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playing footyby @alexandralyman

Emma watched Killian kick a soccer ball towards a sandy-haired man who was sitting on the grass with a jaunty call of, “On your feet for the captain!” that sent a pleasant tingle right down her spine.

“Well, since I’m already up, might as well stick around for a bit.”

Just before the practice started in earnest Killian looked over at the bleachers and when their eyes met his lips pulled up in a grin and he actually winked.

Cheeky, one-handed hot English captain of the soccer team. Or football.


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So I was scrolling through Kensho’s twitter and I found this selfie of him with Osaka Ryota.

This is what normal people would see.

While this, is what I see.

I can’t help it! ;w;) HALPPP


Laura has a noticeable reaction to the lightning and thunder strikes that happen in 2x01. And I have a wonderfully angsty headcanon to propose for it.

There’s been a lot of speculation over the absence or lack of mention of Laura’s mother. One popular theory is that she died prior to the events of our main story, which could suggest why Laura’s dad seems so overly protective of his daughter, what with the bear spray, krav maga lessons and low-res flip phone. 

In 1x12 Laura compares the clarity of her nightmare with “the moment right before a car crash”. This is an oddly specific example and begs the question of whether she’s experienced such a trauma in the past. And whether this could be related to her mother’s whereabouts.

So here we go: I think that Laura was involved in a car crash earlier in her life. This crash claimed the life of her mother. And she jumps every time lightning strikes because the last thing she saw before their car crashed were the glaring headlights of the oncoming vehicle. And her body still hasn’t been able to shake the jump reflex that developed as a result of that trauma. 

Ugh. Lucky she has Carmilla to take care of her now…

I wanted to see these three make memories together
(a quick thing for inktober day 5!)