ahahahah i win

So my brother sees this under the tree. It’s one of the biggest presents there and it’s from yours truly

hes psyched

but the ribbons are in those impossible triple knots

after finally getting the ribbons off, he starts on the duct tape

“really, more duct tape?”

“this layer is actually easy haha”


“more duct tape julia stop”

“julia what is this the box isnt even closed”

“you suck”

“this is why you dont have a boyfriend”

me: “shut up michael”


“fuck you”

me: “language, child”

“you swear on myspace or whatever”

me: “tumblr”

“tumble what”

“this is impossible”

“the better be something good”

me: “it is”

“im finally there, jesus has risen”

the anticipation is unreal

“julia what if i dont want your eternal love and friendship”

me: “too bad”

“this took me like twenty minutes how much duct tape did you use”

me: “i love you michael”

“youre annoying”