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someone: so have you made any friends yet?
me: *sweating nervously* ya sure

Interviewer: I want you to really sell yourself to me. What are some of your strong points that make you qualified for this position?

Me sweating profusely: Um… I don’t know about the position, but I can tell you random facts about Kakashi. Did you know that he’s a type O? Ahahahaha…. ha…..

Walkers Street (Final Part Aka Part 5)

A/N: I’d like to apologize that I’m an asshole and didn’t update it for almost two weeks?? I had rewritten this like three times and it was driving me crazy ahahahaha…ha…ha…*Clears throat* Anyway. Then I was just busy and just couldn’t sit down and write it how I wanted it. Also I didn’t feel like it would be fair to give any of you some have assessed part.

 Masterlist to WAU and Pervious Part: WAU, Part 4

Summary: You think I’m really gone give you one…Ha…No. 

Warning: Swearing, Violence

Word Count: 3000+ 

Tags: @panda-girl1999 & @lost-in-the-stories

You flinched as the bat swung over Elias’ head. Sting chuckled as Elias shuddered. “Did you fucking fools think that you would be the one’s to be punished? Ha! You are all going to watch as someone else gets beat to fuck for your mistakes!”

Sting turned on his heel and looked at everyone else. He slowly paced back and forth, his bat scraping against the pavement. Then he stopped, the bat was in front of Aj. “Well, well, well. It seems as though my bat picked you!”

Before Sting could raise the bat any higher in the air, you jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck from behind. He toppled back and fell on top of you. You wrapped your legs around his waist and tighten your choke hold on his neck.

Shouting began and things like, “Now!” “Everyone else stay down!” “Get off him!” and, “Get the guns!” were being directed around the small area, but none of it made you release your hold even as Sting shrugged in your grasp.

You could hear gunfire and when you looked were Aj would have been, he was gone as was everyone else. No one fired a single shot at you, far too afraid they’d shot Sting. Through one guy was pointing a gun at you, but Seth came up behind him and hit him over the head with Sting’s bat.

“Let go of him! We need to leave!” They rest of Stings men were shooting at your group and trying to round them back up, so far, none of them were successful.  

You released your hold and shoved him off your before rolling to your feet.  Sting placed his hands on his neck and coughed, threatening he was going to kill you. Seth grabbed your hand and began running, pulling you behind him. Shots were firing at your feet, barely missing you by inches. You both hid behind a truck. Dean and Aj were waiting there.

“What the fuck was that!?” Aj hissed, cocking a large shotgun. “You wanted to die like that!?!” Seth grabbed a pistol out of Dean’s hand and checked the clip. “If it meant everyone else getting out alive then yes!”

“Well, you’ll have to get the fuck over it! I was going to let you die!” Seth shoved the gun into your hand. “You guys going to make a b-line for that truck there-“ Seth pointed towards a large truck that was parked in the corner of the lot.

“What about a gun for you?” You asked, looking at Seth. He bit his top lip. “Seth…You’re coming to the truck right?” Dean looked away checking around the side of the car as the gunfire started up again. 

“Y/n…Listen, I love you with everything I have to give…I want you to live and if that means me staying behind to distract them…Then I’ll do it.”

You shook your head. “Don’t do this to me…” Dean looked back to you. “We need to go now if we have any chance of getting out of here alive.” 

Seth cupped your cheek and leaned forward, kissing your forehead. “If I get out alive…I will find you.”  He kissed your one last time on the lips and brushed his nose against yours. “I love you.”

He stood and tears rolled down your cheeks. “Please, Seth…” He took a deep breath and stepped out behind the truck. Gunfire began ringing out as Seth sprinted the opposite way of the truck. Aj grabbed your arm. “Come on!”

It was like everything was in slow motion. Bullets were flying past you and at your feet. Dean was shouting, “Suck my dick! You bunch assholes!” 

You looked behind you and watched Seth wave his arms in the air before running away from the men that chased him, it looked like he was laughing.

Aj pulled open the door and shoved you towards it. “Get in!” You stumbled into the truck and a sobbed escaped you as you watched a bullet rip through Seth’s shoulder. Aj pushed you further into the truck and shut the door behind him

The truck rumbled to life as Seth was tackled to the ground. Aj wrapped his arm around you as you continued to watch Seth being pulled to his knees and Sting stepping in front of him. The bat was raised above his head.

