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lol heey so I can totally imagine Noah walking in to use the rink after the hockey boys (yes this again i'm sorry) and the coach is talking to the boys. All attention is now on the cutie with tha booty who nervously smiles and waves, pushing up his glasses. "... and I know that if we all work together we can win this because teamwork is- god dAMMIT LEAVE THE POOR BOY ALONE"

AHAHAHAH i am pretty sure this totally happens all the time. the hockey team purposely choose the training times before or after the skaters training times just to see him. they’re his biggest fan club. i bet they also go to cheer him at competition if they can

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I have to ask this because why not? How'd the babes react if they found out Reader was born on 4/20 (and what stupid ass jokes would they make)?


if the 2Ps found out you were born on 4/20

2p!america: ……..,,, bLAZIN’ IT

2p!china: *literal fucking blunt falls from his lips* …????? we were made for each other??????????

2p!england: oh that is truly an inconvenience, i am so sorry poppet !! cannabis is a horrid thing not to be celebrated, especially not on your special day uwu uwuwuwu

2p!france: …… *chuckles* nice

2p!russia: so please tell me you haven’t taken the path of a stoner

2p!italy: *half laughs* that’s admittedly a bit amusing. so… did you hear about the kid that overdosed on weed? heh… neither did i.

2p!germany: *straight up bursts out laughing* you gotta be shitting me???? ahahahah, i can’t imagine how many “how high are you? no officer, it’s hi how are you” jokes you’ve gotten lmfao

2p!japan: …,, i can imagine this is why zao-san is in love with you

2p!canada: so uhh… got any spare pot?


2p!austria: …. then pack up your bags darling, tis time we create our own scarface fantasy ohohohoho~

2p!prussia: *empathetic look* marijuana is what they call the ‘gateway drug’, yes? so…. it’s kind of scary isn’t it?

Also, Stark family reunion
  • Jon: Um, so, who is going to start?
  • *awkward silence*
  • Arya: I might as well. So, after seeing father beheaded I murdered my way across half of Westeros just in time to be ten meters away when Mom and Rob got redweddinged, and then I killed some more guys, and went to Braavos to join a magic assasin's cult. But then I killed some of them too, and here I am.
  • Bran: I, ummm, well I found out one of the most important secrets in the world, and then I got magic visions and went deep beyound the wall, where I sort of learned magic from a tree-man, and found out some more of the most important secrets in the world, and probably pissed off an Ice Demon King, but our zombie uncle saved me so now I am here.
  • Sansa: I got repeatedly abused by some of the world's most powerful and least mentally stable people, but I escaped and inderectly murdered every one of them in increasingly gruesome ways and also obtained influence over the guy who orchestrated everything that happened since, pretty much, ever. And I kinda sorta got us Winterfell back, so, yeah, here I am.
  • Jon: I fought ice zombies for a while, and then I sort of killed my girlfriend, more or less for which they made me Lord-Commander of the Night's Watch, and then I killed an ice demon dude and fought some more zombies. Then I got murdered, but after I got better I went through one of the most horryfing slaughters imaginable to get Winterfell back. So here I am too.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Bran: That is probably what dad meant when he went on about how Starks should stay at Winterfell.

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So I have now seen murderous boo 4 times. Should I actually start reading The recruit now lol. Ps I'm a bad friend since I haven't read it. I'm sorry

im seeing murderous boo again tonight :) in like two hours. 

and uh…. idk, that’s up to you. i am genuinely afraid of you reading it though. like, you are the only other person that i think loves Mitch as much as me and im just like afraid ahahahah

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Olga my love, I'm sorry you're bored. I hope your day is going well! Would you draw a teen wolf and final fantasy x crossover? It's my favorite video game ever, and you should totally play it if you havent. ♡♡♡

First of all AM SOOOOOO SORRY!!i kno nothing about Final Fantasy! Like 0% knowledge, as far as video games go i might be at Sims level….so ahahahah ya am so sorry. Am great btw day is going great, tho i got exiled out of my room cuz its 2am and my big sister wants to SLEEP! HA! weakling! (Hope u like this)



MEMBER: “Wait so she called you daddy?”

