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thanks to Omen trailer now i can draw mooore sad things >:D


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mp100 AgeSwap AU ideas/hcs?

I’ve had a lot of free time lately so I’ve been rereading the manga and having too much some fun thinking about terumob and this particular AU ahahhah 

(So basically this is the AU where Mob and Reigen swap ages and mob is 28 and reigen is a spunky ass 14 y/o and the art I’ve seen of it is beautiful)

  • Adult!mob is probably a v serene and graceful guy in terms of personality, quiet, polite and super kind. Teenager!Reigen is dramatic and basically a very clumsy fella but it’s endearing, really
    • Mob fixes stuff that Reigen breaks in his office (“Sorry shishou I just wanted to test out this new football for a bit ya know”) or outside of school (“Hey shishou, I kinda ripped my pants today tryna’ do a split”) 
      • Sometimes he uses his powers to fix things but other times he just uses his hands. It’s to remind himself that he doesn’t have to use his powers all the time to lead a proper, good life.
      • Tends to absentmindedly pat reigen’s shoulder or ruffle his hair while returning fixed stuff. intuition.
    • Mob isn’t one for physical contact with strangers but holds his clients’ hands when he senses real anxiety within them, or when they tremble and start to cry. takes everything seriously
    • Is Especially Soft when it comes to kids and little animals. Loves lil cats. almost cried during one assignment during which he had to exorcise a crazy cat lady spirit who possessed cats and left them hurt and confused. brought said cats to therapy after it was over.
  • You may think that Reigen who has Zero Psychic Intuition Whatsoever at this point in time has a hard time following mob but he’s super good at bullshitting his way through. 
    • Is very, very good at talking. Mob was never good at that kind of thing, so he really appreciates a disciple who can talk some sense into some of the ghosts they meet (“Look, dude, you wanna live this kinda life forever? Scaring five year olds? What kind of pathetic existence is that? You’re a ghost, not a horror movie, you could literally do anything else”)
    • after a while of taking him as his disciple, Mob gives him a special kind of purified salt which has the ability to trap low-mid level spirits if used right. reigen gets really pumped and hugs the hell out of mob when he first receives it.
      • reigen gets overexcited sometimes so he kind of just sprinkles salt everywhere and doesn’t create a proper ring so it’s not that effective
      • but mob lets him do it anyway, he doesn’t mind

(omg, this got long - the rest under the cut)

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Hiii! with my group Cerulean Nebula ( @ticcytx @diaxyz and Ofride) will attend at Japan Expo booth R692 ❤ my stand will be a “biiiit” BNHA-centric 💪
Come to say hi! I’ll be a lot happy to meet my followers and excited! This is my first convention as artist aaahhh!!
Ofride also made a nice menu for me! This is what you can find at my booth but there will be more not listed there! (I’ll make some convention discounts too) 💚

Answered Asks (yoi au) redux!

Thank you for everyone’s patience while I’ve answered these!

I’ve loved reading everyones headcanons and prompts about this au! Everyone is so kind and encouraging and funny!! I’m hoping to respond to everyone, so if I haven’t gotten to your ask, then I’m probably drawing a response for it!

Also I saw this comic the other day and laughed so much!

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