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There are sometimes whispers of The One With Many Names. There are whispers of lots of students, of course, even among the Fair Folk occasionally–but by ‘occasionally,’ you mean rarely, and when the Fae start whispering about a student you’d better damn well pay attention to which student it is.

You know who The One With Many Names is; that one freshman who wears a dog tag (“aluminum,” is the answer you got when you asked what it was made of, “at least, I think it’s aluminum? Pretty sure, yeah.”), a dog tag with the genderfluid symbol and the pronouns ‘CE/CER.’ The freshman who came in pale and mousy-haired and turned into someone tall and dark and with too-bright hazel eyes. The one who went through six names in cer first semester before settling on cer current one. The one who draws people with wings and markings and pointed ears in the margins of cer papers and journals and, if someone asks, whispers that they’re fae.

If (when, rather) someone questions further, or scoffs at her (and one of the two always happens, or else ce’ll get self-conscious and explain it cerself), ce hastily adds, “Not the Fae, not our Fae, these are my–mine. They’re very different.” Then ce looks around as though ce’s worried someone (or something) is listening and changes the subject.

It’s a reasonable fear, that the Fair Folk will take offense, and Many-Names (you keep calling cer that in your head, and even though ce hasn’t changed cer latest name this other one keeps seeping into conversations in reference to cer) is scared stiff of offending the Fair Folk. Ce carries around a notebook filled with the Rules in cer backpack, right next to cer salt packets, and ce shares it with other freshman in need. Ce never lets it out of cer hands, though, instead huddling furtively with those who need it in places lined with salt or iron or protective woods, flipping pages and explaining and elaborating to the ones who need it. You don’t think ce’s realized it, but ce’s slowly but surely starting to make (yet another) name for cerself as one of those precious students who explain how things work around here–without asking for anything in return.

Ce doesn’t realize it, but the upperclassmen see it; slowly but surely, those freshmen who don’t know the rules and thank cer unthinkingly are amassing a debt to her. Ce doesn’t realize it, and neither do those others, but ce is gaining power from these tiny acts of kindness. Even if the easy words of “no problem!” ce throws out absolve them of that debt, the “happy to help!” ce’ll say just as easily is one that does not, one that implies they owe cer later.

Many-Names does not pick up on this. Ce has a degree of obliviousness about cer, but whether that obliviousness is damning or protective has yet to be determined.

Then there are the ones who never got the memo when ce changed to another name. There are some who still call cer by the first name ce used, and no matter which of those past five they use, ce still responds automatically to cer past names before a panicked expression flits across cer face and ce corrects them to the one ce uses now.

Ce responds to Many-Names, too, though.

The Fair Folk watch cer. You don’t know if it’s because ce’s one of the creative-type majors, or because of ‘cer fae,’ or maybe just because something caused cer to change cer appearance with each name, shifting like They do, if at an admittedly slower pace (and you still don’t know what kind of deal Many-Names made to pull that off), but they watch cer. You’re not sure how aware of it ce is, either, but you think ce must have some idea, because cer dorm room has twice as much salt lining the door as it ought to (but at the same time, ce leaves out more vanilla ice cream and milk than cer dorm-mates), and ce wears almost as much iron as ce can get (but ce will freely give some of it to anyone who’s forgotten some). Or maybe this is just paranoia and fear and uncertainty and kindness.

Either way, The One With Many Names is someone to keep an eye on, especially when ce gets that light in cer eyes and starts Asking Questions. Questions to close loophole and make painfully clear every facet of a phrase. Questions about the Fair Folk, and how to “make friends” with them (and then, when you say ce wouldn’t want to make friends with Them, “then at least how to stay on their good sides”), and how to ward them off, and what they do. Questions about Elsewhere.

You have a sizable bet that one of these days, when ce’s not careful and gets caught out alone, without iron and salt, Many-Names is going to be Taken.

You have your doubts on if ce’s capable enough to make cer way back.

How We Wish It Was vs How It Really Was - The Black Brothers

How We Wish It Was:

~ Hogwarts library, 1975 ~


How It Really Was:

~ Hogwarts library, 1975 ~

( ( OOC: WOW LOOK MY FIRST KIND OF ANGSTY POST WOW?? Okay, so I’m not entirely pleased with how I portrayed Reg but this popped into my head randomly and then I wrote it and honestly i’m kind of proud! Also now i have loads of ideas for Regulus, not necessarily rp but yeee anyway hope you enjoyed!! ) )

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Fic requeeeeest! ^w^ Pining!Yahaba with a massive CRUSH on the Mad Dog; Agony Aunt Watari; Clueless, Adorable first-years; Sneaky, Scheming 3rd years; and a not-so oblivious Ken-chan. Bonus points for 110% So Done With This Team coaches.

Yahaba spends a lot of time being furious with himself.


“It’s just such a cliche,” he says to Watari, who ends up being the very reluctant audience to all his woes ever since he caught Yahaba blushing over something Kyoutani had said. “You know what trope I hate the most in movies? The bad boy love interest. The bad boy love interest is the worst.”

“I’m not sure you should really be using movie tropes as a point of reference,” Watari says, who is all things considered a very good sport about being Yahaba’s reluctant Agony Aunt, although probably would have preferred if he’d never had the particular insight of, “What, do you have a crush on the Mad Dog or something?

