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Don’t Imagine

Don’t imagine Dan flying to the Bahamas for his own holiday while Phil has his family holiday. 

Don’t imagine Dan and Phil immediately missing each other, as they can’t handle being apart for more than a few minutes. 

Don’t imagine Phil begging and pleading an already lonely Dan to fly back to Florida and stay with him. 

Don’t imagine Dan caving and catching the next flight back to Orlando, after only being there for but a few hours. 

Don’t imagine Dan and Phil not caring about the wasted money they (from their joint savings because they’re married) spent from the extra flights Dan took and the unused nights at the Bahamian hotel because all that really matters to them is that they’re together. 

Don’t imagine Dan deciding to fuck with the phandom a bit simply because he’s bored sitting in the Nassau airport waiting for the delayed flight back to Orlando.

Do not imagine Phil greeting Dan with open arms and a huge hug when he returns back to Orlando, simply because even after only a few hours they miss each other so much. 

And definitely don’t imagine Dan staying for the entire Lester family holiday not only because the fabric of each of their universes rips each time they’re apart, but also because Dan truly is a part of the family now. 

Just don’t. 

headcanon: when dan has an existential crisis phil just lays with him on the floor to keep him company.

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OH MY GOWWWD DANS NEW PIC ON HIS INSTAGRAM HAD ME SHOOK 🙀🙀🙀he looks too hot!! (The pic where he's posing and looking to the right with a lot of blue-ness, omg he's too hot) thats the kinda look he would give someone be4 he kisses them ugh I'm acc shook I'm so sorry ahahah

Dan Howell should run seminars on how to pose to make all the ladies and gentlemen swoon.

Ok guys so I just watched Dan and Phil play Pokemon go for about the 100th time and I just realised one critical detail I’ve been missing. In the very start of the video when they open the app it asks to access their location. Phil says “professor oak’s gonna turn up at our house if we press allow.” He then presses allow and says “too late now, no going back.” And then Dan says “threesome with professor oak.” I love the amazing Dan reference ahahah

If you didn’t notice that before and are looking for phan proof, here ya go 😂.

**Guys btw don’t take anything on my account too seriously lmao, I know this isn’t actual proof. It’s just to satisfy the phan trash hope :)**