K: “Yeah she did..”

MEMBER: “Okay..and did you like it?”

K: “Yeah..I did”


*Thinks about whether or not he would be into this daddy kink, even though you said it was an accident, but was it..was it really?*


*You accidentally call him Appa in public with the other members who all hear and are a bit taken aback, whilst he is internally screaming inside*

S: “Oh god why did this mistake have to happen now”


*Fakes a laugh to stop his embarrassment as other people around him heard what you had said, and you ended up getting a bit red cheeked yourself*

Y/N: “Oh my god sorry I meant Oppa I really did”



*Is shocked at first but he makes a joke out of everything so this was no exception*

BH: “Am I your sugar daddy Y/N, is that what you are trying to say”

Y/N: “Oh god stop”


Y/N: “Oppa I meant Oppa my god that embarrassing”

D.O: “Lets not speak of it again”


*Doesn’t even care just goes with it even after you keep telling him it was a mistake*

C: “Ahh sure it was Y/N.. it’s okay you don’t have to cover up I get it”


T: “Hell yeah I am”

Jk more like


*Finds it funny but also embarrassing at the same time*

Y/N: “Sorry I didn’t mean to say that but it wasn’t a lie tbh”


*Realises that it is his que to leave*

K: “Adios I hope to meet you in another life”


*You walked over to the sofa and layed down, your head resting on his lap. You proceeded to ask him a question which accidentally started with ‘Appa’ instead of ‘Oppa’, and then you looked up to see his face*


*He got you calling him ‘Appa’ right next to Chen who tried to stifle his laugh, and poor Xiumin just held his head in his hands*

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

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2 11 12 32 37 39 44 50 81 98 123 140? (I know that's a looot, but the list just kept on going, and the questions are great :D) (Also finally sending you asks off anon lol)

SORRY FOR THE LATE ANSWER!!! (again) And thank you so much for sending me an ask ahahahahhaha. I’ll put a Read More because it’s gonna be a lot…

Send me another ask yeah?? ahahhaa

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Kuroo Tetsurou - Love Letter

Guess what? I found these little notes over the years. I found them under your box and in that little folder you have, so I took like a few. I’ve even been amazing enough to put them in chronological order. So make sure you’ve read it in that way. I’ve even left another note for a conclusion. I’m great <3

1) Hi! I found loads of sticky notes and I thought I’d write you a cheesy love letter in the most smallest writing I can manage. First up I want to tell you that I’m really glad you decided to be my girlfriend. I’m sorry I spat my drink out on you when you agreed to. I’m really sorry. But I was really surprised. So yeah. Sorry. Maybe this isn’t as cheesy as I thought it would be. I like you a lot. Your boyfriend, Kuroo Tetsurou

2) You kiss really good. Found those sticky notes again. Yeah. You make me see stars. I really like you.

3) I’m sorry I made you mad yesterday. Below this note is a little gift. Material presents along with my eternal apologies will hopefully make you still want to be with me. I am really sorry though. I didn’t mean what I said. I really do love you and you’re not a bother. I’m sorry I’ve been putting volleyball before you sometimes. I really shouldn’t. After all you ARE the best thing that has happened to me, despite how horrible I was last night. We shouldn’t have fought. It shouldn’t have came out like that. I hope to hear from you soon.

