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Assassin’s Creed Birthdays!

Claudia Auditore- January 2nd
Agnes MacBean- January 5th
Catherine Gladstone- January 6th
Frederick Abberline- January 8th
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad- January 11th
Benjamin Franklin- January 17th
Rebecca Crane- February 3rd
Charles Lee- February 6th
Charles Dickens- February 7th
Charles Darwin- February 12th
George Washington- February 22nd
Nigel Bumble- February 22nd
Clara O'Dea- February 24th
Alexander Graham Bell- March 3rd
Daniel Cross- March 9th
Edward Kenway- March 10th
Desmond Miles- March 13th
Mario Auditore- March 19th
Lydia Frye- March 19th
Anne Bonny- March 23rd
Ratonhnhaké:ton- April 4th
Álvaro Gramática- April 4th
Leonardo da Vinci- April 15th
George Westhouse- April 30th
Giovanni Auditore- May 3rd
Niccolo Machiavelli- May 3rd
Maximilien Robespierre- May 6th
Florence Nightingale- May 12th
Bartholomew Roberts (Pirate Sage)- May 17th
Arthur Conan Doyle- May 22th
Queen Victoria- May 24th
Marquis de Sade- June 2th
Robert Topping- July 7th
Violet da Costa- June 14th
Juhani Otso Berg- June 17th
Aveline de Grandpré- June 20th
Ezio Auditore- June 24th
Lucrezia Borgia- June 24th
Richard Owen- July 20th
Galina Voronina- July 30th
Lucy Thorne- August 8th
Napoleon Bonaparte- August 15th
John Standish (Modern Sage)- August 16th
Crawford Starrick- August 18th
Prince Albert- August 26th
Duleep Singh (The Last Maharaja)- September 6th
Cesare Borgia- September 13th
Samuel Adams- September 27th
Isabelle Ardant- October 4th
Ned Wynert- October 5th
Pearl Attaway- October 20th
Evie Frye- November 9th
Jacob Frye- November 9th
Mary Anne Disraeli- November 11th
Shaun Hastings- November 16th
Edward “Thatch” Blackbeard- November 23rd
Haytham Kenway- December 4th
Jayadeep Mir (Henry Green)- December 7th
Benjamin Disraeli- December 21st
Calico Jack- December 26th
John Pitcairn-December 28th
William Gladstone- December 29th

anonymous asked:

If the assassins (and templars) were from modern day, what would their least favorite songs be?

Altair: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Ezio: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Connor: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Edward: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Arno: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Evie: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Jacob: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Shay: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Haytham: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

The Wise Mankey Commission: Part The Fifty Ninth by AlanES

I hope DDP doesn’t mind the use of the diamond cutter symbol, there. XD

ANYWAY, here’s another long-awaited commission order I did with Alan of a few choice characters from Skullgirls.

When I first made this order, the intent was originally fanart of Cerebella and Ms. Fortune as they were our personal faves. (And on top of that, I had already had Alan draw Eliza some ways back.) But then recently a little something called Metrocon 2016 came along announcing that not only will Cristina Vee be making an appearance, but Laura Post as well. Seeing as how I plan to show this to them both, I made a last-moment addition to throw in Valentine as well. And here we have the final result.

And if you recall in our Lameplay Theater episodes of Skullgirls, we were vocal about the desire to see the official canon story being made. But seeing as how Indivisible, Skullgirls Mobile, and possibly even Skullgirls 2 are already on their plate at this point, Alan made another version of this pic if it were done in the form of a comic book done by IDW comics which can be seen here. I think it’d be a good idea, and hopefully Cristina and Laura will agree with me when I show it to them. XD

So here’s to a successful venture on that end next week, but for now enjoy this fine piece of HOT 2-D FIGHTING.

really-fucking-tired  asked:

//rolls in// I have another one x'D How do the assassins react to having a stinking cold? Are they dying swans? Do they stuff their noses with tissues and soldier on? Do they suffer man flu? :')

This is so funny, I’m cackling.

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs


Altair: He never gets a cold.

Ezio: He’s so damn annoying- walking around all day, sneezing and coughing every sentence.

Connor: He boils flowers n shit, sniffs the steam once, and convinces himself he’s better (he’s not lol)

Edward: He just drinks till he passes out, and if he wakes up still sick, he does it again.

Arno: This man is a BABY. He stays in his bed for DAYS.

