“Snow… An endless snow.”

Heavily inspired by limitlessmonster‘s HP!AU where ANGST HAPPENS WOW cRIES
i probably epicly failed this piece but ah well—



^ do you see dis tears of blood ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

(Process GIF)

((Ok so this is what i think))

((My coworker and I were talking about how in fics/rps/general Sora and Roxas hate to be confused for each other. He says it must be annoying and I agree. But he said its because they hate each other. Im kinda confused….I dont think they hate each other. Its more like when you have a sibling and people confuse you for them and its annoying because people think of you as the same but your not really. Right? How would you guys explain it? I just dont think I can find the right words.))

‘First Follow Forever! I finally reached 447 followers screw the even numbers,   which i’m just so excited about! I started this blog in January but had no fun at all and I really wanted to change it into a kpop blog and after three months I did! I lost all of my followers but it didn’t matter since I had so much fun running this blog, i’ve never been so active as I am now! So it’s just incredible that I reached this amount of followers and I just wanted to thank you all for following me! ♡ 

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