Dean took off, the truck breaking through the chainlink fence. Some walkers were stumbling towards it but Dean drove the truck right into them, the monsteras truck wheels having no problem running over them. You sobbed into Aj’s chest and his arm tightened around you.

You have no idea how long you had been on the move for. Dean hadn’t stopped driving the truck until it ran out of gas and after that you had all just moved on to a new car, driving it until there was nothing left in that one either.

Now the three of you were on foot. You had managed to scrap up enough supplies from any gas station and convenient store you came across. 

You walk behind Dean and Aj in the tree line. Just far enough inside the trees that anyone in a car wouldn’t be able to see you at first or second glance.

You looked around and had this feeling like you knew where you were. As you continued to walk everything was becoming more familiar. 

You heard the quiet chit chatter coming from Aj and Dean as the walked ahead of you, their hands resting on their weapons.

“Oh my God…” You whispered. You began walking across the road, ignoring Aj calling after you. You ducked under tree branches and stepped over roots as you pushed further into the forest. 

“Y/n!? Where are you going!?” Dean called after you. You continued to push further in, sidestepping a walker that tried to grab you.

You break through the trees and stand there for a long moment. Dean comes up behind you and Aj behind him. “The cabin…” Dean whispers. You unsheathe your knife and moved towards the cabin.

You push the door open and look inside. You boots loudly thud against the wooden floors as you walk to the hall where Seth’s room once was. You slowly open the door and stand there.

It was just the same. The sweatpants folded on the dresser, the unmade bed. A few of Seth’s arrows sat on the nightstand. 

You wondered what happened to his crossbow. Had he left it behind at Riverside? Walking further into the room, you could feel the tears welled in your eyes.

You picked one of the arrows up and a single tear rolled down your cheek. You hadn’t let yourself cry much since you left the city. 

You weren’t sure how long it had been. A couple of weeks maybe a month or so, but you knew how much was bottled up inside you.

Aj said he didn’t want to leave the state just yet. He wanted to wait a little longer. He was still in hope that someone else could’ve survived and maybe was looking for you guys.

You had zero hope. You knew that if anyone else had gotten out that they ran just like you three had, without looking back. You allowed yourself to fall into the mattress. Dean stood in the doorway, watching as you curled yourself into a ball.

Aj looked into the room and let out a sigh. “So…I take it this is where you guys met?” Dean frowned, ignored Aj and walked into the room, laying down beside you. Dean rolled you over towards him and let you bury your face into his chest and sob.

You hadn’t slept much. You would always take first watch, second even. At first, the both would fight with you about not sleeping, but once they saw why you didn’t sleep, they no longer fought with you over it.

You would wake up screaming Seth’s name and when he wasn’t there, you would begin sobbing, hands fisting in your hair as you sobbed out his name. After they both experienced that, they would just tell you to wake them if you found yourself falling asleep.

They also realized that when you woke them because you were tired, you would actually sleep, there was no screaming, no crying. It was just you curled into a ball in the front seat of the car, sleeping.

Dean took the way you were the hardest. Watching you lose who yourself began taking a toll on him. He would try everything to get you to smile. Most of the time you held a blank stare and a clenched jaw.

Dean stroked your hair as you cried into his chest, asking, “Why?” “Why did he do that?”

Both Dean and Aj agreed on staying at the cabin until you could siphon gas and get enough supplies together. No one spoke up about where it was that you’d all be going, you just all agreed that you wanted out of this place.

You had yet to leave the bed once. Dean and Aj had left a little while ago to search for supplies. They begged you to come along but you couldn’t even muster up the energy to say no.

Your head was resting against a t-shirt that once was Seth’s. You stared blankly ahead at one of his arrows. Your eyes were dry and it hurt every time you blinked. You had cried for days. Mostly through the nights until you fell asleep.

Dean had given up on trying to comfort you after the second day there. Aj tried to give you space, but fail. Seeing as every night he would end up coming in and laying by you until you had finally cried yourself to sleep.

You heard the front door open and squeak shut. Heavy footsteps sounded in the living room before making their way down the hall. Your bedroom door opened and your eyes flickered.

Dean was standing there, shirtless, his bloody shirt hanging over his shoulder. “We’re back…Are you hungry?” You shrugged. “Why don’t you come out here and eat tonight? You need to leave this room. Even if it’s just for tonight.”  

