ahaha my hair

FAPuary Day2 - a bit late because of my wrist giving up halfway through the page. Got myself a wrist support today, on to todays page then :3 .. which will probably also end up being uploaded a day late omg. Why am I always late??

isjustprogress  asked:

glad i'm not the only one who would definitely fuck Avengers Academy High School Clint behind a dumpster #IHaveAProblem

is the dumpster on fire

oh yeah it is totally on fire

I fell so hard for this ship but it’s so rare I’m suffering ╥﹏╥

also if you would like to suffer with me go and read this fantastic fanfic by @metisink ♡♡


Anon asked me who my first OC was and if I would ever re-draw them. His name was Ken Shang and he was my DBZ OC. I created him back in 2005 when I was in 6th grade and I redrew him back in 2015. The old drawing is HERE.

I’ll be damned if I miss #witchsonaweek for the third year in a row
I am a terrible witch that never bothered to learn shit but liked the aesthetic. My familiar is a magpie and then the rabbits are just my friends. The “staff” is actually just rabbit food. My only natural talent is modifying the heat (pace the movement of molecules) just around me, but I don’t have very good control over that either so I tend to accidentally use it and overheat. At least animals like it…