ahahaha woops

Would you believe I draw original stuff sometimes? No? That’s ok, I scare myself on occasion too. Oddly enough, I felt like doodling some old characters of mine this noon. Excuse moi as I upload them. :)

anonymous asked:

i wanted to say something constructive but i started tearing up when i read your hcs fksljksffjkfj sorry. i think they're good!! that's an understatement, i really like them and i wish you luck with your fic writing!! - the anon from your fic who somehow stumbled across ur post

A-ah hello asdfg! Are you, by chance, that one lovely anon from AO3? Thank you so much!! I really, really appreciate your kind words. While I welcome constructive criticism with open arms and then some, I won’t refuse appreciation either. <3 It makes it feel like what I write has some value, because I can’t find any actual value in myself 99% of the time.