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Brent Burns and Bobby Ryan both yell “Aw fuck…” after being hit by the puck a second apart…

The seven as types of friends

Annabeth: The giant wreck friend. She’s constantly stressing about something.She’s working on four projects, none of which she’s finished. She’s set fire to at least two (2) notebooks and her diet mainly consists of bagels, coffee, and her own tears.

Percy: The protective friend. He’s a sarcastic shit and you can’t always tell if he’s being sincere, but you once saw him break a guy’s nose for insulting his brother and you know he’ll do the same for you. He has approximately twelve (12) bandaids on at all times and he’ll spot you money without ever asking for it back

Jason: The dad friend. He somehow always has water bottles for if you’re thirsty. He’s seen you cry over twenty times but he never brings it up because he’s just too good of a guy. His catchphrase is “I don’t know…” right before talking you out of doing something stupid

Leo: The dying friend. He mostly consists of jokes and witty comebacks. You’re 90% sure he’s dying inside and just uses acronyms and puns to hide it but you don’t say anything because you’re pretty sure he’d rather crawl into a hole than talk about it. He gives oddly good advice and he never fails to make you laugh.

Hazel: The you think she’s innocent friend. She’s somehow convinced everyone she’s naive and innocent when really she’s probably way more experienced in life than you are. She blushes like a maniac and uses “darn” in her everyday vocabulary. She’s an angel until you piss her off. 

Frank: The actually innocent friend. He never swears and instead uses bizarre substitutes that are sometimes worse than the actual swear word. He gives gentle high fives and he awkwardly pats your shoulder when you’re upset. He gives the best hugs.

Piper: The cool friend. You have no idea how you managed to get her as a friend. She messed up so much in her past that she’s now grown and learned beyond her years. She’s the epitome of doesn’t give a fuck. She wears leather jackets that intimidate you and she likes to flip people off. Everyone is secretly in love with her.


25 years in the future Dip’s kid stumbles upon this really weird statue in the forest… 

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Obi-Wan and Anakin on Christmas

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Prompt no 14. “First Kiss” - Kind of a Sequel to this pic. Have a shocked/surprised Mattsun. <3

Took surprisingly long before that prompt got claimed. @harvestmoonpeoples grabbed it for more MatsuHana. (I promise the next pic will be a different ship lol)


…Ohoho ok so Gloomverse was involved so OFC I HAD TO DO THIS?! AND?! MAKE UP LORE?! But since Geno is technically not-dead-but-still-kind-of-dead, wouldn’t that mean GV!Geno is severed?? Ahaha I couldn’t resist!!

[Geno/Gloomverse belongs to @loverofpiggies!!]
[Genoary belongs to @shinydiamondblog!!]


-Papyrus’ scarf is now a cape, in true GV fashion! It’s ripped in some places though. Probably just wear and tear- Or from, Y’know, when a tiny child murdered him.

-Geno is SEVERED. However, due to the Dark Lord (*cough*Gaster*cough*) something went wrong in the process, resulting in Geno becoming trapped in the Dark Lord’s domain (that red and black spooky place where Assistant got her hat).

-Due to these complications, the severing was never quite completed- Geno is still left with the colour red in his outfit. Papyrus’ cape is the best example of this- Though, the colour seems to have seeped into some of the major remaining cracks, giving the illusion of blood/DT.

-Geno is in a lot of pain due to this- His colouring is primarily white so 99% of the cracks aren’t visible, but they’re still THERE. He can’t escape that pain.

-His hat was also ripped open.

-Post-Severing, he looks like this:

-…Unstable magic, yeah. Usually, he can manipulate blue bones, but… He seems to have trouble now. Or at least, when he does, it’s difficult to control.

-The eye patch was a gift from Frisk!

-His wand has a heart shaped soul at the end of it, though, a chunk broke off, spurring on the rest of the cracking.


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