You slowly sat up and sat on the edge of your bed for a moment before standing up. You followed Dean out into the living room. Aj was standing in the small kitchen, cooking something on a camping stove. “Hey…”

You walked over to the door and pushed the screen door open, stepping out onto the porch. You sat down on the steps and looked at the small clearing. The grass was overgrown and wildflowers were sprouting up everywhere.

While you watched the grass blow in the evening wind, you heard a distant voice calling your name. You look over your shoulder to see if it was Dean or Aj, but it wasn’t. You shook your head.

As you continued to look around, you could hear the voice, it was faint and you could’ve sworn it was Seth’s voice. “Where are you?” You jerked your head to the left. That was definitely Seth’s voice. You closed your eyes tightly and shook your head. “I’ve gone off the deep end…”

“Y/n…Where are you?” Tears welled in your eyes. His voice was crystal clear. “The cabin…” You whispered, eyes looking around frantically. “I’m at the cabin…Safe and sound.”

The door squeaking behind you caused you to quickly blink back the tears and stand. “I was just coming in…” You said, brushing past Dean.

You grabbed onto a tree branch, your boots pressing against the body of the tree. You could hear Dean and Aj bickering on the porch of the cabin over what road was the best to take out of the state.

You swung your leg over a branch and pressed your back against the tree. Every night you could hear Seth’s voice telling you he was coming for you…Coming to get you.

You knew it just your mind playing tricks on you. Some weird coping thing. It never stopped you from holding onto hope. You let your shoulders drop and let out a sigh as you looked up into the Leafs.

You heard the rustling of leafs but shrugged it off to the wind that just seemed to kick up. The air was fresh and breezy. It must be spring time. 

The crack of a stick grabbed your attention. You looked down and watched the ground while flickering your eyes over to the guys every few seconds.

A walker came stumbling out of the woods, groaning loudly. You felt yourself fill with disappointment. You knew it was a long shot- an imposable shot- that Seth lived, but still, you hoped.

Dean hopped over the railing and raised an axe up high, but before he could sink the axe into its head, an arrow pierced its head. Your body froze. Had those crazy bastards found you?

You unholstered your gun and waited for someone to emerged from the trees. A small figure came sprinting out from the trees and slammed into Dean’s legs, arms wrapping around his waist. It was Jason. Dean froze and Aj raised a gun as Elias came from the trees, hands held high.

“I’m not here to hurt you! I bring no harm…” Your eyes filled with tears as you stared at Jason and Elias…They lived. They were here. You watched Aj lower his gun and stare off behind Elias.

You look down and suddenly you feel goosebumps litter your skin. Seth stood there, crossbow held in his hands, clothes filled with blood, hair pulled away from his face and once again his beard far too overgrown.

He walks further in and Dean is the first to move towards him, hugging him tightly. Seth let the crossbow fall to the ground as he hugs him back.

You wanted to move, to swing yourself from the tree, but you couldn’t muster any of your muscles to move. You hear more rustling in the trees and you watch as Tyler emerges next.

“Where is Y/n?” Seth asked, looking around. “Y/n isn’t…” Dean shook his head. “No! Y/n is in-“ “Up here…” You say. 

Seth whorls around. You force your body to move down the tree. Tyler reaches out and grabs Jason before he could lunge himself at you in excitement.

Seth moves forward and pulls you against his chest. He buries his face in your hair and you let out a sob, one that breaks Seth’s, heart.

Seth cups the back of your head and tightens his arm around your waist. Tears filling his own eyes and falling down his cheeks. Your arms created an iron cage around him, not allowing him to move even an inch away from you.

   “If this is a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up…” Seth shook his head. “It isn’t a dream, Y/n. It’s real. I’m here.” You pull just enough away to look at him, even with tears clouding your eyes you could still see his handsome face.

Seth brushes away the tears and leans forward, pressing a kiss to your lips. “I’m here.”

That night you lay curled up against Seth’s side, your face pressed against his chest. Everyone decided to stay at the cabin one more night and leave just before dawn.

Elias and Jason took Dean’s room across from you, Dean took the couch, he wanted to make sure Jason had a bed. Tyler laid out a few pillows and blankets on the floor in the living room, happy to be somewhere that wasn’t a car or the woods, even if it was for just one night.

