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Did you see that OTP prompt that goes: Person A gets annoyed with Person B, and says “Fuck you.” Person B’s response is “What makes you think you’d top?” (Bonus: This leads to sex.) I feel like Qrow would be Person A while Winter would be Person B

im sorry i wanted to draw that cause hell yeah

Qrow doesn’t give a fuck cause he knows

@smiles4voltron I’m sorry if this is a bit weird and low quality (I didnt have better paper near and my camera is not that great either) but I really had to draw this smol bean because I love Ruru! (Probably a bit older because I have no idea how to draw children).

I said that before but want to say again that I really love your fic and the  Coeihn (I keep reading it as ‘coelhos’ which means ‘Bunny/rabbit’ in portuguese, help).

I want to know more about them! Maybe one day you could write headcannons about them and their world? Like a masterlist and– I’ll stop, ok.

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aah!!! this is my first time ever requesting a headcanon and im a little nervous ahah so im really sorry if your requests are suddenly closed or something haha but can you do a headcanon about credence being in a relationship with a reader who listens to heavy metal? ahh gosh this is really weird but i would really appreciate it if you would do it! I'm also sorry in advance if you aren't able to do it or this isnt just your type of thing :) i totally understand 💕

omg hi, babe, i know this is from forever ago, but i’m finally getting a chance to actually look at what’s been requested rip,, this isn’t weird at all, and i’m absolutely down to give this a crack!!

  • he’s taken with you when he first meets you but doesn’t know quite how to place what that means
  • you just have a quiet intensity that he can identify with and that he appreciates greatly
  • he tends to think of you in soft colors and loves how you make him feel that he doesn’t have to say anything if he doesn’t want to and that you’ll get him anyway
  • so imagine his shock when he hears your music through the wall, drumming causing the walls to rumble and bass causing the floor to pulse
  • not to mention the voices, so loud and present and unlike how you yourself are (or how you present yourself around him)
  • he isn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, since he’s just listening through the walls, but he wants to find out
  • after all, it’s you who’s listening, and at this point, he’s accepted his crush on you and knows he wants to Understand
  • he wonders if you’ll hear his knocking on your door over the music
  • you do
  • when you open the door, you smile in surprise at credence, and he hopes he hasn’t interrupted you or anything, but you just invite him in, so he supposes he hasn’t
  • he asks you about your music, so you explain to him
  • what it means to you, who your favorite bands are, who is currently playing, etc etc
  • credence finds that he doesn’t mind it so much now that he sees the light it puts in your eyes when you talk about it
  • he also admires your expression when you listen to it, how the music seems to take you over and it’s all you can pay attention to
  • he visits your room every day after that to talk to you about music and listen to whatever songs you recommend or put on
  • he especially likes when you explain why a certain song is important to you, since it often means you share a pretty private piece of yourself with him that most people don’t know
  • it makes him feel special
  • he also finds he especially likes the lyrics–they tend to have a weight to them that he really likes and feels give voice to some things he hadn’t been able to express
  • it’s during one of these Music Conversations that you admit your feelings to him, leaving him dumbfounded
  • but he’s sure to confess that the feeling is mutual
  • so music is really the thing that brought the two of you together, giving you a link and a means to express complex/heavy emotions that are hard to bring up casually
  • music was just how you two really got to know each other
  • so credence ends up having a soft spot in his heart for some heavy metal

the Love children AU nobody asked for

Some days ago talking with @kuroohina about Miyuki in a wedding suit, this came out. 
Kat chose Miyusawa’s lovechildren’s names with these motivations:
“ok hear me out on this one what if eijun got sick right when they got their firstborn and when miyuki asks for a name eijun FREAKING SNEEZES AND MIYUKI’S LIKE ‘you want to name out child achoo?’ and eijun’s freaking out bc NO WHAT THE HECKIE. but miyuki just goes 'hmm we could make atsushi work tho’ and eijun’s a bit conflicted but when he looks at the child’s face it’s sealed and that’s how their firstborn was named after a sneeze, the end.
for the second kid maybe hikaru? bc how eijun would say it 'look at that smile kazuya! it’s so bright!'”

And so it was deal. For the other two I chose myself. Ryuuichi for Kuraryou’s only lovechild because it’s the union of their names (but Ryuu has a different kanji, it’s “dragon”’s kanji. Ryosan’s first kanji is “clear”).
Chiharu means thousand springs and I thought it really fit him. Also his younger brothers (they are around 4yo) are called Natsuno, Fuyuki and Akito. So they each child has a season’s kanji in their name. 

The rest of the headcanons were done with Ken (it’s been days and we can’t stop talking about them we’re in deep hell)

Read more if interested 8^)

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my male friend wanted to know if you're "strictly chickly" as he worded it. he thinks youre really cute and was wondering ahah (im so sorry that this is really weird please dont hate me)

Don’t worry, not a weird question at all! If he’s asking if I’m bi or gay, i am not. I’m completely heterosexual. Lots of people ask this about me, so no worries :)

aa hi!! i just hit 1k (which first of all how?? you all are my favs) but i decided i would do a follow forever when i hit it, so here we are!! 

since i follow mostly mutuals i’ll have a section at the bottom for non-mutuals and no one will be bolded i just put my favs on here so you would all be bolded!

also ignore the header………i’m really not good at that sort of thing so its v boring ahah 

once again thank you all so so much for following me!! if you’re not on here please don’t take it personally!! i follow almost 500 blogs so i probably just forgot you!! 

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Hogwarts AU??????? yeeee

so i was talking with @toucanpecan and he had this great idea for a sorta hp au and Marisa would totally be a Seeker. Marisa would prob play it dangerous so clearly she’d broke some bones and then possibly try some spell to fix them and eliminate all the bones completely (like that scene in the original). Fortunately Alice would be the one to drag her sorry ass to the school’s infirmary and seek Reisen’s help (clearly the assistant of doctor Eirin…)

this is just a sketch idea i hope to draw more scenes and hc in future eheh