“But they’re tropes for a reason,” Yahaba insists. “And they’re designed to trick unsuspecting people into falling in love with assholes. You shouldn’t fall in love with people who are mean to you. That should never be anyone’s romance story.”

“Well,” Watari concedes. “Yes, that’s true. But, to be fair. He’s not exactly mean.”

Yahaba opens his mouth to protest this but has to stop because he knows it’s true. Kyoutani isn’t mean, not really. He’s very aggressive and rough and skips practice and doesn’t listen to the Third Years or the captain and he’s very disrespectful to every player who loves this team.

But he’s not mean.

“The point remains,” Yahaba sniffs, “That I should know better and I do know better, and I really just need to get over this.”

“So who exactly would you pick to be your love interest?” Watari asks, a little more snidely than Yahaba thinks is strictly necessary.

“Someone—someone like Oikawa-senpai, maybe,” Yahaba mutters, blushing slightly. “Or, Iwaizumi-senpai. Someone really cool and awesome and nice.”

“Two out of three of those adjectives, I’ll maybe grant you, but I think you must be thinking of a completely different Oikawa,” Watari says.

Yahaba ignores this. “At any rate, it’s just a stupid crush and I want it to die already. How do I kill this?”

“Uh,” Watari says, “I don’t know, man, that’s a whole lot more complicated than my crushes usually go.”

“Ugh,” Yahaba says, and thinks he really needs better confidants.


The thing is, he is stupidly attracted to Kyoutani. And it is stupid, because that’s exactly why the smirking bad boys in the movies always get the girl despite the fact that they’re rude and mean and complete slackers and obviously doomed to a dead-beat lifestyle later on in life.

And Yahaba should know better, because it’s not like he’s ever been attracted to the smirking slacker lifestyle himself. He takes great pride in his appearance and manner and he’s not ashamed by that. If he was to have a stupid, obviously doomed, unrequited crush on someone, he would much, much rather he had a doomed, unrequited crush on Oikawa who would have been a much better person to sigh over and love from afar.

But, like, he can’t stop thinking about him. Like the fact that he does come to practice more often, ever since the loss to Karasuno. And he is a really good spiker. And when he gets serious, it sends chills down Yahaba’s spine.

And despite Kyoutani’s distinct rebellious image that Yahaba totally disapproves of, he kind of likes the wild bleached hair and the black nail polish and the leather. (What is wrong with you? Yahaba asks himself, appalled at his own taste).

He’s also pretty sure Kyoutani writes poetry, and that really shouldn’t be appealing, because the “sensitive bad boy” trope was even more offensive to him than the normal “bad boy” trope.

But he does find it appealing and god it makes him so mad at himself sometimes.


“What’s your problem?” Kyoutani growls.

“What?” Yahaba panics.

“You keep looking at me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about! Shut up!” Yahaba shouts and storms away, feeling Kyoutani’s eyes on him the entire time.

A/N: Ahaha, sorry anon-friend! You asked for this suuuuuper long ago, right after I wrote “poetry” and I’m sorry I couldn’t quite fit in all the things you suggested. I do see it as a somewhat companion piece to the other short though, and I hope you enjoyed!

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do you have your own style? like how would you describe it?

hmmm… It’s a bit difficult for me to recognize my own style since it’s a bit generic and it changes a lot (though my friends and a few fans can recognize my “style” which is magical because I probably can’t lmao), but I made a meme of the general styles I draw :0

tag yourself

//there’s like a lot more and sometimes i combine them but that’s the general idea;;;; a lot of artists usually stick to their own “default” style and it’s like their signature thing, but I don’t think I have that ahaha;;; it just changes too much depending on my mood OTL but lemme know if you find something that screams “paluumin’s art” because I’d love to know ;O; <3



I have no idea why, but for some reason I felt like drawing dragon Aku holding Lil Jack the way lions carry their cubs XD

Ignore the missing whisker, just pretend it’s hidden by the camera angle or something >.< Truth is I couldn’t fit it in without it looking wonky lol

Besides that, this was a fun little doodle ^^ Hope you enjoy!

Samurai Jack © Genndy Tartakovsky

This drawn by me

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If Sabo concentrates his logia ability in his blind eye, Ace can see from the afterlife what Sabo sees right now.

OHHHH THIS IS A COOL IDEA.  i guess the question is whether sabo would know ace could see through it :O (tho i assume if he knows to concentrate his powers there, he’d have to know)

i’m not really inclined to write aus myself i’m not creative enough but tbh i’m surprised there aren’t more aus of this nature….i know @motolokiev has a really cool one that’s kinda similar but i can’t find it rn.  considering canon sabo’s way of acting, i think there are lots of interesting aus to be had about them having some sort of physical connection beyond the grave/sabo having part of ace’s consciousness in him, but i don’t see that often.

which is probably due in part to mangastream unfortunately butchering the translation of this line and so giving a large part of the fandom the completely wrong idea as to what he said:

above is the official, and most correct translation- he literally refers to the fire as being ace, and talks as though ace spoke to him.  and later he talks about how when he got his memories back, it was because ace “told him who he was”.  so yeah.  ace actually having some way of seeing through sabo/communicating to sabo would slot in p well with canon ahaha.  

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