Evie: Evie pretends she’s fine until she sneezes in Henry’s face.

Jacob: He wakes up Evie because he keeps whining like a child. He makes her take care of him, otherwise he wont shut up.

Desmond: He shoves tissue up his nose and just lets it sit there all day.

Al Allaamah Zayd bin Haadi Al Madhkhalee (rahimahullah) said:

“The greatest act of good (towards parents) is that the son whom Allaah has bestowed upon him with some (Islamic) knowledge, that from it, he offers (teaches) it to his parents as a first priority.

And this is better than being good to them by giving them money or anything other than that.

Then (it follows that) he should be good and dutiful to them with good words and good actions which pleases Allaah, then with that which pleases both of them (Parents).

[This applies to both Son and Daughter]”

‘Awn Al Ahad As Samad Sharh Adabul Mufrad 28/1

Nebi sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem şöyle buyurdu: “Kul huvellahu ahad ve Muavezeteyn (İhlâs ve Felak) surelerini akşam ve sabah üç kez okuman seni her kötülüğe karşı korur.” (Albani Sahihu’l-Cami 44066)

housecatcorner  asked:

Omg I am in love with your Asscreed prompts. Here's one for you: How would the Assassins react when they find out they're s/o is a Templar?

Originally posted by scarecroe


So… I was writing my response to this last night, annnnnd right as I was going to post it… my computer crashed. So I lost the whole thing and decided to write it again today. So sorry for the delay! /:



Altair: You’d decided to confess to Altair after months of being together. You expected rage and disdain, but when you witnessed neither, you were at a loss for words. His face stayed perfectly stony and stoic, as per usual, much to your confusion. He reached into his robes, pulling out a blade… your blade; engraved with the insignia of the Templar order. “I know.” His voice was steady yet firm. He held the blades hilt towards you, cocking his head to the nearest door, signalling your exit. “I… will not kill you today… but, some day.” His voice seemed strangled but his eyes never left yours. “This, I promise.” You hesitantly grabbed the blade and took your leave; your day of death being your next meeting… He never kept his promise.

Ezio: When you had told him of your Templar status, his disappointment was palpable, but his composure stayed in tact, though the look he gave you did no justice in hiding his sorrow. In a moment of sentiment, he kissed you, pulling you in for a night of passion, regret, and apology; every touch radiated pure emotion like he’d never shown before. You woke the next day in your bed… alone. You did, however, notice a single note; a final, written ‘goodbye’. Ezio always knew where you were, whether or not you noticed.

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يَوْم السَّبت ( Saturday ( Yawm as-sabt
يَوم الأَحَد ( Sunday ( Yawm al-ahad
يَوم الإثْنَيِن ( Monday ( Yawm al-ithnayn
يَوم الثُّلَاثَاء ( Tuesday ( Yawm ath-thulathaa
يَوم الأَرْبِعَاء ( Wednesday ( Yawm al-arbi'aa
يَوم الخَمِيس ( Thursday (Yawn al-khamiis
يَوم الجُمْعَة ( Friday ( Yawm al-jum'a http://ift.tt/29MxtsP

@Regrann from @pic_dakwah_ustadz_salafi - Ustadzah Ari Mardiah Joban | Ustadz Fuad Hamzah Baraba’, Lc -hafizhahumallah-

Tadabbur al-Quran Faedah Dalam Surat Yusuf

Surat Yusuf mengajarkan kita

Yang sakit akan sembuh

Yang pergi akan kembali

Yang bersedih akan bergembira

Yang kesusahan akan dimudahkan

Semua Biidznillah Ta'ala.. Sesungguhnya setelah kesusahan ada kemudahan.

Berhusnudzon dan bertawakallah kepada Allah.


Dipost Ustadz Fuad Hamzah Baraba’, Lc -hafizhahullah- Ahad 12 Syawal 1437 / 17 Juli 2016

#ustadz #ustadzah #ustadzaharijoban #salamdakwah #yusuf #Regrann

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Wahai tentara, wahai polisi, wahai jenderal-jenderal tentara Islam, ini sudah waktunya membela Islam, ambil kekuasaan itu, dan serahkan kepada Hizbut Tahrir untuk mendirikan khilafah!

tegas Ketua DPP HTI Rokhmat S Labib di depan sekitar 3.000 massa aksi mengutuk agresi militer Israel ke Gaza, Ahad (20/7) di Bundaran HI, Jakarta. (Sumber: http://hizbut-tahrir.or.id/2014/07/21/hti-seru-militer-ambil-kekuasaan-untuk-tegakkan-khilafah/)

HTI tidak akan pernah ridho jika pemimpin bukan dari kalangan mereka.

