soraru = umaru-chan
urasakasoramafu mario playthrough
soraru = umaru-chan

So this was taken from the latest gameplay video Mafu uploaded, which you can watch here. 

I just thought this part was really cute, so… 

Soraru: *jumps on top of enemy and kills it*

Urata: nice! (He says “umai/うまい here, which is usually used to say someone is skilled at something. It can also mean that something is delicious hehe)

Mafu: nice!

Urata: uma no sora

***okay tbh I’m not really sure what this is LOL I think he’s playing around with Soraru’s name and "umai”***

Mafu: Umasoraru

Mafu: Umaru

Sakata: Umaru-chan wwww

Soraru: onii-chaaan~

Mafu: Eh!?

Sakata: just now…www

Soraru and Mafu: *both jump in the air, but Soraru bounces off of Mafu and Mafu falls down and dies*

Mafu: AHDHSfhe!? EH!? JUST NOW…

(He’s probably accusing Soraru for killing him lol)

Soraru: no no no no no no wwww you came from below me wwww

And that’s where I stopped understanding LOL. I thought this was funny because Mafu’s compared Soraru to Umaru-chan before in a hikkikomoranai radio before www. 

 I’m still very very new to Japanese so please take this with a grain of salt ;w; 

If you want to watch this snippet, it starts at around 29:58 on the video!


To celebrate 500+ Followers this blog got, I think it’s fitting to give a tribute to the comic that practically sealed my deal in Underfell AU ((because I assume most of you guys get here by my underfell doodles ))

Underfell : The Dare by @nyublackneko (It’s just so good it makes me goes yup that’s it I’m not leaving this AU any moment now this thing is gonna be my muse for days)

This comic is loosely based on it, also one of my first fanarts for this underfell… which I never finish until now ahahaha I have too much wip


I never thought this blog would get so much followers so quick! Never thought soo many people likes to see my rough doodles and all /w\

Thank you so much!! I hope you guys will enjoy your stay UwU)/~

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Mikasa finds a cute gift from Levi and has to pretend she didn’t see it when he gives it to her. Her poker face is terrible. Hilarity (and much kissing) ensues.

(horribly unedited and stuff)

“What are you hiding?" 


"You keep biting your lips. You only do that when you’re trying to hide something.”

“I do not." 


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  • <p> <b>Me a lesbian:</b> *texting*<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Are you texting your boyfriend?<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> PFFFT<p/><b>My Friends:</b> PFFFFT AHAHAHAHHAHA<p/><b>My Mom:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>My Dad:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Lesbians:</b> AAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Gays:</b> AHAHAHAHAHHAH<p/><b>Bisexuals:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Pansexuals:</b> AHAHAHAAHHA<p/><b>Asexuals:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>All The LGBTQ+ community:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>John Cena:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Obama:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Aliens:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH<p/><b>Miley Cyrus:</b> AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Bob Ross:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Bill Nye:</b> HAHAHAHAHAHAHHH<p/><b>Garnet:</b> AHAHAHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>Kanye:</b> Ha.<p/><b>The moon:</b> HAHAHAHAHAHA<p/><b>The stars:</b> HAHHAHAHAHAH<p/><b>The planets:</b> AHAHAHHAHAHAH<p/><b>The whole galaxy:</b> HAHAHAHAHAHA<p/><b>The Entire Universe:</b> HAHAHAHAHAHA<p/><b>Me:</b> Ahahahahaa good one<p/></p>

Hux // The Faerie King [kylux fae au]

When an old monarch dies, the fight for the throne that ensues is a long and bloody one. But through it all one truth remains unspoken, and that is whomever follows must undoubtedly be the most cunning and charming faerie across the lands. Hux is both, and so much more, with his dizzying intelligence and tactical genius, he unites the courts through machinations not even the craftiest fae can claim to fully understand.

Jealous BTS- when they see you talking to another guy

can you do a scenario/reaction of bts when they get jealous seeing their GF talking with another man? thx~

Jin: “AHAHAHAHAA THAT’S HILARIOUS! What are we talking about?” *loudly interrupts your conversation with the guy*

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Jimin: “Yeah babe, but if you want all of this, you’ll have to stop talking and come with me” *seductive Jimin confusing my Suga Bias heart*

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J-Hope: “Yeah and- WHO THE HELL IS THAT PEASANT Y/N IS TALKING TO” *judges hard*

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Jungkook: *on the outside* “Oh, hi, pleased to meet you I am Jungkook, Y/N’s boyfriend” 

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*on the inside* has already imagined 5 different ways he can kick the guy’s ass.

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Rap Monster: “What? Me? Jealous? No, what are you talking about? I am totally fine. I’m fine. See?” 

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Suga: *does aegyo behind the guy’s back to attract your attention. It works*

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V: “You, yes YOU! I don’t care who you think you are. You know who gets to take her home? This guy! So watch out” 

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine. Credits go to their rightful owners.