Finally Done! 💀😭

Spent the whole day yesterday brainstorming and the whole night and today’s morning creating the prototypes. Hopefully I can get the dress max producing by tomorrow 😩😩

Now it’s time for to take a nap 😭

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((As has been alluded to a few times by a certain flyboytracy… ‘Anime North’ was fast approaching and, well, it’s almost here. Friday morning I’ll be on my way to Toronto to stand behind a table for 3 days and to try and make some money. XD (Dealers Hall, V-8 if I have any Ontarian lurkers headed to AN around. XD) 

…Yes, this is why Virgil has been rather quiet. Sorry about that! ^.^;;; (I miss him too.) If I have a few minutes, I might setup a lil’ queue for first time ever or something for the weekend. =Oa Have to see. Hrm. But yeah. Next week, I should be back and Virgil-ing again. Please look forward to it. ;Db))


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon

a concept: one day keith overhears lance saying that he’s upset that blue roses aren’t real. so he decides to leave on a mission in secret bc he’s convinced he must find it in space (or at least something similar to it). and so he like stays a week away and everybody is worried for him esp lance, till he finds an actual space flower that seems the equivalent of a blue rose and brings it to lance triumphantly. “you said you were upset there wasn’t a real rose with your favourite color so i went to look for one”

Bubble Tea!

(Please don’t repost my work)

Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha