? Why aren’t you over at the college?” She asked curiously while fixing her pigtails.

“I wanted to see my princess. Glad I did too” he smirked and she giggled, her small hand covering her face that was blushing madly and swatted his arm playfully. He chuckled and shook his head. One last kiss on the cheek and they both went their ways, Ashton’s mind buzzing with ideas for tonight while she was stuck with coming up with an excuse for her friends as to how she got so many hickies on her neck.