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Music here: https://youtu.be/51CH3dPaWXc ♪

For some reason, the new season brings sad days
I chased after you as you ran by the dry river bed
You carried a nostalgic record and an overblown episode
Over your tired shoulders and your frown was blinding

As if saying the same words at the same time
We created a world with this overflowing magic

A world only for us, that no one can touch
So I won’t have to let go of your hand again
If by some great power we floated into the sky
♫♪ then we’d ride the winds of the universe

Even an abandoned cat surviving in a corner resembles you a little
I pick it up and snuggled it to my cheek
I looked up, it was pale and dirty
The barely-there crescent moon was watching me

I was waiting on the ridge at the end of the dream
You had a surprise look in your eyes
With that, the two of us are reborn here

A world only for us, that no one can touch
So I won’t have to let go of your hand again
If by some great power we floated into the sky
♫♪ then we’d ride the winds of the universe

(Since I first listen to this song, I really loved it and I looked up to the lyrics and their translation. I can’t help it but those make me think so much of Bluzu, so I needed to doodle something on it. I thought it may please other people to listen to it too so I’m sharing you this! Hope ya will enjoy as much as I did.)

Sanzu @cursetale
Blublu @blesstale


A couple of months ago, the unfathomably awesome @mitsouparker and @silverfanart agreed to do a drarry themed switch meme with me, and although it took us ages it WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! ;w;
I hope you enjoy~

(click the pictures to enlarge and see who did which step :>)


Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.
Get To Know Me - Tag

tagged by; @hiimcaroline♡ and i’ve got nothing better to do so here it goes…

Name: Jina

Nicknames: J   *but i don’t really have a nickname [my name’s already so short..]

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5’6/168 cm

Time Right Now: 11:47 PM

MBTI type: no clue

Birthday: 2 December

Last Thing I Googled: ummm probably something fkn boring —related to my music assessment

Favorite Bands: BTOB, B.A.P, GOT7, EXO, Monsta X, DAY6, EXID, Wanna One (their album got me hookeddd), BIGBANG, AKMU.. i’m sure there’s more but i’m kinda brain dead rn

The 1985, (does) Flume (sorta count??), BØRNS

Favorite Solo Artists: Zico, Kyuhyun, Yesung, idkk I don’t have a specific fav solo artist but I have specific songs I like

Song stuck in my head: EXO - The Eve @jp-kr-things will know.. i’m always singing it


Last show watched: Monsta X-Ray ahaha does that count?

Last movie I watched: don’t even remember.. it’s been too long since i’ve seen one

When did you create your blog: few months ago

What do you post: just kpop ha

When did your blog reach its peak: lmao it hasn’t i’m still a baby on here

Do you have other blogs: nope

Do you get asks regularly: nup

Why did you choose your URL: oh i created this account ten thousand yrs ago but i never used it and i can’t be bothered to change it nor can i think of a good url

Following: omg so many.. lemme check — holy 680 apparently

Posts: 2,127

Hogwarts House: slytherin  🐍

Favorite Colors: i honestly don’t have a favourite colour but i do not like purple

Average Hours of Sleep: well last night i got a total of 45mins.. but usually around 5hrs i think

Lucky Numbers: any number divisible by 7 but not 7 [don’t ask me why bc idk either. i’m weird like that.]

Instruments: piano and violin

Favorite Characters: don’t have one - maybe joey from friends? or ohthe bloody grim reaper in goblin killed me omf he was too funny

What am I wearing right now: pjs and I’m freezingggg it’s cold af

How many blankets do you sleep with: just a doona + two dogs

Favourite food: various korean foods, phở

Dream Job: not sureee

Dream trip: Greece or France oh my godd

Nationality: Australian born Korean (bahah ask me to translate anything if u need)

Favorite Song Right Now:  wanna one’s energetic. godbloodydamn that’s some good shit. YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT IF U HAVen’t already

imma tag; @jp-kr-things heh, @k0ntz@jongup-is-an-enigma@minkittyx@daddyjokesandkpop@real-monsta-exo

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【⚡】“Isn’t it a little warm out to be wearing that kinda getup?” Manjoume all but blurted out to the stranger, not missing the chance to comment on his more than obvious unusual fashion choices. “Don’t tell me they’re holding some kind of weird Duel Monsters costume convention contest on campus this weekend and didn’t bother telling any of us that’re actually staying here.”

“Snow… An endless snow.”

Heavily inspired by limitlessmonster‘s HP!AU where ANGST HAPPENS WOW cRIES
i probably epicly failed this piece but ah well—



^ do you see dis tears of blood ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

(Process GIF)

It’s 2am and I’m getting emotional over Yoosung and my bf is like “… you should love me more bc I’m real.” And I told him, “it doesn’t matter, my love for Yoosung is also real.” And then there’s just a moment of silence and I just hear him say, “but I’m realer…”

Imagine it is Elizabeth Olsen's birthday and you finally meet Sebastian.

Tonight is Elizabeth Olsen’s birthday. She is your best friend since both of you knew in high-school. You are inseparable since then and you have shared many moments together. This is why you are excited about her birthday (it seems it is your own birthday.)

You ring the bell of his house and Elizabeth opens the door.

‘Here is the birthday girl! Happy birthday Liz!!’

'Hi Y/N, thank you! Come in.’

'I think it is the third time I tell you 'happy birthday.’ Here is your present. I hope you like it.’

'Oh, this is a beatiful dress! I will wear it in the premiere of my next movie, I promess. I love it. Thank you!’

'You are a sweetheart. Hey, are the guys already here?’

'No, Ryan and Benjamin do not arrive yet. But come on, I want to introduce you some people I know you love.’


You are already nervous because it is possible that Elizabeth introduces you a celebrity, but who this time? This is one of the perks of being her friend: you get to know famous people.