You could hear Jason jumping on the bed, it continued to squeak even after Elias told him to stop and that people were sleeping. It made a small smile spread on your face. You looked up at Seth as he lay peacefully beside you. “How’d you know we’d be here? And…How did you get out of there alive?”

Seth looked down at you. “Tyler…He got hold of one of their guns and as Sting was going to swing the bat, he shot him in the shoulder. Everyone freaked the fuck out and covered him, running him towards a truck of some sort as he swore and called us crazy. Cause we’re the crazy ones right?”

“We got Jason out of the abandoned car after Tyler helped me up. I didn’t want to leave without him, without knowing he was safe at the very least. Elias shot one of the goons that were coming up behind us. He too was coming for Jason…”

“We took one of their trucks and waited a few moments, hoping that someone else had seen us, but there were walkers coming in…Tyler didn’t want to wait any longer after he had seen Fandango and Baron get ambushed by walkers and Tye get shot by one of the remaining goons.”

You sat up and turned your body towards him. You look at the bandaged spot on his shoulder. You place a hand on it, gently stroking it. 

“Elias said I was lucky that I lived…That my will to live must’ve been what kept me going cause I should’ve died…Anyone else would’ve in this world without real medical attention.”

“I ended up going back to Riverside with them…Just for a few days…I was hoping you were there. You weren’t. Obviously. I warned them about those assholes and demand my crossbow back. Fucking dicks tried to keep it.” 

You smiled a little. “I thought for sure Elias was going to stay, with the kid and all. But he said he owed you, he owed us. Tyler didn’t want to stay behind, that you were the only person he knew from his old life…So we all set out to find you.”

You looked down at your hand in his and frowned. “How’d you know we were here?” Seth shrugged. “Lucky guess.” You looked at him now and shook your head. “How’d you know?” He sighed. “You’re going to think I’m crazy…” 

He laughed. “While in Riverside I…I woke up one night, calling your name, asking where you were…And then I heard your voice telling me you were at the cabin…Safe and sound. So I said I was leaving and as I told you, everyone else came.”

You let out a breathy laugh. “I heard you voice asking…I was sitting on the porch when I heard it…I thought I had gone crazy but I answered…Then other times I heard your voice telling me you were coming for me…I really thought I had gone crazy.”

Seth sat up and pulled your near him, his lips pressing against yours. You rested your forehead against him as tears filled your eyes. “Never do that again…Never.” Seth shook his head ever so slightly. “I won’t. Never, ever again.”

He kissed you again. “I love you, Y/n.” “I love you too, Seth.”

Enemies Joker x Reader

Warnings: Blood

Y/N walked up to the club guarded heavily with goons. She wasn’t nervous though, they knew she was coming. You had to get used to being in danger when you were one of the biggest crime bosses in Gotham City. Recently she noticed she had new competition, The Clown Prince of Crime. Ha. Apparently this boy didn’t understand boundaries and that’s why she’s here instead of handling important business. Just thinking about him made her roll her eyes. She walked into the club, a man already waiting to take her to meet the boss. Looking around and noticing the attire everyone else had, she felt under dressed with her blouse and jeans. She didn’t exactly dress up for the occasion. Whatever. Best case scenario, she gets to kill him and take back her city. As she was walking to the VIP section, she noticed him watching her. For some reason it made her uneasy. There’s no way this guy will intimidate me. No way. She hoped she looked more confident than she felt. As she approached the section she tried to move the beads out of her way, getting them caught in her hair and hitting her face. Smooth. He flashes her a smile, showing off a grill. Jesus, he looks like a pimp.  She reaches out to shake his hand when he grabs it and kisses it, causing her face to burn red. Usually she’s much more in control, but this asshole is embarrassing himself. Yeah that’s it. Blame it on him. When she goes to sit down he growls and holds a hand out as if to stop her.

“Why don’t you come sit on Daddy’s lap?” Y/N is shocked. Her mouth falls open and she’s sure her eyes are as big as saucers. She just stands there gaping, her mouth opening and closing resembling a fish. How about fuck no…

“Uh-I-um n-no.” Great start. She feels like she accomplished something big when he growled with annoyance. Y/N sits down and clears her throat.

“We need to talk about boundaries. How about you get-”

“Oh, honey I don’t want any boundaries with you.” He licked his lips, looking her up and down. She decides to ignore his obvious flirting.

“Well I do. This is the reason why we decided to meet.” There. Gaining some confidence.

