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bts army tag;

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1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?

Jungkook 🐰 (he still doesn’t let me live though)

2. Who is your current bias?

Kim Taehyung 💜

3. What is your favorite bangtan bomb?

So, many of them! But I gotta say “BTS’ rhythmical farce! LOL” (yaaaahhhh 😂); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etv1TDuI7UM

4. What is your favorite BTS song?

There are a lot of songs and so many are special to me, omg. Like “Run”, “Never Mind”, “Rain”, “Fire”, “Butterfly”; too hard, 🙈 but “Run” takes a special place in my heart.

5. Which member is your bias wrecker?

Every single BTS member Jungkook 🐰

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?

I don’t know why, but Hobi and Yoongi ahahah 😂

7. What is your favorite BTS MV?

I can’t really choose one, 🙈 but I gotta say “Run”, “Epilogue: Young Forever” and “Fire”.

8. What is your favorite BTS choreography?

asdfghjkl; Blood, sweat & tears; Danger; (I also love “For You” - it’s so soft 🌸)

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often?

ahahah you wouldn’t want to see this😂 Blood, sweat & tears, Fire;

10. How long have you been an army?

My friend showed me them like a week before their comeback with “Fire” 🔥

11. Which album track list is your favorite?

Young Forever

12. Which album is your favorite?


13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?

Kim Taehyung 💜

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i am crying on the inside now too… why would your teacher even like tell her students that? lol

the name’s sidell....

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[D-638] waiting for my ☾ ┊ Soldier Hyukjae… Salute!