although i’ve never really been exclusively a phan art blog…….. just want to say i’m having a tiiiny break from drawing D+P atm just because i’m finding it hard to draw them for various reasons :0 ….probs ‘cause it’s been awhile lol….

….so instead i’m gonna practise drawing characters from shows I’ve been watching recently! You just saw the beginning of such with that Bleach fanart … . . i’m probs gonna try drawing some B99, Archer and Buffy characters next! :D 

oH and i’ll try to have a lil SU comic i’ve  s l o w l y  been working on done soon as well !! 

….and hopefully then during/after all that I’ll probs get back into drawing D+P ;P I’d just h8 to force out fan/phanart if i’m not confident in it, y'know? 

Idk if a/o rly cares but i just wanted to explain why my D+P art has stagnated recently :0 I don’t hate doing it, just need to refresh myself!

The Awakening

Read Chapter One on AO3!

Rating: T

Pairings: Tendou Satori & Ushijima Wakatoshi; Semi Eita & Tendou Satori; Semi Eita & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Ushijima Wakatoshi ((Romantic pairs to be determined))

Word Count: 5,906 (over all)

Summary: Alternate Universe - Demon/Urban Fantasy

When Ushijima Wakatoshi, a highly ranked Demon Hunter and early graduate of Shiratorizawa Magic Academy, returns to his alma mater tasked with the mission of finding a demon hidden within the student population, he expects it to be a simple job. Go in, locate the demon, turn it over to the coven council to be disposed of, and add another successful mission to his ledger.

However, the prime suspect, a young man named Tendou Satori, although odd, doesn’t seem to fit the profile. And after Tendou and his friends welcome Ushijima into their group with ease and warmth, he finds himself second-guessing everything he knows about demons and humans alike.

((A stand-alone fic in the Being Human AU))

11heartonfire11  asked:

I'm reading the ask ya just answered a while back in which you said they had at least 3 assumptions wrong and I'm counting out every assumption they made and there's at least 8 and my mind is reeling *WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THESE BELOVED CHARACTERS HNNNNNNNN* (And no this is not a 'sweet voice' this is a voice of panic, fangirling, and heart-pounding excitement 100%)

There is a lot of things u guys don’t know about my ver of this AU and I’m much excite. Many things will happen.

A loooot of assumptions will be tossed out the window, and hopefully people will be into that.

I’ve got this planet in my hands, you know I’ll waste it if I can…
Come on let’s give it a twist and if it all turns to shit- Oh wait, let’s try that again.

Everytime I listen to the first verse of Innerpartysystem’s “American trash“ I imagine it with male!Sombra, so have your… Sombro, I guess? x°D

jenericjoke  asked:

Your art is so beautiful and amazing!!! I'm going into animation and I want to say that your art is inspirational to me and I hope that one day I'll be as talented as you are! Your character designs and landscapes are so colorful and unique and are truly amazing!!! Keep up the awesome work and I can't wait to see what else you make!!!

Hey thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words – it means a lot to me! Keep on arting and good luck with your studies! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

FAPuary Day2 - a bit late because of my wrist giving up halfway through the page. Got myself a wrist support today, on to todays page then :3 .. which will probably also end up being uploaded a day late omg. Why am I always late??


Haechan teasing Mark with his own rap 😂 ❤️️❤️️