“Can you unbutton the top two?” He said while staring at her chest. Herbert the Pervert here.

“I was thinking we could divide it in two, you get half and I get the other.”

“Do you come with that deal?”

“It pains me to say it, but no.” Y/N responded, rolling her eyes.

“Tell me, Y/N. Do you wear lingerie?”

“So it’s a deal then?”

“I feel black lace would bring out your skin tone, what’s your size? You look like you’d be a-”

“OK, then! It’s a deal. It wasn’t a pleasure doing business with you.” She muttered the last part, knowing he still heard. He smirked.

“Oh it could be.” Y/N felt her face turning red as he started purring. When she gets up to leave he grabs her hand, placing it on his cheek.

“Baby, baby, baby why leave so soon?” He started placing kisses on her hand, occasionally nipping at the soft flesh.

“B-because we’re done here?” She tried to yank her hand away when he suddenly bit down hard, causing her to yelp.

“Jesus Christ! What the hell is wrong with you?!” He started to lick at the wound, causing her to smack him across the mouth with the same hand. It didn’t do much damage because of the angle and the way he held her hand, but he sure looked pissed. He suddenly stands up and grabs her by her nape, yanking her to him and crashing his lips into hers. He tasted sweet and metallic. The aggressiveness of the kiss caused her to lean in for more. As he pulled away he nipped at her nose. Her face felt like it was on fire and her lips were red and swollen. He smirked and looked down. During the kiss, his hands had snuck up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. He let out a little laugh.

“Was that so hard?” Leaning back in, his lips hovered over hers. Before she had time to react, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the stomach. She gasped, shock coming over her features as he pulled the knife out and stabbed it into her again.

“Sorry, sweets. Only one of us can have this city.” He whispered in her ear, petting her hair as she wheezed. Blood started to drip out of her mouth, onto his suit. He growled and stabbed her again. Laughing as the life drained out of her eyes, he let her fall to the floor, her blood forming a puddle around her.

“Frost! Clean up in the VIP section!HA HA AHAHAHAHA

The Joker blinked back to reality. She had a confused look on her face, completely oblivious to his original plans in his day dream. His mouth still hovered over hers, like he was going to kiss her again.

“Tell you what, sweets. How about you rule this kingdom with me? Be my…. Be my…” He moved his hands around as he talked, as if he was searching for the perfect word.

“My queen?”

never interact with attractive people (2/?)

i started getting paranoid about this fic again, so i’m posting what i have as a christmas present i guess???? this fic is turning out longer than i thought, so it’ll take another part or two to cover everything. please enjoy!

In which Adrien is completely gone on Marinette, who is seriously questioning her sanity, and Gabriel continues to be The Worst™.


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theravenclawwitchling  asked:

20, 21, 30! :D

20.Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

Yes, and I feel like they are pretty clearly blue but people say they look green too. I think it’s because I’ve got a little bit of that yellow around the middle. Not like Aelin or anything lol, just a smidge

21.Skipped doing homework to play a video game?

ahahahaha….HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. haha. ha. *sweats*

30.Where were you yesterday?

yesterday I was at home! I went grocery shopping with my mom at some point but then moped around the house.

Undyne Redone

Ok. So this was originally gonna be done with just the pic of Undyne on the bottom…and then I kept looking at it…and getting ideas…and I wasn’t satisfied sooooo, out came Genocide-Undyne! Of course I still have a fear of hoomins so…she just “a-head!” AHAHahaha..haha..ha. I’m sorry…~


flo-lore-writes  asked:

i thought the salt had ended but apparently it hasn't bc i haven't yet salted myself for how petty i am? like literally a couple hours ago i was told not to put as much salt on my dinner so i just maintained eye contact and aggressively salted it and it was gross but i didn't say anything bc i wasn't prepared to give in and i just ... i need someone to know that i am salty about how petty i am about salt. this has been a salty ask. have a big drink of water #SaltFest2k17

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA relatable you know what i’m gonna do about the straw i NO LONGER HAVE with my starbucks cup? I’m gonna break the fucking cup so I have the option to buy another one which my parents will pay for because I am a) petty af and b) not going to go to starbucks and ask for a single straw from one of their on display cups bc they will defo not give me one ahahahaha this has been Mahnoor’s BPD taking over her decisions will be back with how that works out lmao :D

Tell Me [SMUT]

Word Count: 1792

Authors note: I have abandoned my tumblr for like a week I’m so sorry guys. I don’t know how this turned out as like the format of the paragraphs so I hope it okay because I did it on my phone. 

