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after pulling an all nighter, I finally finished the B.A.P. pieces for WAKE ME UP !! It’s the first song I heard by them, and it’s soooo good. I lost count of how many different performances I watched for it aha;;


( commissions are open!!! )


“Did you know,” Mikael says to Yousef, one Friday evening, whilst they’re both lying in bed because nothing could be better than this, with the curtains shut, “that the Prophet Yusuf was given half the beauty of the entire world to him? It says in the Qur’aan that when he used to pass by women who were working, the women would end up cutting their fingers off because they couldn’t stop looking at how beautiful the Prophet Yusuf was.” 

“Aha, I knew that. Why do you think my Mum called me Yousef, huh?” Yousef chuckles, raising his eyebrow in question at Mikael, as he holds him a little more tighter, a little more closer to his body. 

Mikael doesn’t reply back immediately; he just has the ghost of a smile on his lips. He lets his eyes wander, his gaze linger, studying Yousef’s face as if for the first time. His eyes, his nose, his lips. He lets himself give in to the simple pleasure of feeling Yousef’s skin under his own, before he exhales out all the air his lungs were holding in. 

“Wallah, Yousef …” says Mikael, you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.”

hopefully i will have some new stuff to post soon, but in the meantime, here is a collab between me and the lovely cloudedart that we finished quite a while ago and i .. f orgot to …  p o st…….. haa aha…. she did the beautiful lines and i colored !

thank you for collabing with meeee, this was sUPER FUN !

Japanese skin care items featuring disney princesses. 

First item is AHA by Cleansing research esthetic soap bar. Next is from the same line but is a cleanser for the face. And last is DHC cleansing oil used for makeup removal. 

I`m in skincare disney heaven!


Harry explaining WMYB on Freshly Squeezed in mid 2011 (x)

Or alternatively, hi I’m Harry Styles and our new song about an insecure girl is probs, most likely, most definitely, is about a friend who is also a girl, not a love interest, as my boyfriend is sat down there below me. It might be only 2011, but I’m already checking my wording to make that clear. Thanks, all the love H. 

vonstarz  asked:

What happens when Yamaguchi gets jealous? or dose he just not notice? dose the team get jealous for him? (Your art is BEAUTIFUL)

Y: Aha… Well… I can still tolerate it somewhat when people flirt with Tsukki. Afterall, he’s still pretty popular in school. And it’s something I’ve gotten used to.

But there are times that I can’t help but feel a little um… jealous, I guess. I just keep it to myself though. And besides–

…He doesn’t give me enough time to actually get jealous, yknow?

Here’s my mini altar I made for the equinox. I really enjoyed making it and actually, nobody at home suspected it was witchcraft related. They even said it was beautiful -and weird aha.
- little flowers and leaves I found around, put them in an actual glass
- Pine cone painted in gold
- A red rose that seems to last forever
- A few candles with autumnal colours and scent (cinnamon, spices)
- 5 chestnut in a pentagram way to honour the elements
- My dearest crystals : jade, marble, tigers eye, quartz
- Some caramels because it reminds me of autumn
- My grimoire
- My ashes box (where I put all my spells ashes when I don’t want to scatter them, my wishes for exemple)
- An apple

And that’s it! It costed me almost nothing - just went to the store to buy a bunch of apples for my family and I and the spiced candles (2€) and the caramels (2,60€), otherwise it’s only things I already had or found outside.

And I just spent the evening by the light of the candles, listening to some fall music (interested in a playlist guys?) and confabulate with my tarot deck about how to balance my life. And read some stories about Mabon while smoking. No need to make huge rituals and spells with shrines and the biggest altar (I mean if you can, it’s great too!) but well, low spoons and all yk.

Hope everyone spent a lovely equinox/Mabon. Would love to hear your stories and see some photos!

Take care,
ShN 🍁