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The bees incident is so great though? Cuz just think about it! It could be interpreted perfectly. Like really, why would Castiel be naked and covered in bees but ON DEAN'S CAR? What if Cas was trying to initiate sex like "okay what turns Dean on? His car probably. And me naked. So I'll just show up naked on his car! And who doesn't love bees? Bees are wonderful creatures Dean HAS to love bees this'll be perfect!" Like I just... That's the only way I will ever imagine it no matter what ppl say


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Hi. Something concerns me about this fandom. It's the bullying. Lately, there have been 1 or 2 people specifically who are hunting down fanartists. This is because some fanartists are not drawing the Cinder Asian enough or black enough or Scarlet not fat enough. Well. Can we please stop making people feel like shit? There are black people who are lighter and darker than others. There are half-Asians (like Cinder) who look more Caucasian. (1/2)

(2/2). And there are plenty of curvy people who are not fat. In fact, look at this definition of curvy: [curvy. A woman with a shapely figure, generally well-defined waist, and fairly large butt and boobs compared to the rest of her body. Unlike what some people try to say, curvy is not synonymous with fat.] Go to South America. There are lots of wonderfully curvy women who are not fat. Now, I also think the characters should resemble what Marissa Meyer defined them as. [Oops, going to 2/3]

[3/3] But could we stop bullying people for pete’s sake? Stop telling artists that they suck and their work is worth nothing or worse, racist. Many ppl on here are 12 and under and worked hard on those drawings. Does that mean you shout and claw at them until they cry so they never want to draw again? No. Teach, educate. BE KIND! I’m so sick of seeing hate posts on my dash. Please. Just stop fighting and let people use their creativity. If you want to start a cause, PM them. Respectfully.

So I opened tumblr to this rightfully concerned anon in my inbox. 

I know (and I’ve also pointed things out here on this blog) that correct portrayal of our characters, especially diverse ones like Cinder, Scarlet and Winter (or proving the Lunars are mixed), is very very very important. We all mean very well when we try and point out these mistakes.

But please do not turn to being rude. I’ve tried to help fanartists (and ficwriters) to be more accurate in their drawings by pointing them to Marissa’s Character guide. We’ve discussed race and appearance a lot (being a headcanon blog, trying to distinguish fact from hc) and I think if you dig deep enough in the character tags or resources tag you can find these posts. 

I know it gets really irritating trying to prove a character might look something like you (I’m saying might bc Cinder is mixed, passes as Asian but she could be, say, South American for all we know. So she’s a POC but we don’t know what, exactly) just because of everyone’s default setting for imagining characters is a certain way. It’s terrible and shouldn’t happen. But it does.

So what I’m suggesting here is either we can kindly point things out (because we have no idea about the creator of the work - is it their first one? are they unaware of the situation? My friend drew a great pic of the girls but Winter and Cinder were both white so I had to point it out, gently) or let someone else do it if you’re too upset. I haven’t personally seen any hate and I wish to see none. If you’re too exasperated with the situation, point it out to someone else in the fandom. Or you could tell me. I don’t mind saying the same things over and over again. (Cinder’s mixed and a POC, Winter’s black, Scarlet is curvy, Lunars are all mixed) If we find a repeat offender who won’t change their ways (I doubt it) then we can all think of a way to handle them. 

We’re going to have to teach, teach and teach again, no matter how exhausted we are. It’s unfair but a fact of life. Let’s try not to be rude or angry, please. :) 

I know you all will have done super amazing at exams and congrats to everyone, seriously. So I know this might not sound as awesome but I got my first ‘O’ ever and it’s making me feel insanely happy. If I ignore the Poor ones then I did okay actually. But for reals, I got an O in Astronomy!

Ain’t just a pretty face over here. I’m a pretty face that knows my stars and the like. Got an O- too in Care of Magical Creatures. It’s crazy.

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oh my god? are you a member of Dansu To Pantsu? Ive been in love with that group forever?

ahAHAH YEAH I AM!! I auditioned for Generation 5 and got in a couple months ago, so now I’m on Team T! My solo debut is on August 7th so be sure to watch me ok 


This is Benjamine! She’s the sweetest giant woman and she will make you questionable brownies and loves to give hugs and is very Strong, do not fight (but why would you I mean look at her she is a teddy bear)

I hope I included the correct details, others can be worked out as we go… I can’t wait to see who her partner is OwO

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I BOUGHT A FAKE NOSE RING WHEN I WAS AT THE MALL WITH MY SISTER, I LOOKED BOOM AF SO I THOUGHT I COULD TRICK MY MUM TO THINKING ITS REAL BC IM REBELLIOUS AF BUT MY MUM THOUGHT IT WAS REAL AND NEARLY STARTED CRYING LIKE OMGGGGG (I also got fake gauges bc i like to pretend im hardcore when Im literally 5'4") -Sag, Aqua sister, Sag mum. Im also the anon a long time ago that likes to piggy back the 6 foot younger Aqua sis idk if you remember buttttttt




Harry potter quilt progress. Front was modified from a pattern on Etsy (Pieces By Polly), back was made up on the whim because we didn’t have enough backing for a completely blue background. Snitch appliqué was from the same pattern on etsy, animals were from the Leaky Cauldron.

It won’t be quilted for a while (like, we’re planning in whip stitching in December) so this is the last pic of the quilt for a while. My mom and I are doing some extra stuff with the fabrics though (pillows) so I might upload some of those.

I was tagged by the awesome aubco27!!!! Thanks, Aubrey!! :D This was a pretty cool tag game.

I was actually kind of surprised that they had a “Bel” in there, and that it was very descriptive. Super sweet description ^^ don’t know if I fit it lol this definition-writer seems to have it bad ahaha; cute of them, though~

I’d like to tag adoringdo , exobaoxiu , chanyeolandstuff , blondejonginnie , wuyaoifan , strawberryishness , taekhyunn , chansooluv , dokstune , chen-suality, and anyone else who wants to do this! :)