“Hey, do I smell bad?” You asked him. You had just finished running around for P.E and just met your boyfriend in front of the school gates, to go home. He leaned closer to your neck and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm.” He murmured. “Not at all…” His lips started to attack your neck.
“Yahhh. We’re in public, Park Jimin.” You scowled.

“We’ve never done this in public before.” He responded with a smirk and continued to mark your neck.

“But what if the teachers see us?

They’re going to tell our parents and that can’t happen. Not now. I need good grades. Jimin are you even listening?”
“If you don’t shut up, I’ll make you.”

“Shhh you’re attracting attention to us.”

“Oh yeah… I am aren’t I.”

“Let me help you not attract attention to us.”

His lips moved to your lips. You could feel your underwear becoming wet gradually with the thought of what this could turn to. His tongue swiped across your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You refused but when his hands trailed to your ass you couldn’t take it anymore and opened your mouth. His tongue slid in and twirled around yours. His hands tightened against you pressing you against him. You moved your hips, rubbing his member. You felt his erection twitch. You smiled with satisfaction.

“182!” The principal yelled.

“Minnie, that’s our bus.” You mumbled into his mouth.

He groaned and let go of you as you made your way to the bus.

“Hey babe.” Taehyung said in your ear with an incredibly low voice. You held back a scream and turned around.

“Hey! Don’t do that Taehyung! You scared the crap out of me.”

“Okay okay baby I’m sorry.” He slung an arm across your shoulder. Jimin eyed the arm wearily.

“Taehyung, could you please not touch my girlfriend?”


“Because she’s mine.” You blushed at these words.

“Okay but on one condition.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“I get to tell her something.”

Jimin shot him a quizzical look but agreed. Taehyung leaned down until his mouth was right next to your ear.

“I’ll treat you like homework, and slam you on the table and do you all night long.” He whispered, his voice dropped an octave.

“YAH KIM TAEHYUNG!” You screamed, blushing furiously and hit his shoulder.
“What the hell did you tell her?!” Jimin asked.

“Haha. Nothing at all. You better go on the bus or it’s going to leave without you.”

You both looked at the bus and ran towards it.

“Bye guys! See you tomorrow!” Taehyung screamed. “Oh wait it’s a Saturday tomorrow…” He mumbled.

“Come on baby, what did he tell you?”
Your face was as red as a tomato. “Nothing ahaha ahahahaha ha ha ha…” And you looked out the window.
Jimin growled in annoyance.

“Tch that kid.”

The rest of the bus trip was filled with awkward silence and you frantically wracked your brain for a conversational topic. Jimin moved in what would seem like a normal movement to someone who didn’t know better. But you knew better. You eyes his hand that has half covering his clothed dick and held your breath as you tried to hold back the pearls of laughter that was going to erupt from your mouth any second. Someone sat down beside you and you were forced to squish up against Jimin until you were half on his lap. He tended and you secretly smiled to yourself. Finally to his relief, the bus stopped at the bus stop and everyone got off. Jimin was quiet the whole journey home but before you two parted he said “Why don’t you come to mine for a while to do that assignment we got today?”

“When were ever big on starting assignments the day you get them?” From his uncomfortable squirming you guessed that obviously doing homework wasn’t his anterior motive but you grinned and said sure, excited for what he had in store for you. Walking hand in hand and walking at an agonisingly slow pace, his house finally came into view.
“Oh it seems that my parents left already for the weekend.” He said in an not so innocent tone and grinned lopsidedly at you with a twinkle in his eyes. He let you into his house.

“Anything to drink eat for the young ma'am?”

“What the hell Jimin are you okay?”

“No. You got me all hot I think I have a fever.” He pulled you by the hip closer to him until you were right up against him. He rubbed his erection into your tummy.

“See what you did to me” he moaned in your ear. Chills ran up your back in anticipation of what was coming. Jimin walked until your back was against the way and stuck out his hands beside your head.

“Babe. I still want to know what Taehyung said.”

You shook your head and blushed. Taehyung did have that impact on you when he wanted to.

