ahaha daves like thirteen someone stop me

the day after dave gets his new shades from john and bro sees him walking around hes actually not sure whether to be miffed or saddened

so he kind of plays on both for a couple days until dave finally gets the hint and realizes thats whats bothering his dumb ~sensitive~ older brother

so about four days later when theyre both chilling on the futon and bros watching nothing in particular dave kind of shuffles over to him and crawls on his lap and brushes his lips against bros jaw because even at this age he knows what bro likes and what it takes to soften him up a little 

“Dave, what-”

“im sorry it really shouldnt bother you though you know i just want to be a little different”

bros arms would slink around daves waist and hed pull him a little closer

“I’m not mad about it, do whatever you want." 

a sigh from dave, soft, quiet, he’d press his lips to bro’s jaw again and again until the older strider relaxes back against the couch

"you can still take them off me whenever you want bro
im still yours doesnt matter whose shades i wear”

and bros hands around his little brother’s waist would tighten, he’d lean up, pull daves lips to his and kiss him with something edging on possesive

“I know you are.”