the signs at bandcamp based on experiences
  • aries:come on you guys! we can do this! it's not hot at all and i'm not sunburned whatsoever!! wooo!!!
  • taurus:*doesn't do marching band, too lazy*
  • gemini:suns out guns out! "it's not sunny though" you know what? clouds out guns out
  • cancer:let's do the hokey pokey while we're waiting for the water break! yay!!
  • leo:ur rubber band snapped? here ya go. ur reed broke? here ya go. u lost ur mouthpiece? i keep spares here ya go keep it no payment needed. im so generous :3
  • virgo:you're supposed to be standing one step to your right. oh, your horn angle is 2 degrees off. *debates everything*
  • libra:*flirting with aries* u know what u are? a woo girl.
  • scorpio:the quiet freshman who tries to hang out with the upperclassmen and just gets patted on the head
  • sagittarius:I NEED THE FAN PLEASE *goes inside, turns on the fan and puts face really close to it and tries to follow it as it rotates around*
  • capricorn:i lost my fucking voice yelling at you guys everyone just please shut up
  • aquarius:for the section photo we should pose in front of the porta potties. *minutes later a picture of the whole drumline in front of the porta potties appears on instagram*
  • pisces:cuz i'm too hot, hot...band...lol...get it?

anonymous asked:

Hey! I really like a lot of the anime/manga that you post so I was wondering if you have any recommendations? Maybe some that you haven't really posted about but you think are really good?

Ooo, stuff I don’t post about much?? Lets see! ^_^ For anime…

There’s Chihayafuru, which is a really, really good anime about Karuta, the characters are really sweet and the art is very nice!

Aki no Kanade is a nice one episode one about drumming and even though we don’t get to see much of the characters I still really enjoyed them!

Kanon is still close to my top favorites, it’s made by Key and it has a really nice story, you should try it out! ^^

This is a movie, but you should try out Patema Inverted! It has beautiful music and it’s really fun to watch!

Soul eater is still one of my fav action animes, it has a great story and it’s really addicting, ahaha :P

I want to add more but I’ll just stick with these for now, ahaha (but I’d feel weird if I didn’t add Honey and Clover so go watch Honey and Clover if you haven’t already)

For manga… I actually haven’t read that many mangas, but lets see…

You should read Koe no Katachi right now, it’s so good and you’ll really love the characters at the end!

Yotsuba is such a funny manga, you should definitely try it out! ^^

Horimiya is a really funny and cute manga, the characters are adorable too, hehe!