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Sidlink Drabble 5

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Sidon didn’t look up from his paperwork when his door cracked open; he had been expecting the company after all. Familiar footsteps echoed against the tiles as Sidon scribbled away on his parchment. Soon a just a familiar gloved hand reached for Sidon’s and he smiled at it from the corner of his eyes.

“Ah, Link. My apologies for being so caught up with my work. Please take a seat,” Sidon murmured and nodded over to his bed. “I know you mentioned something you wanted to show me in your last letter. Give me just a moment…ahhh.” His eyes narrowed as he dabbed his quill back and forth and signed off on the paper. “Done!” He happily dropped his quill and pushed back from his desk, abandoning it without another thought.

When Sidon turned back to Link, he observed the Hylian sitting silently on the edge of his bed. Link was dressed in his Hylian armor garb, the hood draped over his face in mystery and his blue eyes shyly peeked out.

“Link?” Sidon blinked in surprise and carefully stepped forward. He had never seen his beloved act so…timid before. “What ever is the matter?”

Don’t laugh, please.’ Link’s hands darted back and forth as he signed. ‘I thought it was a good idea…but I’m not sure.

Sidon made a confused hum and slowly approached Link. “I would never mock you, Link.” The Zora prince sank down onto his bed, beside Link, and placed a hand against his thigh. He squeezed it in reassurance and smiled at him. “What’s wrong, my sweet?”

Link hesitated, glanced away, and wringed his hands together in a nervous display. He sighed after a few seconds and lifted his arms to his hood. After a brief pause, Link pulled the Hylian hood down.

“What is–” Sidon came to a halt the instant Link’s hood fell from his face. He watched as what was once blonde locks–now a bright shade of red–flow free past Link’s ears. His hair had been recolored. He couldn’t help but to stare in surprise at the unexpected sight and he studied how the light from his window bounced off each red strand of hair.

Link immediately grew uncomfortable with Sidon’s silent gaze and shuffled in embarrassment. He stiffly brushed his hair behind his ears and frowned at Sidon. ‘They have dyes in Hateno Village and started practicing on hair instead of just clothes. I wanted to try…It’ll wash out in a few weeks, they said.

Sidon blinked several times as Link’s new hair color had yet to sink in. He reached for the tuff on Link’s side burn and leaned closer to study it. It was…strange and interesting how the intense color popped out with Link’s pale skin; how his eyes looked so bright and clear compared to the shade of red.

It looks dumb, doesn’t it?’ Link’s frantic signing continued. ‘Everyone keeps staring at it, so maybe I’ll stay inside until it’s out of my hair.’ He flinched from Sidon’s touch and quickly yanked at the collar of his hood.

“W-wait!” Sidon stammered and ensnared Link’s wrists. “Don’t hide it. I love it,” he explained quietly, never taking his eyes off of Link’s hair. “I was merely stunned by how handsome you look, like this. Red is the color of fire, passion, strength…It suits you.” With a warm smile, Sidon released Link’s hands and reached for the Hylian’s head. His fingers gently tangled in and out of Link’s gorgeous locks and he admired the color. “I mean it. It looks amazing, Link.”

Link’s cheeks flushed nearly the shade of red as he glanced away with a bashful expression. ‘Red is my favorite color.’ He signed and coyly dragged a finger along the crimson scales along Sidon’s forearm. A smile immediately replaced the frown on Link’s cute face and he laughed softly.

“Oh? Do tell,” Sidon purred and pulled Link into an embrace and dragged the Hylian to lay with him on the bed.

Yo Nintendo why can we dye armor but you did not give us the option to dye Link’s hair. THE HECK.

it’s a special day for @dolgelo !

   Shinjiro knew full well that Mitsuru’s perhaps hasty weekend visit in Iwatodai wasn’t with the intention to celebrate her own birthday. The girl wasn’t the type to make a big deal out of something of that nature, not one to draw attention toward herself as some special person deserving of love and praise. Shinjiro knew, and he understood - to a certain point he was the same way, often embarrassed if anything to have the spotlight directed at himself, or even just for receiving a kind word or gesture from another person. 

   Yet this knowledge wasn’t enough to stop him from using the little time he had (with the immense amount of studying and other activities he now found himself caught up in) to surprise the girl, the longtime friend with how he knew best; a surprise dinner of sorts. And he works, with swift and talented movements of his hands, handling the ingredients like a true professional by himself in the kitchen area - preparing a meal to greet the Empress as soon she would step into the dormitory that night. She should not be expecting it - unaware that the remaining, former SEES members residing in the building had all recently learned her birthday to be this very day (Shinjiro being one of the rare people who had known the fact for a longer time now). They were all in on it, though it was the now former leader of their team, Arisato, who had tricked the redhead into paying a visit after learning about her return to the town tonight. 

   Hopefully the heiress hadn’t grown suspicious of the supposed coincidence of being invited to the place where such close friends lived in this very day, simply shrugging it off as a casual meetup with her friends and former teammates. At least Minako had tried her best (or so she’d said) to make the invitation seem as innocent and casual as she only could - not a single mention hinting at a special occasion of any sort. The Hierophant could only hope that Akihiko had managed to keep his mouth shut about the plan as well, knowing him to be someone frequently in contact with the girl and being the only member with her who had a couple of months ago left the building behind. Perhaps surprisingly, considering his busy schedule, even the boxer had been able to arrange enough free time to pay a visit for the day as well. It was a lucky coincidence that Mitsuru’s birthday happened to be over the weekend, each friend agreeing that the redhead deserved this day to be acknowledged, as it seemed likely not many of the people she - a busy to-be CEO of the Kirijo Group - had to deal with on a daily basis would.

   Clock finally reaches its destined time at eight in the evening, everyone gathering in the lounge to wait for the Empress’ arrival while Shinjiro sets the table with the help of the Fool and the Priestess, numerous plates of what the boy once remembers learning were the birthday girl’s favorite foods. Salad nicoise, eel tempura and avocado spring rolls. How and when he’d learned such information he wasn’t exactly sure… but it may not have been surprising from someone who so deeply, even if quietly, cared for his friends and had the passion for the craft of cooking. There was enough for everyone, of course, and some of Mitsuru’s other friends were going to provide her with gifts of their own. This, however, was Shinjiro’s own way of displaying his appreciation for the old friend and companion, hoping it would be enough to at least bring a smile on her face. A faint sound of footsteps can then be heard appearing behind the entrance doors, until a door creaks slightly - revealing a familiar red head of hair shining in the light and then a set of dark brown, widened eyes as the girl steps in, greeted simply with a joyful choir of the voices of her dearest friends:

                     “Happy Birthday–” 

                                “ – Kirijo…” “ – Kirijo-senpai!” 
                             “– Mitsuru-senpai!” “ – Mitsuru!” “– Kirijo-san!”


Leader asked shige who is he admire from his senpais XDXD AND HE SAID SHO
Shige: Inohara
Then he said
Kame: leader ohno satoshi AHAHAHAH


the most beautiful moment in life

I started this series back in May but I never got to finish it ahahahah cries but I’m finally done!! it was just taehyung at first but then I became a bangtan trash and just went on with the series. They all came out pretty well so I’m happy ehehe