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I have a four year old daughter who's scared of storms, and I tried to make her feel better by saying that thunder was just Cliff playing bass. It turned into a history lesson. My husband was a little impressed by our girl bonding being jumping around to For Whom The Bell Tolls. Just thought you'd enjoy the story.

OMG parenting goals right here folks, that is adorable! 💕💕

Exo's reaction when their girlfriend hides their face in his shoulder during a scary movie

wealthyteethchanyeol said:Hello!~ Can you do a gif set of EXO’s reactions when you’re watching a scary movie with them and you hide your face in their shoulder/hold on to them? Thanks!


Suho: “Don’t worry, i’ll protect you with these big muscles of mine”

Lay: “I know you’re scared but I just want to enjoy this movie in peace. Ok?”

Chanyeol: “Are you ok? Do you need me to turn the movie off?”

Luhan: *oblivious to the fact that you are scared* “How stupid can someone be? You’re supposed to run AWAY from the house, not back into it!”

Tao: “babe quit your crying, it’s only a movie”

Kris: *on the inside* Omo baby I can’t handle this!

*on the outside* “Yeah, okay that’s cool, do whatever you want”


Baekhyun: “I know something else we could do instead of watching this movie” *wink wink*

Sehun: *loses it over your cuteness* “ahaha babe you’re so adorable” Oh wait there are people around

Kyungsoo: /this was his plan all along/

Chen: *watching the movie when all of a sudden-* “yahhh,  what’re you doing?”

Kai: *hugs you with a smirk on his face like the little shit he is*

Xiumin: *surprised and has no idea what to do now*

 Hey guys! If you would like to request a reaction/scenario feel free to leave requests in my ask!

~gifs not mine

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Bless the people able to commission you to draw ancestors. One of these days...until then, I shall be content with you sharing your glorious content. Mindfang tho <33333333

yeAh I don’t.. really draw the ancestors much ahaha thank you! <3


it was the first time I drew himm glad you liked it!!