ahaa baby

coffee and rainy kisses

request: Hi! I love your stories!!! Can you do a super fluffy Yoongi?!? 💕💕💕;

  pairing: reader x yoongi

genre: fluff !!! coffee date w yoongi !!

author: admin l

a cute song to listen to whilst reading: never in my wildest dreams by dan auerbach

 Your phone buzzes, groaning, you reach your hand out and grab your phone, only to be blinded by the bright light and spam of messages from your beloved boyfriend, Yoongi.  "I hope you slept well sweetheart"

 "wake up princess ㅜㅜㅜㅜ" 

 "meet me @ monet’s at 1:30 baby “ 

He always planned cutesy dates, he was a sucker for the cheesy, romantic things-but don’t tell anyone else that! Although he could act cold, when it comes to his Y/N, his princess, he melts into a soft little puddle. You rub your eyes, yawning.
Y/N: ahaa, baby I only just woke up ;;
Yoongi: it’s okay baby, just please come see me. I miss you. ㅜㅜ
You softly snicker, he is pretty clingy - but the good kind. You feel butterflies fill your stomach.

You walk into Monet’s, with the pleasant aroma of coffee, the comforting warmth, and a nostalgic vibe you can’t figure where from. The coffee shop looked very vintage with wooden furniture. You notice familiar fluffy black hair, glowing porcelain skin slightly flushed red from the chilly weather and small beady eyes puffing up from the now big, gummy grin spread across his face, from noticing his favourite human being who he missed so dearly.  His appearance complimented the background immaculately in his big, cozy looking, yet stylish sweater, black jeans and boots- he looked like an angel, so pure. The man approaches you, pulls you into an amorous embrace and holds you, your face pressed against his chest, “Ah, my adorable little Y/N, I missed you so much princess.” he spoke soft but contentedly, he smells of cinnamon and everything wonderful, you blush and wrap your arms around him, “I love you Yoongi.”

 "I love you too baby,“ his smile looks so ethereal, chuckling, “now come on shorty”. He may be alluring but he can’t help but pick on you a little. You both sit down and order your coffee, “Wow, is that enough sugar? I knew you liked me but I didn’t know you liked me that much.” You rolled your eyes at his bad attempt of a pun, “Haha, so funny, you know I can’t handle even the slightest tad of bitterness in my coffee.“ 

“You just like to be reminded of your sweet boyfriend, Min Suga, in everything you do.” He leans his elbows on his table and puts his hands on his face, pulling the cutest expression. You missed this massive dork so, so very much.

After some coffee, you two both go out into town, holding hands. He loves to show you off and claim you as his own, he holds a lot of pride for having you and protecting you from anything potentially harmful. “That guy stared at you funny I’m gonna-” he lowly growled,

 "Yoongi pleaaase no, stop it.“ 

“He’s gonna catch these hands.” You sigh, he really is such a dork, with his stupid remarks and stupid, adorable smile and stupid boop nose and stupid everything, ah, how could you not love him? The sky was slate grey, clouds looming in every shade of monochrome, not letting in even the smallest ray of sunlight. The calm before the storm. Suddenly, a mass parade of droplets start pouring down - You both run, holding hands whilst searching for shelter, laughing like children. “Yoongi-ah! Protect me!” He turned to you, chuckling with soaking wet hair and swiftly lifted you off of your feet and carried you bridal style and ran into the nearest place with shelter, it was a cramped bookstore. He stares down at you, piercing your heart with his soft, dark gaze and his admirable smirk, “Bet you didn’t expect that.“ 

“No, you’re so full of surprises, my heart skips a beat every time, it feels like a dream,” you blurt out, “ah, that was so cheesy!” Your face turns a tomato-like shade, “No, I want to hear more, tell me more at home, please baby,” Yoongi pouts, he wants to know how you feel about him in as much depth as possible, no matter how cheesy or cringe it is, and besides, he loves that kind of stuff. “Okay..”  you speak hesitantly. 

You both return home, “I’ll run a shower for you right away, I can’t let you get sick, stupid rain~!” He sounds a bit mad, but it’s only because he cares so much. After the shower, you dry off and change into Yoongi’s sweater that he left out for you, it’s a bit big but that adds more comfort. (oversized sweaters/jumpers ftw) You exit the bathroom and see Yoongi wrapped cozily in blankets, waiting for you. “Y/N! Come over here, it’s so cold, I need my baby girl,” You rush over to him and he traps you in this ball of blankets, “I’ve captured you! You’re all mine forever!!“ 

“You’re so fucking cheesy, it’s so adorable.” He holds you in his arms.

 "You’re adorable.“ 

“You are more so.“ 

“Nah, not even close, I could admire you forever, you’re a work of art, Y/N, you’re so incredibly beautiful inside and out.” You cheeks flush a soft pink,

 "I think you’re very warm and dreamy-there’s just something about you that I cannot put into words. You emanate this amazing, homely feeling to me. Like the feeling of warm water trickling down your spine, or the feeling of running like children in the rain, or the strong aroma of coffee making you feel fuzzy on the inside. Something stronger than love.“ You whisper, he gazes down at you, with an almost shocked expression on his face, “I’m sorry I-” He presses his lips against yours passionately,  it felt like a trance. “You’re a blessing. You’re prettier than all the stars in the sky. A true work of art you are. You’re my rose, you’re my light in the dark, my sun. How did I get so lucky to have you-“ 

You shut him up with a kiss, “Seriously, shut up you dork,”

 "Okay, midget.”