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[fic] say nice things to me : the morning after [1/1]

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rating: mature


In the morning, Levi wakes up to a literal foot in his face.

It takes a couple of minutes of panicked shuffling to remember that it’s not just a random limb unattached from its owner, but rather, a foot that belongs to the mass of long limbs otherwise known as Eren.

As soon as Levi remembers that, he also remembers the previous evening. Oh. Oh.

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jfc man jfc. i’ve been busy getting fucked in the ass super fucking hard by real life crap man like u wouldnt believe this fucking assfuckery (speaking of which, this fic has none. just dicks touching). but ye anyway, me raging about rl aside, this is sort of a continuation of this, because somebody once suggested i should write something from levi’s pov and i was like yeee maybe and then this happened. it’s just 5k of plotless smut and praise kink tbh.

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution

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falling in love is hard


“I think Hiro would look really cute in the cat-boy waiter outfit my aunt made me wear sometimes on special occasions when I worked at her café.” - Tadashi

Excerpt from “The One Time We Agreed to Fred’s Plan (It was a Crazy Idea)