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Spiderman Boxers | Sehun

Requested by anon: Aaay so i saw that you dont have a fic for exo on your masterlist so maybe i’d request one??? Like one with sehun where you visited him to practice but he wasnt there so you’d hang with the others but then he shows up and gets jelly about it?????????????THANKSSSBOOO i love ur nct scenarios btw i have ur tumblr on bookMARK (lol geddit) kbyyee

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1475→ a little short, sorry!

Warnings: None

Y/N: Lol I was really struggling with coming up with a title so I used Spiderman Boxers even though it’s a super minuscule part of the scenario hahaha

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You hummed as you put the final touches on the lunch boxes you were planning to bring as a surprise for all the boys. You were so excited since you hadn’t surprised them in a long time and with their comeback happening, you knew that they would be tired. You had even gone out and bought some sweet desserts from a popular bakery as well. Although you were excited to see all of EXO, you mainly just wanted to see Sehun. The two of you had been dating for around five months by now but it was difficult to spend time together. You hoped that today the two of you would get to spend some time together after not seeing each other face-to-face for a few weeks.

Practically skipping out of your apartment, you headed to the SM building where the boys would be practicing. You checked your texts from Sehun quickly to make sure you were heading to the right place.

“12:30, sixth floor, second room on the right,” you murmured and stepped onto the elevator. Reaching the matte glass door, you listened to the sounds of, “Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop, I think I like it,” playing from the large speakers in the corners of the room. You pushed the door open with a flourish and threw your arms up, showing off the bags full of goodies that you had brought for them.

“It’s Y/N!”

The boys scrambled over to you while Suho turned off the music. You  looked among the crowd of eight hungry… wait there were only seven members? You counted heads again and looked at everyone’s faces to come to the realization that Sehun was not there.

“Hey, away from the food!” You playfully pushed back a sweaty Chanyeol from grabbing one of the bags.

“Where’s Sehun? He said that all of you guys would be practicing here today,”

“Oh yeah, he ended up having to meet up with some people to talk about something. I don’t know what though,” Xiumin spoke from behind everyone (poor baby he’s towered over by everyone).

You nodded, slightly disappointed at the thought that you wouldn’t be able to see Sehun.

“Don’t worry, he said that he would be back by 1:30 at the latest,” Kai assured you. Instantly, you brightened up at the prospect of seeing him later on. You then relieved yourself of the heavy weight of the bags and handed them over to the eager group.

The boys decided to take a break to eat your lunch boxes that you had cooked for them. They set everything out on the floor and sat criss-cross as they dug into the food. No words were spoken while everyone ate with relish.

“Augh this is heaven,” Chanyeol spoke while he gobbled up his rice as if it were his last meal ever. You smiled happily as you watched the members enjoy your food.

Despite you being only barely finished with lunch, the boys were already fooling around with each other, the empty lunch boxes littered on the ground.

“Let’s give Y/N a mini concert!” The guys eagerly got into position and performed Ko Ko Bop and The Eve for you with great gusto. You clapped along to the beats and would occasionally sing with the music.

Afterwards, they dragged you from your relaxed position on the floor to the center of the room. They attempted to teach you the dance to Ko Ko Bop and teased you about your dancing skills. Finally, they gave up on trying to teach you the dance and began to fool around together. Pillows were thrown (honestly, nobody knew where the pillows came from) and laughs seemed to bubble out of everyone’s mouths.

Later, you found yourself sitting in a tight circle with the members, all of them sharing funny and embarrassing stories of Sehun. Baekhyun butted in to talk about Sehun’s “big nose”, which made all the members slap him. When quietness and boredom started to settle on the members, you looked at a some stray pieces of food from your lunch and an idea popped into your head. Grabbing an egg roll, you aimed and hit Kyungsoo right in the middle of his forehead.

Kyungsoo looked up in disbelief and stared at the wasted egg roll that had bounced off his forehead. Without a word, he picked up a tomato and aimed at Suho. Before you knew it, a large food fight had started. You steered clear from it, not wanting to get into the big mess that the boys were in.

