I’m gonna accomplish great things, Dipper. And you’re gonna be a part of ‘em. And together we’re gonna run around, Dipper, we’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Dipper. Just you and me, Dipper. The outside world is our enemy, Dipper. We’re the only friends we got, Dipper. It’s just Dip and Fordy. Dip and Fordy and their adventures, Dip p er, Dip and Fordy, forever and forever, 100 years Dip and Fordy.s…things. Me and Dip and Fordy runnin’ around and Dip and Fordy time. AAaall day long forever. All, 100 days Dip and Fordy forever a hundred times. Over and over Dip and Fordy adventures dot come, www dot Dip and Fordy dot adventures a hundred years dot com.

Happy 24th Birthday, danisnotonfire​!

only you could go from ‘existential crisis egg’ to ‘loveable meme trash’ in 0.2 seconds jfc

I’ve been watching Dan’s videos since he started and whOA has he grown up and become someone I can honestly say I’m proud to watch and admire!!!
It’s just so lovely to see someone so genuine and nice grow this confidence, knowledge, and incred video makin’ skillz over all these years! I’m incredibly happy to be apart of this journey of dan’s life on youtube! It almost feels like I’ve grown up with him? Guh he’s just really inspiring?? idek how to put it in to words??? but hopefully, ygm?

@ dan if u r reading this i just really love your videos and admire how far you’ve gotten and just you as a waffling but incredibly articulate intelligent pancake dude and holy crap also ofc thnakz for meetin phil all those years ago and just ahh hope you had a lovely day!!! here’s my doodley gift to you!!!