“Na uh. Not saying. Don’t worry about it”
Jimin smirked. “Nah. I’m not worrying. I will know by the end of today.” He started to walk towards you and you retreated until your back hit the corner of the island table. His placed his hands on both sides of you, trapping you.
“Tell me.” He whispered, his voice dropping. You shook your head. He suddenly rubbed his erection against you and your mouth fell open in surprise. With a smile on his face, he leaned in and closed the gap between you two. His pressed gentle kisses on your lips which make your tummy flutter.

Suddenly the kiss became harder, hotter. His tongue forced its way into your mouth and his hands started to make its way down. They rested at the waistband of your pants before sliding in and rubbing your clit through your underwear. Your knees felt weak as you held onto his arm. He moved your panties to one side and rubbed a finger across.

“Ooh. So wet already.” He hummed. His lips moved to your ear and he licked your earlobe with the tip of his tongue. Your hands made its way to the bottom of his shirt and tugged up. “No not yet.” He tutted in your ear and continued his attack on your clit. His fingers graced across your pussy lips and fondled your clit teasingly. Your hands reached for the waistband of your jeans and you tugged them down along with your underwear. “So needy.” He smirked down at you. Your eyes squeezed shut and your head fell back as he inserted one finger in and out of you. Then he added another. Moans erupted from your mouth and Jimin smirked with satisfaction as he watched your erotic expression. The cold, hard surface of the counter contrasted sharply with your flushed, sweaty skin. He hoisted you up and pulled off the remainder of your jeans from your ankles. You spread your legs as wide as you could and his lips tilted up at your response. He tongue danced across his lower lip as he eyes your glistening clit. He planted soft butterfly kisses along your wet clit. He held out a digit and gently rubbed your core. Repeating this process, he looking up at the needy you.

“Stop teasing” you half moaned half said.

He granted your wish as his tongue peaked out and he took one long slow lick across your clit. You squirmed at his touch, wanting more. He continued to praise your clit slowly, giving it slow long licks. Sometimes his tongue darted inside but only for a split second before it made a hasty retreat.

“Stop fucking teasing.”
His tongue stopped altogether and he uprighted himself.

“Tell me what Taehyung said.”

You shook your head once again rebelliously, knowing he would eventually force it out of you. But two can play this game. You sat up on the counter and beckoned him closer.

“Jimin baby.” You whispered huskily as you slipped off the counter and spun him around, trapping him against the counter. He smiled, liking this side of you. Leaning in for a kiss, your hands made it way down to his erection. The tables have turned. You palmed him through his pants and smirked as he threw his head back and gripped the table until his knuckles were white. Satisfaction filling your body, when you felt his erection twitch. At the same time
He moaned and instead of gripping the table, his hands made its way to your butt and gave it a firm squeeze.

You smiled at him and he smiled back, clearly enjoying your little game. You unzipped his pants and stripped him of his boxers. His erection sprung out and the cool air hit his heated dick. You looked down at it and got on your knees. Taking his length in your hand, you planted a soft kiss on the tip where pre-cum dripped out steadily. Your tongue peaked out and you licked the tip of his cock. His hands clung onto your hair as you continued to plant kisses and give little licks. But you knew not to push it too far so when he moaned please, you decided he had suffered enough. Taking his hardened length in your mouth and sliding it in and out, moans fell from his mouth and he gripped your hair tighter. You moaned and the vibrations travelled along his cock to his base. Reaching up, your hands covered where your mouth couldn’t and you gave it gentle squeezes. You could feel his cock trembling and twitching and you knew he was going to come.

At that moment, he pushed you off.

“That’s unfair. It’s my turn.”

He pushed you back down on the counter and in one smooth push, he entered you and your mouth fell open. Chanting his name like a mantra, your walls clenched around his throbbing cock.

Suddenly, he pulled out.

“What the fuck Jimin.”

“What did Taehyung tell you?”

“Oh holy shit Jimin, he said he’d treat me like homework.”


“And he’ll slam me on the table and do me all night.”

“Like this?”

He thrusted inside you again and grasped onto your thighs, hitting you at a new angle. He knew he hit your sweet spot when you gave an extra loud moan. Continuing to thrust into you at the angle and you felt your walls clench. He felt it too because he murmured something under his breath. Your walls clenched and your juices dripped out, pooling on the counter. He smiled softly down at you and cummed. You felt it shoot deep inside you as warmness filled you.

“Shit Jimin. I’m not on birth control.”