You looked to see… Baekhyun and Chen were rolling in pizza? You shook your head and laughed before Baekhyun dragged you against your will to join them.  

“We’re wasting perfectly good food!” You laughed as you were tickled intensely. 

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t have started the food fight in the first place!” Chen butted in, helping Baekhyun torture you with endless tickling.

You protested, attempting to push them back when the lights turned off and all playful fighting ceased. Looking up, you saw Sehun standing in the doorway, looking straight at you in a rather awkward position with Chen and Baekhyun.

“Oh, Sehun!” You exclaimed, smiling at him.

“Y/N, can you come out with me?” He asked coolly.

You scrambled up and walked out of the room while hurriedly brushing pizza crumbs from your body. The moment you walked through, Sehun shut the door in a flash and backed you against it.

“Why the hell were Baekhyun and Chen touching you?” His eyes flashed in anger and you could swear that you saw flickers of fire in his eyes.

“Well we were having a food fight and I didn’t join in cause it was so messy and it was entertaining to watch everyone fight. But Baek and Chen just pulled me in and began to tickle me when I tried to escape.” You explained quickly, wanting to clear up the situation for him.

“I swear, it was nothing else. C’mon, don’t you have some trust in your girlfriend?” You grinned.

Sehun relaxed and you saw a tint of red appear on the tips of his ears.

“Aw, and now you’re blushing because you realized you were just being a silly little overprotective boyfriend, huh?” You teased him with delight and Sehun hid his face in his hands.

“Don’t embarrass me even more! I still need to go back in there and pretend that I wasn’t some super jealous guy.” He whined.

You pried his hands away from his face and slapped your hands lightly on his cheeks. “Don’t worry, c’mon! If we don’t hurry, the guys will take your lunch and fight with it too.”

The two of you entered back into the room to be greeted by teasing smiles from the members.
“Sehun’s being a jelly boyfriend!”

“Ahahaha he’s so overprotective, he doesn’t even trust us!”

“Isn’t it so cute to see our maknae acting like a macho man?”

“Stop it!” Sehun’s face was flushed a light pink as the older members slapped him on his back and teased him some more. They poked at him some more, enjoying the reactions they got out of him.

Sehun escaped their killer grasps and grabbed your hand, eliciting a small gasp from you before he pulled you with him and escaped out the room and out of the building. He didn’t stop dragging you along despite your protests until you guys reached the nearby park.

You bent over with your hands on your knees, inhaling the air in short breaths. You weren’t a big runner and Sehun’s gait was so large that it was hard to keep up with him, even though he practically dragged you along most of the way.

“What… was that… for?” You asked between heaving breaths, still bent over. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Sehun flop onto a bench. He didn’t even look winded. You scoffed, plopping yourself next to him.

Stupid athleticism.

Without any warning Sehun scooped you up in your arms and sat you in between his legs. He hugged you close to him and settled his head in the crook of your neck.

“I just wanted to get away from the guys. They were embarrassing me too much,” He spoke quietly, his warm breath hitting your ear gently. “And well, I want to look cool in front of you,” Sehun mumbled sheepishly, almost inaudible.

You laughed at him and held his large hands in your own. You kissed his hands and responded, “Don’t worry, you’re always cool. Even when you’re wearing those ridiculous Spiderman boxers and dancing around the living room to the Pokemon theme song.” You teased, squeezing his hands tightly.

“Okay but that was a one time thing and you promised not to mention it again!” Sehun whined.

The fact that Hide loves Kaneki is so heartwarming I’m going to die of cuteness. I really missed that feeling on this manga.

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OMG!! IT HAPPENED! Okay, so I'm a dancer and we are getting ready for our nutcracker and my partner was warming his hands up on my sides. It tickled REALLY bad but I was trying not to react (no one at my dance studio knows I'm ticklish). I guess he noticed anyways because he leaned in and goes "you're not ticklish, are you?" Omg I FROZE I didn't know what to dO!! When I didn't respond he leANED in closer and goes "hellooo?" I WAS SO SCARED I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! *to be continued Dancer!anon*

Ahahaha that is so cute>///< He will probably tease you a lot now hehehe you should try to see if he’s ticklish too>:)

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