Hopefully still yours, Tetsurou. <3

4) HAHAHAHA I SEE YOU ARE AWAKE. I bet you were wondering where I was and reaching out for me, BUT ALAS, I AM NOT HERE. JUST A NOTE. AHAHAHAH. I’m probably downstairs making breakfast because this is going to be special. Thank you for moving in with me. Don’t get used to breakfast made by me, this is going to be a very rare thing because I barely know how to work the toaster. Hence why breakfast is taking me so long. I hope to see you down there soon. <3 I love you. Tetsu

5) Hey sweetie. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately. It feels like I haven’t been able to hang out with you for so goddamn long. I promise you. There’s a hell of a big reason and you’re going to love it. It’s not a ring. Don’t get your hopes up. Not yet anyway. But yeah, tomorrow morning we’re going out and I’m going to treat you with a full day of amazingness. I pinky promise and tonight I’ll bring home your favourite takeaway. I’ll see you tonight.
Forever yours, Tetsu.

P.S. Say yes.

6) Maybe I was working to get you that ring, but you didn’t realise. Kuku. You’re my fiancé. <3 I love you. Well, obviously since we’re gonna get MARRIED. But yeah. This is one of those special times I make breakfast so I left a note since I’m not going to be there. I’m not going to burn the omelette like I did the first time I made breakfast for you, I promise. Spoilers, you’re getting omelette for breakfast and a big kiss. See you down there, my darling fiancé. I love you. Your fiancé, Tetsu.

7) Wow. I can’t believe I still have these sticky notes. Our little babu was doing their rounds of exploration and found them. They’re just so precious. I’m glad you married me. I’m glad you still love me. I’m glad we created life together. Maybe we should do it again sometime? But yeah. This is one of those breakfast mornings so come downstairs as soon as. I’ll see you on the flip side. <3 Your husband, Tetsu.

Happy 10 year anniversary. The more I think about and the more I reread over the notes, the ones you left and the ones I left… I still can’t believe I’m still so lucky to be with you. You are still the most mesmerising, fantastic and beautiful woman in the world to me, even after all these years. We still have so many years left with each other and I can’t wait to be an old wrinkled man with you by my side, rereading and reminiscing. I love you. So much. I can’t wait for our next adventure. Even if it is just walking to the shop.

Forever yours, Tetsurou.

P.S. I am reminded by these notes that my omelette skills were only improved because of you. The chickens that laid the eggs thank you.



Even though having so many people following me makes me anxious, I love you guys!!! Have a video of me showing you what’s in my art file! And yeah, this is the first time I post a video with me in it! I’m sorry I’m awkward!!!

LOTS OF LOVE TO @mistrel-fox @laur-rants @cheeziswin @jimsdeadbones @pinesinthewoods @funkyhunkygrunklestans @thisonetumblr @bratjedi @epicjellyfish @gravity-what @dismaydreamer and MORE (I’m sorry I can’t remember who to tag!!) You are beautiful people! Bunch of cinnamon rolls and sinnamon rolls together! My life was a little dull before I know you all! Now it’s all bright, fun and colourful!


Random person: “Aww! You’re such an adorable smol!“

Goth: “I’m not adorable nor smol! Shut up!”

Random person: “oh yes you are, sweetie!~”

Goth: “If you call me cute or smol one more damn time, I’ll pay you a personal visit to your house when your asleep and fucking rip all your insides out of your stomach while I quietly laugh and let you slowly bleed out while I repeatedly stab you like the fucking bitch you are. Then I’ll rip your damn spine out of your body. Once you bleed out and die I’ll take all your bones and crush them until they’re nothing but a powder like substance and put it in your house as a salt container so your family can eat your fucking bone dust while I make a you flavored feast for your family as well. Once they eat you I’ll announce that and then murder your family as well you little cunt. I’ll do the same process. Except I’ll ask my father to help me just so it can be a family bond. I’ll even ask him if he can contact Life somehow and bring you back from the dead so you can watch your whole family die and get murdered you fucking dickbag. Don’t underestimate my power. I will tear you and everyone you love to pieces. So call me fucking cute again. I fucking dare you, bastard.”

Random person: “I-I-I’m s-so sssssorry! *faints*

Me: Lesson learned here: don’t call goth cute under any circumstances.