I was tagged by @piratekingvaas! Thank you!

Nicknames: Red
Gender: Female
Star sign: Scorpio
Height: 173,5 cm (5′8′’)
Hogwarts house: N/A
Favorite color: Red, black
Time right now: 19:54
Average hours of sleep: 6-7
Last thing I googled: ‘lietuviski vardai’ (’Lithuanian names’)
Favorite fictional characters: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (Assassin’s Creed); Jason Todd (DC); Adam Jensen (Deus Ex); The Punisher (MCU); Elena Fisher (Uncharted); Nathan Drake (Uncharted); Tony Stark (MCU); Jessica Jones (MCU); etc.
Favorite bands/artists: There for Tomorrow / AFTERHOUR; The Fray; New Empire; Kingsfoil; Boyce Avenue; Parachute; etc.
Dream job: I don’t know anymore, something artistic that could pay enough to live and I wouldn’t hate it…
What I’m wearing right now: Gray leggings, a purple-ish tank top and a purple shirt unbuttoned
How many blogs I follow: 117
What I post about: Video Games, TV Shows, Movies, art, nature
When my blog reached its peak: Probably about 1-2 years ago
What you get asked on a daily basis: 'watchu up to?’
Why did you choose your url: Because I like Tom Clancy’s The Division basically

I tag: @this-section-redacted, @iongraviraga, @delsinsfire, @hamstershepard

These Brothers of Mine

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aiD6CP

by wookiekisses

Abstergo University has been a hotbed of controversy and innovation since its foundation. Its students are often brilliant, plowing through societal norms in the name of progress. It also has a thriving Greek life, one steeped in tradition and flooded with people both good and bad. Two Fraternities in particular, Lambda and Tau Mu Rho, have a rivalry that has lasted since the two organizations arrived on campus.

Desmond Miles had no interest in Greek life, but when his father tells him that he must follow in his footsteps and pledge Lambda, Desmond has no choice but to accept his new gang of Brothers.

Words: 2420, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aiD6CP

the challenge: tell us your one favorite character from ten different fandoms, and then tag ten people.

I was tagged by @clarkjoekent (thanks, Jules!)

1.) Clark Kent (DC)

2.) Luna Lovegood (HP)

3.) Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (Assassin’s Creed)

4.) Michonne (The Walking Dead)

5.) Boromir (LOTR)

6.) Handsome Jack (Borderlands)

7.) Bones (Star Trek)

8.) Mercy Thompson (Mercy Thompson series)

9.) Mr. World (American Gods)

10.) Reno (Final Fantasy VII)

I tag only @poisonedbat because I’m lazy and awkward but fi anyone wants to do it, go ahead!

fabulousmerchant  asked:

Hello, friend! How are you doing? I hope your day has been going well. I have a question for you. What is your least favourite ship, and why? It can be from any fandom of your choice. I would just love to hear your opinion!

Hello, not bad! Today I’ve noticed that I’ve officially lost 9.5 kilograms in total. I just had breakfast (it’s almost 1 pm) and I am ready to answer this.

I don’t have a “least favourite ship” or a downright “NOTP” as I’ve grown to be a pretty open person, but I do have things I can’t seem to ship no matter how hard I try. These are my top 5:

  • Abbas Sofian/Anything - I am 100% serious on this one. Does this need any real explanation?
  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad/Maria Thorpe in canonverse - Hold up, before anyone goes off on me because I’m just a biased AltMal shipper, listen; I just didn’t like the rushed mess Ubisoft has done of it. Fan fiction writers DO this ship justice, but I just don’t get why, in canon, an independent badass templar knight would give Altaïr a shot in such a short period of time, plus, this is just a me thing, but I prefer this as a BROTP, they’re both cocky and competitive people and Maria would kick his ass any day. So yeah, I get a friend hype from them. Please don’t hurt me.
  • Nick Wilde/Judy Hopps (from Zootopia) -  Nope. I am 100% not able to see them as anything but best friends.
  • Kadar Al-Sayf/Death - This is self-explanatory. In my world, he’s alive and healthy and belongs with Rauf.
  • Literally anything that is sexual and is from a kid’s cartoon - peace out.