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Also also also also also - so that grinder au? 3 guesses as to why trans!Jack would prefer to give awesome blowjobs to his hookups and then split before they can reciprocate. He loves the lack of commitment, but he lives as stealth as he can and the whole thing is so hot it's fucking easy for him to get off afterwards, on his own. But for his own mental health and overall safety, it's always exactly that - he never lets them in his pants.


ohm y god

………………….so friend. when are you gonna write an au of my au of @des-zimbits‘s fic?? (ahahahah that was. a real funny sentence to type)

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Medine hoca gelince "hocam hacer şeddeli nunlari tutmadi" diyecem :DDD

ahahahah Fatıma :DD hocamızın yüreğine mi indirmek istiyosun

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Maria Santa, sciallatevi un secondo. Uno preferisce gli occhi chiari, e quindi? Nemmeno avesse detto "chi ha gli occhi castani è una Troia." Sono OPINIONI.

Chiunque tu sia, ti amo <3 infatti, è proprio così. Mi fa ridere che mi chiedono un opinione e poi si incazzano ahahahah boooooh vabbè


So in my head I linked the 3 leaders of Pokemon Go with the 3 SOLDIER Firsts in Crisis Core: FFVII and…welllll…this happened. Ahahahaha.

Candela as Genesis. Reading a book called Harmony instead of Loveless and constantly reciting the Harmony poem over and over to her compatriots.

Blanche as Sephiroth because, well….TRENCHCOATS. Also white hair. And cool personalities. And putting up with their fiery other halves.

And Spark and Angeal…honestly, he’s probably more like Zack, but I’m sure when the chips are down, he’s ready to get in there to save his students, aka Male PokeGo Trainer. Ahahahah.

Bonus: Raine as Aerith.

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Comunque per il fatto degli occhi è meglio averli una merda pensa io che tipo ce li ho verdi celesti ogni persona che incontro dice waoh che bei occhi cioè ma notate solo quello?!😂 c'è tutta una persona da vedere😂😂

ahahahah immagino, hai ragione! Ma io mi perdo negli occhi delle persone <3

Hi, Hello. me again, i was bored this morning so i decided why not put a bunch of my friends, mine and my favorite undertale fan characters in the hunger games simulator. and right off the bat Goth killed four of them. 

(i saved this picture under the title “OML Goth no”)

((I was also to lazy to color and shade it))

art by justanartisticgeek 


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