Goth was made by the wonderful @nekophy
(I am so so sorry. xD)

art by theundertaletrashdom 


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omfg goth how can u be so cute and scary at the same time THIS IS JUST TOO AMAZING AHAHAHAH

BUT I KNEW HIM; A mix for two friends / lovers / enemies / strangers / what are you to me?

o1. KVÄLLENS SISTA CIGARRETT - veronica maggio
      ( For several hours we’ve / admitted every weakness / it became a strange night )
o2. BUZZCUT SEASON - lorde
I’m the one you tell your fears to / there’ll never be enough of us )
o3. FLAWS - bastille
There’s a hole in my soul / can you fill it? )
o4. KILL! KILL! KILL! - the pierces
      ( W
ell you could wash my brain / you could tear out my heart / but I would never forget you )
o5. DEVIL MAY CRY - the weeknd
And home will feel like home again / corruption will fill your brain )
o6. END OF THE LINE (PIANO) - henry jackman
      ( Instrumental )
o7. HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS - florence + the machine
Whispering like it’s a secret / only to condemn the one who hears it / with a heavy heart )
o8. A LITTLE DEATH - the neighbourhood
Make me feel like I am breathing / feel like I am human / again )
RUN - daughter
      ( So we lay in the dark / ‘cause we’ve got nothing to say / just the beating of hearts / like two drums in the gray )

Picture credit

Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 18\04\2014

Relevant, very relevant.
Apart from the miss of Matsurina’s grad Stage (it’s been on the 10th)

It’s so sadly obvious that no matter how Rena might keep saying this kind of things, people will still believe what they want to, but still!
Also, we should not feel not touched by this, at all.
Let’s ask ourselves what kind of fans we are and if we can recognize even just a bit in the kind of fans spitting shit on people like nothing here and there.


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today KII’s final performance was held.
And now the other two final performances are getting closer.
There’s not long before Team E’s one.

KII’s final performance was also Matsurina’s last performance.
Matsurina has a very personal and peculiar personality, characterized by her fluffy appearance and her ability to sharply retort.
I loved her, included this gap, and I spent very enjoyable moments when we got together in Senbatsu.

Many things are happening lately…there are lots of graduating members, there’s been the Reformation and SKE is going through many changes so…sorry if we’re making you feel uneasy and anxious.

However, no matter what’s that we’re talking about,
to arbitrary come to conclusions is never a good thing to do. 
There are things even I don’t understand fully, and I can also see how you might be feeling a lot of frustration.
But the members leaving SKE are not doing it because they’ve been disappointed by something, they’re doing it because they found their next path to take.

And those who are coming anew through the Reformation, have chosen this path themselves.
I want to believe that among the fans supporting SKE there are none who would arbitrarily and unsparingly deny that. (tln: AHAHAHAH <- sorry couldn’t resist.)

However, it’s true that there also are various hardships regarding these matters.
What I happen to perceive lately is how you’re all considering so much uneasiness, worries and possible improvements points for SKE48.

When I saw the comments on the General Manager’s Google + - which I myself am using as a reference - I had to doubt my own eyes at the bitter words written there.

There also were people politely writing their “Why?”, “What for?” “I don’t get it”, but all those writing things rudely and roughly caught my attention.
I do believe they surely were trying to express their passionate feelings after deeply thinking about SKE, but those words were so intense that I got shocked by the amazing difference from the image I have of our fans being so kind.  
Sure, nobody will see your faces online, but that doesn’t make those violent and rude words any less unacceptable

Your opinions will turn out to be useful for SKE.
But next time you’ll express yours, I want you not to ever forget that your interlocutor is a person just like you.
If you’re treasuring SKE, then I want for you not to ever say things such as that a member is not needed.
That’s even harder to take compared to sending off graduating members.

Sorry if I wrote this.
Please allow me to believe that SKE’s fans are wonderful people.
I believe it.

Sorry about Matsurina’s Graduarion Stage. I got confused because  other members’ Graduation Stages will be the final performance…
Matsurina’s fans…I’m sorry.