ahaha... i'm sorry

You’re so gorgeous
I can’t say anything to your face
‘Cause look at your face
And I’m so furious
At you for making me feel this way
But what can I say?
You’re gorgeous

Inktober for day 21. Furious. Keith getting mad at Lance for being attractive is my new jam.


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon


been together for 5,750 years


I’m a man who has a large heart to protect you
I’ll take you home, lean on me.


quickly finished a old-ass wip hope you guys like~~

It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

Ummmm I dunno why but I was thinking about @x-i-l-verify ‘s MHA daemon AU and well….

Here’s Aizawa and his Barred Owl.