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The boys are back in school
  • <p> <b>Kei:</b> Come on Nakano! It's just the usual slavery history!<p/><b>Kou:</b> But... *whines* It's too haaaard<p/><b>Kei:</b> Okay, so they had a really racist president<p/><b>Kou:</b> Uh-huh<p/><b>Kei:</b> And they didn't like the..*ahem* Colored people<p/><b>Kou:</b> Yeah..?<p/><b>Kei:</b> So...What's it called when people act like that? When people say people of another "race" are lesser than themselves?<p/><b>Kou:</b> Uhh...<p/><b>Kei:</b> UGH Come on!!!! Do the math!!<p/><b>Kou:</b> But...This is history...<p/><b>Kei:</b> *facepalms to oblivion*<p/></p>

Jimin grinning knowingly when he sees you wearing his clothes, but still asking you in an innocent voice “this looks familiar I wonder where you got it”