God, you can’t believe who are in front of you.

'Hey Chris, Seb. This is Y/N, my best friend. Y/N, this are Chris and Seb.’

'Hi guys,’ is the only thing you can say. You love, you really love Captain America’s movies so, you can’t believe you are talking to the actors of the movie. Besides, Elizabeth knows you have a crush on Sebastian. You saw him  from afar in the premiere of Civil War and you could not believe how handsome he was (is.)

 Elizabeth knows you so well that she knows you are dying inside. 

'Hey, Y/N. Nice to meet you.’ Says Chris.

'Hi, nice to meet you.’ Sebastian says.

The bell rings and Elizabeth leaves you alone with Chris and Sebastian. What the fuck are you going to talk about if you do not even know! Lucky you, Ryan and Benjamin just arrive. 

'Guys, these are other friends of mine from high school: Ryan and Benjamin.’ Elizabeth tells Chris and Sebastian.

Elizabeth leaves you and goes to talk to the other guests.  

The boys start talking about sports, of course. They are talking  about basketball and luckily, you can participate in the chat because you like basketball, among other sports.

After 20 minutes of talking and discussing whether Manuel Ginobili or Luis Scolla is the best argentine player, Elizabeth interrupts you.

'Sorry guys, I am going to take Y/N. You keep talking.’

'Really?!? Why did not you tell me that Sebastian was coming? God, before Ryan and Benjamin came, I was practically dying.’

'Ahaha, yeah, I saw your expression. Well, but nothing bad happens. Now you know him personally. He is so funny. Come on, let’s go to the backyard. I want to be with my best friend. We have not talked for a weak I think.’

You two talk for about 30 minutes. You are having so much fun. 

'Liz, can you come, please?’ Someone says.

'Yes, Sarah. Y/N, I will be here in a minute. I love to remember what we lived in high school with you.’

You just wait in the backyard. You check your phone and suddenly someone talks to you.

'Hey, you know a lot about basketball.’ Sebastian tells you.

Just. Control. Yourself. It Is what you think.

'Well, I like sports. I think we should keep talking until I convince you that Manu Ginobili is the best.’

'Oh, we are going to talk until tomorrow then. So, you know Liz since high school.’

'Yeah, we are inseparable since then. She even invites me to the premieres of her movies.’

'So, you where in the premiere of Civil War?’

'Of course! I would not have missed it! I must confess I am crazy about Marvel movies and Captain America is one of them. I had to be there. You are really good in the movie, by the way.’

'Thank you. Bucky Barnes is one of the best characters I have played so far.’

'Yeah, and long hair looks good on you.’ You do not know why you say it and how you dare to say it.

Sebastian starts laughing and he blushes all of a sudden.

'Well, thank you again. I will let it grow then.’

'Oh come on, you will never see me again. And let’s be honest: short hair looks good on you too. So, do not worry.’

'Seb, here you are.’ Chris interrupts you.

'Yeah. Y/N is telling me that long hair looks good on me.’

'You see? Anthony is right: you will go to jail because you are killing women with your beauty. Hey, sorry for interrupting but I think we should go. Tomorrow we train early in the morning.’

'Oh, ok Steve. It was nice to meet you Y/N. I hope we can see again before the premiere of Infinity War.’

'So, you are confirming you will be in the next movie of the Avengers. Great! It was nice to meet you too guys. Yeah, maybe we see before the premiere.’

'Bye Y/N. Have a good time.’ Chris tells you. And then, they both leave the party.

You still cannot believe you just talked to Sebastian Stan and you mentioned his hair.


Your cellphone wakes you up. You are now in that moment in which you do not know who you are, you do not know where you are, but you answer your phone anyway.

'Hello?’ You answer with a tired voice.

'Y/N, are you still sleeping?’ Elizabeth tells you.

'Well, I had a long and funny night. I was the last one to leave your party. I am justified.’

'Yes, you are right. I just call you because there is something I want to tell you. What I am going to say will definitely get you up. I am so happy.’

'What? What is going on? Do not tell me you get the paper you wanted?!?’

'No, it is not about that.  It is about Sebastian.’

'Don’t tell me he accepts Ginobili is the best argentine basketball player?’

'Oh no, believe me. It is better than that. He called me fifteen minutes ago. First, he told why I did not introduce you to them before. And then, he asked me for your number phone. He said that although you think Ginobili is the best, you are a good girl and he wants to know you.’

'What?!? Are you kidding me? I am awake now, definitely.’

'Really? You talked about basketball tonight?’

'Well, there was nothing I could do. They were all men, obviously they were going to talk about sports.’

'Okay, you are forgiven. So, should I give him your phone?’

'I do not know, Liz. Let me think… No, just kidding. Of course!’

'Great! I will give it to him then. I have to go now, my family will arrive soon and this house is still a mess. But let me tell you that I am really happy. Seb is a good guy, and so are you.’

' Send kisses to the Olsen’s.  Thanks Liz! I can’t believe what you just told me.’

Ten minutes later, you are making your coffee. Your cellphone rings again. You just receive a message. 'It must be Liz telling me that it was a joke. How stupid of me, pranked by my best friend. Well, after all I deserve it. I have pranked on her so many times.’

You open the message: 'Hi Y/N, how are you? It is Sebastian Stan. I just wanted to know if you want to go out with me. I think we owe a talk about basketball players. I must teach you about sports, obviously. So, tell me if you want to.’

You are dying of happiness. 

'Hi Sebastian. How you wish you could teach me about sports. Yeah, why not? Just tell me when and I will be there.’

'Prepare for the gold, Lance Tucker. You do not want to fuck with me in sports.’ Is what you think. If only Sebastian knew you have seen all his movies.