ahahahaha how did i end up here

anonymous asked:

hi there! will you be able to do a gif reaction of exo seeing you in detention unexpectedly :P

Hi hi hi! ^_____^


Xiumin: O______O I never expected you to be here… you always seem to be an angel~

Luhan: *sits next to you and creeps on you* 

Kris: Whachu doing in my galaxy?

Suho: *happy cause he paid the teacher to send him to detention just to be you*

Lay: Hi! Hello! *greets everyone and you can’t even imagine how someone like him got into detention*

Baekhyun: From all the people on this planet, why did you have to be here??!! *still sore after the fight that got you two into detention*

Chen: It’s all your fault cause you got caught pranking the teacher~

Chanyeol: LOLOLOLOL I pranked you and you ended up here too??? ahahahaha, ain’t life a bitch?!

Kyungsoo: What did you do this time?

Tao: Great, you have sweets, gimme!!

Kai: Owwww, so it’s just you and me in here… I have a few things in mind to make this time more enjoyable~

Sehun: Whachu looking at, peasant?