ahahaha beautiful

Yahaba and Shirabu have taken over my heart what can I do .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH LOOK AT HOW PRETTY RED IS IN THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!! I'M SORRY FOR YELLING BUT I COULDN'T EXPRESS MY FULL EMOTION WITHOUT IT BECAUSE HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!! *deep breath. calm down* I love your comics. ALL of your comics. *picks Red up bridal style* Excuse me *attempts to run away. but this is probably a bad idea*


Thank you! Ahahaha xD, he’s BEAUTIFUL I KNOW.




look at this picture look at his right hand with the ring on it

I searched up what a ring on the right hand meant and i found this

“Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.”


—- “Oh, watch out, comin’ through!” Elliot huffed, his eyes darting to the person he just barely managed not to collide with. A sheepish grin pulled at the edges of his lips as he saw the look on the person’s face.“Sorry, sorry, sorry! I didn’t think I’d need a basket, but damn, did you see the sale price on these things? You just can’t say no to such a markdown!” 

one of my favorite memories of when we still lived in romania

was one time my sister and i were out walking our dog (his name was Jack, a super cute German Shepard, he had the cutest button eyes ever ill never forget his beautiful face) 

and this one boy from my class who was kind of a brat saw us and came up to us to like…taunt me? idk i dont remember the context but he was being a jerk



just like BIT his arm out of nowhere 

and my sister and i just laughed (it wasnt like a rly hard bite,,, he was a well trained dog but it was kinda like a “hey back off kiddo” warning bite)

but the boy got all crying and hes like IM GONNA GO TELL MY DAD and ran away

so my sister and i got worried and ran home but …nothing ever happened so the dumb kid prolly never told his dad anything


good times

dogs are great and i miss him. 

that’s him~~~ (and my sister and i ,, minnie mee~~~ )

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I'm so sorry everyone is being rude to you for what? Wearing a bathing suit? To go swimming? They must all wear historical dresses. I don't understand how people can be so rude, I just wanted to say I'm sorry and that your instagram is cool and you are beautiful x

Ahahaha exactly!! Thank you so much darling <3 x


Laura has a noticeable reaction to the lightning and thunder strikes that happen in 2x01. And I have a wonderfully angsty headcanon to propose for it.

There’s been a lot of speculation over the absence or lack of mention of Laura’s mother. One popular theory is that she died prior to the events of our main story, which could suggest why Laura’s dad seems so overly protective of his daughter, what with the bear spray, krav maga lessons and low-res flip phone. 

In 1x12 Laura compares the clarity of her nightmare with “the moment right before a car crash”. This is an oddly specific example and begs the question of whether she’s experienced such a trauma in the past. And whether this could be related to her mother’s whereabouts.

So here we go: I think that Laura was involved in a car crash earlier in her life. This crash claimed the life of her mother. And she jumps every time lightning strikes because the last thing she saw before their car crashed were the glaring headlights of the oncoming vehicle. And her body still hasn’t been able to shake the jump reflex that developed as a result of that trauma. 

Ugh. Lucky she has Carmilla to take care of her now…

Beautiful Thieves

La parte de la antigua Lizzie que había estado sobreviviendo se había perdido cuando The Hollow les entrego un poco más de poder con el objetivo de lograr su propósito. Las localizaciones de los restos se habían anunciado y bueno mientras que ella intento hacer lo suyo en el pantano, se dio cuenta que había otro lugar más accesible por dónde empezar, así fue como llego al penthouse de Lucien Castle.  Salió del elevador y del interior del departamento uno de sus compañeros  salió disparado cayendo a sus pies con el cuello roto—¡Ouch! Eso debe doler—hizo una mueca acercándose más hacia la puerta y el paso se vio bloqueado por uno de los vampiros. Elizabeth rodó los ojos alzando su mano izquierda  cerrándola en un puño para arrancar el corazón de la creatura. —Eso fue fácil—Sonrió contenta de su logró entrando con  tranquilidad al apartamento.  @lucyenc    


have faith in yourselves! (*´・v・) one day you’ll be lookin at them ancient trash drawings and be so glad you took that journey haha (and possibly shed a single manly tear like i did) the top one is one of my very first OCs! after all these years of not drawing him, i realize that i can now draw him exactly the way i pictured him in my head back then. it made me so happy i had to take a step back and try not to cry (again)