ahahahahahahahahah cries into hands

Uh, who is this? Artemis. Your new teammate. Kid Flash; never heard of you. Who are you?! I do not need attitude from the newbie who drove Red Arrow off the Team! She started it! You know I can still hear you! Stop it, both of you. What? I can hear you glaring. You are so not the boss of me! Just do it! Yeah, welcome. You know who would make the cutest couple? You and Wally! You’re so full of passion and he’s so full of, uh, of— It? Do you ever get tired of being wrong? I’m Artemis. Miss Manners here is Wally. You never said what happened to you when you put on the helmet. Geek! Find your own little spitfire; one who won’t let you get away with nothin’. Hey. Beautiful. Wake up. He probably wants me to kill you. Sorry! They’ve got bigger arrows! Not to pry, but what’s your name? Oh, and what’s this about you killing me? I swear, beautiful; I’ve never seen her before in my life! I got confused by some old movie I saw the other night about a ninja girl whose ninja dad ordered her to kill her ninja boyfriend ‘cause he was from a rival ninja clan. So, I’m your ninja boyfriend, huh? Hey, amnesia, remember? Completely forgot how truly annoying you are. Oh, like you’re the goddess of congeniality! Do you think Artemis will be able to maintain her loyalties? She’ll manage all right. It’s not working, genius! One word: souvenir! Two words: gorilla lice! Ow! Will you cut that— Hello, Wally! Leave her alone. Hold still. Yeah, for everyone except Kid Malingerer. 

ARTEMIS! They're dead. Every single alien, if it’s the last thing I do. This thing doesn’t disintegrate; it teleports! Artemis is alive! We’ll set him free along with Artemis. No; you’re wrong! The zeta radiation proves she’s alive! She's— Stop it, KF! Artemis is gone. Interesting. So the person you’re most worried about is Wally. So you really have no interest in confronting your extreme reaction to Artemis’s death? Did you call home? You could zeta there. I don’t need to see another empty house. Then please – allow me. Sure. Team’s needed a real archer. Uh, this could wind up being one of those things that sounds better in my head than out loud, but you are a real archer. I’m jazzed about Red Arrow! …But you… you’ve made your own place on the Team. You’ve got nothing to prove. Not to me. Okay? Okay. And Wally? It sounded fine out loud. Leave him alone! Brilliant! I knew you could— You know, I’m getting pretty tired of you dumping on her. Artemis… are you that freaked out about Red Arrow joining the Team, you had to prove yourself by bringing down the bad guys solo? Please tell me I’m wrong. Well, nice going. What you proved is that you’re insecure and selfish. Keep the sai. Someone screwed up. That’s why… Yeah. At least we know none of us are the mole! I’m amazed we’re still alive. Holding! I should’ve done this a long time ago. No kidding. 

I don’t suppose I could copy off yours? Not a chance. Happy Valentine’s Day, Artemis. You remembered! What kind of a jerk would I be if I forgot Valentine’s Day? For the… fifth year in a row? Babe, you rock. I’m not happy about this. He shouldn’t need you. Babe, you’re freaking out over nothing. What could go wrong? Don’t say that. I’m worried about Artemis – terrified for her! Wally and I really had something special together. I so wanna kiss you now. Or maybe kill you for putting us through all this! Hold that thought – you can decide later… when we’re alone. Ah, ze Eiffel Tower! And the ever-romantic city of lights! We’re definitely coming back here, babe. When there isn’t a world to save. There will always be a world to save. Now drop me and go! Do you think it’ll be enough? Artemis is so gonna kill me for this.


…Where’s Wally?