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⊱♥⊰ (Muhren)

(I hope you don’t mind me using this as a bit of closure to shenanigans with Darth Prin’uss!)

Blakk had been avoiding people all day, and he fully intended to continue doing so for the next month, at the very least, if not the next year.  He didn’t want to see anyone.  He didn’t want to speak to anyone.  He didn’t want to do anything except focus on the mission and training, which didn’t wait for anyone and still needed to get done, and then he wanted to hole up in his room and wait until tomorrow to do it all over again.

He didn’t see Muhren until it was too late, the shock of reddish hair in his periphery not providing enough warning before the other agent appeared in front of him.  Blakk didn’t even have the time to settle on his own expression, barely registered the unusually solemn look on Muh’s face, before Muh had wrapped his arms gently around Blakk.

Blakk stiffened, eyes going wide.  His first instinct was to pull away, but Muh must have sensed something, because his arms tightened.  Blakk’s mind tumbled around in shock, failing to compute why or what Muh was doing … and then his resolve and face crumpled, and he buried his face into Muh’s shoulder, hands curling into the back of his uniform.

Maybe Muh had somehow known or seen, or maybe he hadn’t.  But he could tell what Blakk needed.  The hug hurt, Blakk’s injuries - burns and bruises and deep scratches across his back - complaining, still not addressed, but he wouldn’t have pulled away for the world.

Blakk didn’t know how to thank Muh, but he did his best not to cry on his uniform.


#HappyHopeDay #JHopeYourePerfect

Happy 21st/22nd birthday to our one and only hope, Jung Hoseok. Thank you so much for all the love, joy and hope you spread around the world. You’re dedication, hard work and kindness are truly inspiring and the world is a much brighter, happier place for having you in it. May this next year bring you nothing but good luck and contentment and never for get how much ARMY loves you back. You deserve the entire world, thank you for being born Jung Hoseok. ❤